Chapter 78: No! Watch Out!

Chapter 78 of 100 chapters

Chapter 78: No! Watch Out!

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"Oh...I’m sorry!" Only then did Zhao Yu remember that Hu Bin was under him. He had almost twisted Hu Bin’s arm due to his excitement, and Hu Bin’s face had turned purple! "Hu!" Zhao Yu held Hu Bin’s shoulders and pointed at the beauty far away, "Have you seen that girl before? Is she a trainee here?"

"Mmm…" Hu Bin massaged his arm, glanced over and joked, "Why? Bro Yu? Aroused? This girl came yesterday, she should be a criminal detective!"

"Oh? A policewoman!" Zhao Yu felt a slight regret. He had slept through the last few days of training because he could not understand the lessons; however, he mainly felt regret because there were so many women around, not to mention beautiful women for him to look at! "If I had known there was such a pretty policewoman around, why would I stay in and play my stupid online game?" Zhao Yu thought to himself.

"Hmmm…" Looking at the salivating Zhao Yu, Hu Bin said with all sincerity, "Bro Yu, there’s something that I don’t know if I should say!"

"What!?" Zhao Yu was still staring at the policewoman. The policewoman did not join in on the capture practice, but sat on the long bench and looked at her phone.

"My professional instincts tell me that there’s something very wrong with the woman!" Hu Bin said seriously, "Ever since she appeared, no males event went near her!"

"Ah? What?" Zhao Yu grinned at Hu Bin, "Are you okay? Isn’t it better that there are no guys hitting on her?"

"No! That’s not what I meant!" Hu Bin tried hard to explain, "During yesterday’s lesson, once this woman took her seat, all of the policemen near her ran away! Take a look, look!"

Zhao Yu raised his head and saw that what Hu Bin said was true. There was no one beside the policewoman on the bench! There had initially been a few policemen sitting on the long bench, but they had all ran off!

"Keke…" Zhao Yu thought nothing of it, "A great thinker taught us that if we want to know if something stinks, we have to smell it ourselves! Heh heh...smell it and you’ll know it!" With this, Zhao Yu rubbed his hands together and tiptoed toward the policewoman, like the big bad wolf that saw red riding hood.

"Bro Yu, " Hu Bin called out softly, "What’s the name of that thinker?"

Lan Bo returned just as Zhao Yu left. "What happened, Hu, did Zhao Yu do anything to you? That fella’s really ruthless…" Lan Bo was blabbering to Hu Bin when he suddenly saw Zhao Yu walking toward a policewoman. When he saw the face of the policewoman, he was startled and almost lost his balance! "Ah!? What! My goodness…" Lan Bo stuttered in shock, "she...why is she here? Bro Yu...what’s Bro Yu doing?"

"He’s Aroused!!" Hu Bin said matter-of-factly, "Males with excessive secretion of hormones, and in heat are all like this, heh heh…"

"What!" Lan Bo caught hold of Hu Bin, "You horrible kid, why didn’t you stop Bro Yu?"

"Stop him? Why?" Hu Bin was puzzled.

"Miao...that’s Miao Renfeng! This...this is no joke! It’s a matter of life and death!" Lan Bo smacked his own forehead, "Oh dear, oh dear, Bro Yu’s in danger!"

"Lan Bo, are you also aroused?" Hu Bin explained carefully, "Miao Renfeng is a highly-skilled expert in the martial arts novel, The Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain, he’s a guy!"

"Damn you!" Lan Bo scolded anxiously, "You don’t know Miao Renfeng? She’s the nemesis of all policemen in Qinshan, don’t you know?"

"Who? What nemesis?"

"The overbearing policewoman from Ruyang branch, Miao Ying! Nicknamed Miao Renfeng!" Lan Bo bared his teeth and shouted, "Haven’t you heard?" Hu Bin shook his head.

"Two time champion in the elite sparring competition, " Lan Bo made a quick introduction, "Taekwondo black belt, Judo black belt, Master of Free Sparring, Grand Expert in Mixed Martial Arts, you haven’t heard?" Hu Bin shook his head, dumbstruck.

"My goodness! None of the criminals she’s caught had good endings. All of them were turned into cripples by her!" Lan Bo refused to give up and asked again, "You at least heard of that, right?" Hu Bin shook his head, dumbstruck and trembling.

"Alright, pretend I didn’t say anything!" Lan Bo gave up and lowered his head.

After a few seconds, Hu Bin finally understood, "Oh...I get it, I get it!’s not because of farting!?"

While the two were talking, Zhao Yu had reached the policewoman and gave an introduction straightaway, "Hello, how are you! I see that you’ve just gotten here and have not seen the grappling technique that was just taught? I’ve already mastered it, so why don’t I teach you?" While talking, Zhao Yu took a few sniffs and did not smell anything weird! Hmm! Seemed like Hu Bin’s guess was totally wrong!

Hearing Zhao Yu’s introduction, Miao Ying raised her head, took a glance at him and looked a little surprised.

"Heh heh, there’s no need to thank me, we are all colleagues, and this is what I should do!" Zhao Yu extended his hand as if he were inviting her to dance.

Miao Ying gave smiled as if she had been touched by something and stretched her hand onto Zhao Yu’s, like a graceful princess. Her hand was smooth and silky. With a little help from Zhao Yu, the beauty stood up tall and valiant. Zhao Yu was 5’8" and Miao Ying 5’5". The two looked like a perfect match standing together, catching the attention of the agents around them; however, agents who knew about Miao Ying were not admiring the pair, but were full of surprise, curiosity, and anticipation.

They were surprised that there a guy reckless enough to dare to tease Miao Ying.

They were curious to find out who on earth was the reckless guy.

They were anticipating how miserable the guy would end up later.

However, there were also some kind-hearted agents who looked at Zhao Yu with sympathy, which was how Lan Bo felt. He was praying silently in his heart, "I hope my dear Bro Yu doesn’t end up crippled!"

"Kekeke…" Zhao Yu did not notice anything wrong and continued ogling at Miao Ying, "How about this, let me first teach you an elbow lock! This is the simplest, come...aim at me and attack!"