Chapter 77: I Think My Arm Broke!!

Chapter 77 of 100 chapters

Chapter 77: I Think My Arm Broke!!

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Early in the morning of the fourth day of police training, Zhao Yu received the Kan-Zhen (water and thunder) Hexagram. The hexagram explanation was, "Water and thunder. Water within thunder, the truth is hidden behind trickery, treasure behind a veil; it will be difficult to separate the two."

The "water within thunder" almost seemed like an explosion, it made Zhao Yu feel as if something explosive would happen that day. He would have to be careful.

He looked at his class schedule. He had almost all practical classes that day. That morning, there was even going to be a shooting lesson! As a ruffian who had always been chased by police, touching a gun was only something he could dream of.

In the Key Case Investigation Unit, the police officers were allowed to bring guns, but gun regulation was very strict in the police station. Investigators only got guns for special missions. Zhao Yu had been there for a long time but had never seen one. Now that he was going to get the chance to touch a gun, Zhao Yu was excited for the rare opportunity and wanted to play around a bit during the shooting lesson. Even though the hexagram explanation mentioned the "water within thunder," as if signaling some sort of danger, to Zhao Yu, who had always loved chaos, it meant nothing.

Early in the morning, he grabbed Lan Bo and Hu Bin, and headed toward the shooting lesson. They realized when they arrived because the shooting range was rather cramped, not all of the officers present would be able to be there. Thus, the organization committee decided to split the students into two groups. The first group would remain at the shooting range for shooting lessons, while the other would go to the gymnasium for a grappling lesson instead, then the two would swap. Unfortunately, Zhao Yu and the other two were assigned to the second group. But at least learning how to grapple was pretty interesting. At least it was better than lectures!

The three of them followed the other students into the gymnasium. The person who was teaching them was a fierce looking instructor. They were completely toned and muscular, and their skin was tanned. Hu Bin even joked under his breath, calling the instructor Rambo.

Within one week, the instructors had already taught the class a countless number of times. So giving lessons to the investigators was just routine by that point, and the lesson flowed with ease.

"Investigators," after the opening speech, the instructor headed straight to the main topic, "for the investigators in the Criminal Investigation Department, we often come face to face with criminals. These criminals range from pure evil to simple drunkards! Our goal is to apprehend these criminals. Thus, we need to use the quickest methods to restrain them. The art of grappling is a very good choice. Today I will be introducing a few simple, but effective grappling moves, hopefully you guys will cooperate!"

After he finished, the instructor demonstrated a few moves. The first few were all basic grappling techniques like neck and elbow locks. To demonstrate their effect, the officer asked a few police academy students to assist, and asked them to play the role of the criminal. The police academy students often helped the instructors, and were familiar with the routine. Their performance was realistic and exaggerated, earning applause.

At first, Zhao Yu watched with interest, but after a while, he noticed many problems. Without a doubt, if one learned the grappling technique, they could quickly restrain criminals. But the one key issue was the number of people a police officer had to take on. If it was a one-on-one situation, then grappling was an obvious choice, but what if there were multiple criminals? Two, three, or even a gang? If you restrained one, then another one would stop you. What would you do then?

Zhao Yu, who had lived and fought on the streets, had experienced countless gang fights. In a life-and-death situation such as a gang fight, there was no way to make use of grappling! That was the reason why Zhao Yu supported violence. In a gang fight, you could only win if you were the most violent and savage one there!

Zhao Yu felt that the most wicked criminals would feel the same way. Rather than trying to capture them alive and risk using grappling, it would be much easier to hit them hard and fast, quickly causing them to lose the ability to fight back! Like with the Taser Rape Case, the criminal had been wielding a high-voltage taser. If you wanted to capture him, there was an undoubtedly high risk of being hurt.

Zhao Yu also noticed that the moves that the instructor used, despite being fancy, were not practical at all, and were mostly for show. If he were assisting, he would probably cause a lot of problem for the instructor, and would not be easy to restrain at all. Zhao Yu was almost tempted to stand up. He wanted to test the instructor, to see if the instructor's grappling skill or his own fearless fighting was better. But giving it a second thought, he realized that they were still in class. The instructor had a job to do, and there was no need to cause a commotion. Besides, once the class was over, he could still go shooting.

Because it was a practical course, once the two grappling techniques were explained, the instructor gave them time to practice. Zhao Yu had originally wanted to test it on Lan Bo, but Lan Bo was smart enough to know better. He knew that Zhao Yu was heavy handed, and said that his stomach hurt and ran to the bathroom! Zhao Yu could only pick on Hu Bin, who was simple minded.

Hu Bin was tall and bulky, and did not mind Zhao Yu’s moves. The two traded places practicing neck and elbow locks, and were very engaged. But just as Zhao Yu locked Hu Bin’s elbow rather forcefully, he raised his head and saw a beauty in the crowd.

"Wow!" With one glance, Zhao Yu’s eyes suddenly lit up. "Wow, my God! Beautiful!"

A young woman made her way through the crowd. The woman was about 5’5", with a thin, curvy shape! She had a mushroom-shaped bob haircut, and her hair was very black and shiny. Her face was clear and sharp, her eyebrows were thick and her eyes were large. Her nose was small, and her lips were very red. The way she swayed as she walked was very pleasing to the eye!

All of the investigators taking lessons wore the same police uniform. Only this woman wore a light blue sports uniform, appearing individualistic and lively.

"Oh, you’re here, Ying!" In the crowd, an investigator greeted her.

The lady nodded, then went to the water fountain and fetched a cup of water for herself, and drank the whole thing in one gulp. When she raised her head, the sun shone directly onto her face. Zhao Yu could clearly see a few drops of water roll down her lip, slipping down her pale white neck and onto her shirt.

Zhao Yu’s throat was dry, and he stared unrestrained as if he had lost his mind. His heart was beating uncontrollably fast.

"Yu!" At that moment, Hu Bin was still pinned down by Zhao Yu and was at his breaking point, "Yu, can we talk? Can you let me go, I think...I think my arm broke!"