Chapter 76: The Overlooked Hobby

Chapter 76 of 100 chapters

Chapter 76: The Overlooked Hobby

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The police training was mainly for detectives in police branches in Qinshan City. The training consisted of two parts: theoretical and practical. The theoretical lessons mainly taught the police officers advanced forensic technology concepts, while practical lessons focused on improving the professional skills of the police officers so that they could better carry out their criminal investigation work.

The training lasted five days, and the lessons were given by the country's top experts and professors, as well as veterans in criminal investigation. Those were were able to participate in the training were outstanding detectives in each branch, and each branch only had three representatives. Other than Zhao Yu from Team A, and Lan Bo from Team B, there was also an evidence collection laboratory technician from the forensics department named Hu Bin.

The police academy arranged for three officers to share a room. Since they were all males, they naturally stayed together. Lan Bo and Hu Bin were both younger than Zhao Yu. Although they had good backgrounds, they were friendly, and always addressed Zhao Yu as ‘Brother Zhao Yu,’ thus they got along quite well with him.

On the first day, the three even went to the hotel nearby for drinks when management was not watching. Lan Bo said that his dad was a fan of Sylvester Stallone, and that their family name was ‘Lan’, so he was given the name Lan Bo which sounded like ‘Rambo’! But he was thin and small in stature so ‘blue elf’ would have been more apt than ‘Rambo’!

Hu Bin was the exact opposite of Lan Bo. He was big and tall with a sturdy frame, and did not wear glasses. He looked more like a brave detective; however, his work was was very meticulous, and mainly collected evidence at crime scenes and did laboratory analysis.

Hearing Hu Bin talk about his work, Zhao Yu could not help but ask him about the beautiful and charming Wang Fei, hoping to hear any gossip or scandals about her. Hu Bin’s face tensed at the mention of Chief Wang. He did not know about any scandals, but she was a well-known workaholic who was extremely meticulous and did not tolerate any errors. Subordinates like him were always very careful and did not dare to make any mistakes.

Zhao Yu understood only after hearing Hu Bin’s introduction that Wang Fei became chief purely based on her own abilities. When he had first seen the enchanting female chief, he had thought that there were some unspoken reasons behind her position.

After the training started, Zhao Yu had planned to learn how to improve his case investigation, and to repay Peng Xin’s good intentions; however, he was confused after the first morning. The experts lectured on criminal psychology, criminal science, and technology which was all Greek to Zhao Yu.

During the afternoon course on the core values ​​of police officers and such, Zhao Yu was like the Monkey God who was under the incantation of the golden hoop. Each time the lecturer spoke, it was like Tripitaka chanting magic words, and Zhao Yu’s head ached each time he heard them! Making use of the bathroom break, Zhao Yu slipped away before the training ended.

On the second day, he saw on the training schedule included lessons on police information and police intelligence, so he asked Lan Bo to mark his attendance for Zhao Yu while he slept all day.

On the third day, he did the same thing, stuck to his phone the whole day, playing with WeChat and online games. He had a boring yet peaceful time; however, Zhao Yu gained better understanding of his own system after these few days. He had activated the Miracle System everyday for the past three days, but he had not encountered any adventures since he had started training. The completion rates for the three days he had been there was less than fifteen percent combined. Obviously, there were no gifts. Even if he had the Miracle System, it was useless if he did not take any initiative to complete adventures.

There was another thing that Zhao Yu worried about. Was the activation of the Miracle System connected to the pack of cigarettes which he had gotten from the cab driver? Once the cigarettes were finished, would he still be able to activate the Miracle System? Zhao Yu still had the pack with him. Everytime he needed to activate the system, he only took one puff before quickly putting out the cigarette, and kept it for the next time. However, he had recently discovered that the Miracle System had nothing to do with cigarettes at all! The previous morning, he had sneezed loudly once, and the system was activated by the sound! It seemed like activating the system was linked to him, and lighting a cigarette was just a quick way of doing it.

Although the completion rates for the past few days were not high, and he did not receive any rewards, Zhao Yu had slept well, and was relaxed and happy. He felt that it was not a bad thing that he did not have any adventures since he could make use of this time to rest instead of being tense the whole day! Wouldn’t it be more productive to put in his best effort after a good rest?

Zhao Yu was still thinking about the Water Reservoir Floating Corpse Case even though he was relaxing the whole day. He frequently contacted Li Beini and the rest, and paid close attention to the case development. Team A’s agents had put in their best effort, and after a few days of investigation, they had gotten made significant progress and also targeted a suspect.

This floating corpse case was very typical. Pang Anni was a lady who sold liquor. She had affairs with many men in order to make a living. She had gotten intimately involved with a civil servant from the Technology Bureau. The civil servant had a family and a career, so naturally he could not make his extramarital affair public. But Pang Anni was not satisfied with the situation and forced him to divorce his wife so that he could marry her. After numerous arguments, the civil servant killed Pang Anni out of anger, and threw her body into Qinshan Water Reservoir. The entire case was straightforward, and the agents were able to complete the investigation smoothly; however, they left out one detail in the process which was frustrating. This civil servant had a very unique hobby, which was why the case remained unsolved. This civil servant was an amateur parkour practitioner!

On the day of investigation, agents from Team A went to the Technology Bureau to arrest him. Although he already had handcuffs on one hand, he suddenly shot up and escaped from the crowd! The agents were shocked and quickly gave chase. There were five or six agents chasing through the entire street as if straight out of a movie, but the parkour practitioner left them far behind and managed to get away!

The case could not be closed if the suspect was not caught. Moreover, the suspect escaped under such an awkward situation. Team A had been about to bring pride and glory to the team, but had become a laughing stock in the end. Without a doubt, Peng Xin was furious, and was now mobilizing the whole team to catch the suspect.

Zhao Yu felt depressed hearing the news. If he had not come for the lousy training, he might have already nabbed the suspect and got a reward again!