Chapter 80: Cries of the Dragon and the Tiger

Chapter 80 of 100 chapters

Chapter 80: Cries of the Dragon and the Tiger

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Miao Ying’s reaction speed was very fast. Just as Zhao Yu was about to hit her, she quickly tilted her head, and Zhao Yu only managed to hit her ear!

Ding! As Zhao Yu brushed past her mushroom-like hairstyle, a white earring flew out, leaving a bloodstain on Miao Ying’s cheek. Zhao Yu also had a good reaction time. When he was about to be kicked in the stomach, he shifted his body so that Miao Ying only got to kick his thigh; however, Miao Ying’s leg was very strong and her kick made Zhao Yu bare his teeth as he massaged his thigh.

Miao Ying’s anger had been completely ignited by Zhao Yu. She clenched her fist and cracked her bones. Agents who knew about Miao Ying’s prowess were all nervous and quickly moved back, afraid that they would be implicated.

Zhao Yu was also furious and stared like a raging bull.

"Comrade Zhao Yu…"

"Comrade Miao Ying…"

Both of them said at the same time, "I still have other ways to break this, are you down for it?"

"Bring it on!" both of them shouted and started fighting. This time, no one cared about elbow locks or capturing techniques, they each displayed their unique skills combining the use of their four limbs and started a battle of life and death.

Miao Ying was a professional so she had an upper hand right from the start and quickly dealt Zhao Yu a few kicks with her long legs; however, Zhao Yu had more practical experience than Miao Ying. He saw that Miao Ying’s martial art ability was very strong and decided not to make a counter attack, but to hug and embrace her whenever possible! Not only would this reduce the space she could use to kick him, but he could also have an opportunity to touch the beautiful police officer.

However, Miao Ying was not only skilled with her legs. She had learned Judo, and after hugging and struggling with Zhao Yu, she easily nailed Zhao Yu to the ground. Miao Ying’s strikes were extremely violent. The moment Zhao Yu fell to the ground, she followed quickly with a punch to his face. Zhao Yu could only shield himself with his arms.

Nonetheless, Zhao Yu had an advantage over Miao Ying. He could not stand being punched! He got agitated being punched and actually gave up blocking. He disregarded the punches that landed on his face and aimed a punch at Miao Ying.

After a few punches, Miao Ying started to find it unbearable. Zhao Yu made use of this chance to curl his right leg around and kick at Miao Ying’s chest. Miao Ying could only turn to avoid it, but Zhao Yu kicked her under her armpit, throwing her up high before she slammed onto the ground!

"Ah!" Miao Ying got up before sending another kick at Zhao Yu. Zhao Yu took advantage of the situation to catch her right foot and pulled on it with all of his strength.

Miao Ying kicked Zhao Yu away with her left leg, but the shoe on her right foot had already been grabbed by Zhao Yu. Her pants had also been pulled down most of the way, and her underwear was exposed! "Ah!" Miao Ying was going ballistic. She gave another two kicks and sent Zhao Yu rolling.

The instructor was worried that someone might get killed and quickly went forward to stop Miao Ying; however, Miao Ying who was already in a killing frenzy hit the instructor, knocking him onto the ground without even thinking, and kicked him away. The instructor flew through the air before landing under the ring fence and started foaming at the mouth!

While the instructor was out cold, there were others who tried to stop Zhao Yu.They wanted to pull Zhao Yu away and put a stop to the war that was ensuing. Who would have known that Zhao Yu was also in a killing frenzy? He flung his arms like a madman and struck a big group of people. The long bench fell apart, and the water dispenser was also damaged! The water container ruptured and water flowed everywhere.

"Ahh!!" Zhao Yu dashed toward Miao Ying like a sea dragon. Miao Ying almost exploded and roared before rushing at Zhao Yu like a ferocious tiger. The encounter was like a battle between a dragon and a tiger. Cries of the dragon and the tiger could be heard from far away, and the two had displayed all of their special skills with nothing left to hide.

At the climax of the fight, the entire ground seemed to tremble. Zhao Yu had already gone berserk. He did not try to hide from Miao Ying’s kicks, letting her kick him while he punched Miao Ying’s face.

Although Miao Ying blocked with her arm, the strong force caused the corner of her mouth to bleed. Zhao Yu struck again, but Miao Yu was composed and managed to avoid Zhao Yu’s fist with a backward roll. Next, Miao Ying got on her feet and gave a beautiful spinning kick! The kick was full of vigor and caused Zhao Yu to spin even though he had used both his hands to block. Miao Ying was elated. She immediately curled her leg and kicked Zhao Yu right on his butt.

"Ahhh…" Zhao Yu covered his butt and jumped up a few meters. Even his voice changed!

"Go to hell!" Miao Ying gritted her teeth and lifted her leg again. She forcefully kicked Zhao Yu on his back, and Zhao Yu fell flat on his face!

Seeing Zhao Yu land heavily on the ground, Miao Ying thought that he had lost his ability to fight. She gave a loud roar and gave another powerful kick! It seemed like she had no intention to stop kicking until Zhao Yu landed up in hospital for at least half a year!

However, Zhao Yu’s will to attack took her by surprise. After two kicks from her, Zhao Yu turned and stood up, then grabbed hold of Miao Ying’s thighs with his hands. He wrestled forcefully and pressed Miao Ying onto the ground.

The two started wrestling on the ground in a sixty-nine position! The purified water on the ground turned to soil after mixing with dust, clinging to both of them. They looked like clay figurines!

Miao Ying used the lock technique in free sparring, locking Zhao Yu with both her legs. Zhao Yu struck back using his scissor legs and caught hold of Miao Ying. Both of them were stuck together, and they were only left with their fists. They punched madly at each other but were unable to exert much strength as they were being held too tightly together. Exasperated, Miao Ying opened her mouth and bit Zhao Yu’s calf! Her bite was vicious and she almost tore his flesh out!

Zhao Yu shouted out in pain! However, he quickly showed his ferocity by also opening his bloody mouth and taking a bite. As the two were locked together in opposite directions, Zhao Yu’s bit Miao Ying’s butt! Her butt was soft and Miao Ying was wearing sports attire made of smooth material, so Zhao Yu only managed to bite the sports attire and nothing else. He spat and quickly moved up like a snake until he was at Miao Ying’s thigh area and bit down again.

"Ah!" Miao Ying let out a scream and bit Zhao Yu on his leg!

"Arghh…" Zhao Yu pitch became higher. Flustered, he lowered his head and took another bite. Zhao Yu was worse than Miao Ying. His two bites were on the same spot and Miao Ying was trembling all over!

The two had wanted to continue biting, but after struggling, their bodies actually moved slightly apart. As both of them were experts at combat, they struck with their legs once they saw a chance. As a result, both of their legs ended up on each other’s stomachs, and the two slid far away like curling stones!

The agents on the side all rushed forward without hesitation, and finally held them down, almost wanting to put them in handcuffs!