Chapter 81: True to My Words

Chapter 81 of 100 chapters

Chapter 81: True to My Words

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"I have never seen something so foolish in my entire life!" At the Disciplinary Department of the Police Academy, the person who oversaw the police training, Department Leader Yang, slammed the table as he roared, "You two…you two, what do you even want me to say? Are you guys having cat fight?!"

On the two ends of the table, stood Zhao Yu and Miao Ying, both dirty and bruised.

"I’m telling you guys, I’m going to call your branch offices right now and see how your bosses want to take care of you!" The department leader was so angry that his hair was standing on end, "What is this! You guys even have honorary status! Look at you guys! What’s the difference between you guys and delinquents? Raising your fists as soon as you guys don’t like each other? Did you want to take the police academy down with you?"

The department leader was still scolding the two, but Zhao and Miao did not take a single word in, the two were still staring at each other in the office, throwing daggers with their eyes! They looked as if they still wanted to fight!

"The two of you are both police officers from this department!" Department Leader Yang slammed the table, then started trying to guilt them, "Can we be a bit more professional? How could a perfectly fine grappling lesson end up like this?" Suddenly, he noticed the two glaring at each other, "Hey, did you guys…hear me at all? Still aren’t satisfied?"

"Mr. Zhao Yu!" Miao Ying completely ignored Department Leader Yang’s existence and crackled her knuckles as she spoke fiercely, "I’ll tell you right now, don’t ever let me see you again, otherwise…I’ll kill you on sight!"

"Tsk, tsk…" Department Leader Yang knitted his brows, and was about to talk when he heard a loud "pah" sound. He turned and saw that Zhao Yu had actually squeezed the glass cup in his hands so hard it shattered. The glass pieces went all over the floor!

"F*ck! You think I’m scared?" Zhao Yu tilted his head and continued stubbornly, "Same! Kill on sight!" The two tilted their head back, and walked out of the office enraged. During the entire process neither of them had even looked at the poor highest official of the training camp!

"Hm…mmm…" Department Leader Yang almost went crazy with anger, shuddering in rage, "Fine! I’m done! I’m done! These two…maniacs!"

That night, Zhao Yu’s painful wailing came from one of the dorms in the police academy. Hu Bin and Lan Bo were helping Zhao Yu with his countless bruises and injuries, sanitizing here, applying medicines there, the pain caused Zhao Yu to wail nonstop. He really was quite hurt. According to the rules, he definitely should have gone to the doctor, but Zhao Yu was too ashamed to go and insisted on taking care of it in the dorm.

The two friends praised him endlessly as they applied medicine on Zhao Yu, calling him the hero of heroes. To be able to fight Miao Renfeng as an equal had truly helped the rest of male trainees to feel proud! But Zhao Yu turned and scolded Lan Bo, asking why they did not tell him earlier that Miao Renfeng was so fierce? Why would he have bothered her if he had known?

"Ah…" Zhao Yu stroked his own butt. That kick called "Breaking the Iron Gate," made him feel like he was going to end up disabled.

In the midst of Zhao Yu’s painful wailing, the system suddenly started. The system did not care about his pain at all, and told him straightforwardly that his adventure completion rate was a pitiful 51%! Such a low completion rate made Zhao Yu suspicious. Maybe before he even managed to meet whatever "water within thunder" was, he had been interrupted by Miao Ying! If it had not been for Miao Ying, maybe he would have had some even bigger adventure waiting for him! "Holy sh*t! My Adventure was ruined by that stupid Miao Renfeng!" he angrily thought.

But even at 51%, the system still gave him an item reward. Apparently, as long as he had over half the completion rate, he could obtain a reward. It was not 60% like he had thought it was. The item he got was invisible night vision! With this item, he could see clearly in the dark, and it lasted for one hour.

"Wow! This item isn’t bad!" Zhao Yu could not help but be excited. If this item was used with the invisible telescope, then he would become a godly peeper?

Hmph! When his thoughts turned to Miao Ying, Zhao Yu immediately became angry. He clenched his teeth and thought to himself savagely, "Stupid Miao Renfeng! Just wait, later if I figure out where you live, I’m going to use the telescope with the night vision and peek at you in the shower! If I can record it, hee-hee…"

"Hey…lighter…lighter, bro!" Zhao Yu was still thinking wanton thoughts, but thanks to Hu Bin’s heavy-handed treatments, he let out dog-like wail.

On the fifth day of the training was the closing ceremony. Once it ended, this season of police training would come to a close!

Zhao Yu originally did not want to attend, but thinking that Miao Renfeng might laugh at him, he still stubbornly decided to attend. However, Zhao Yu was there, but Miao Ying was not. Zhao Yu could not help but feel proud. "How about it? Kill on sight? You’re just all talk. Now you’re too afraid to show up?" he thought gleefully.

At the end of the ceremony, Zhao Yu even happily took pictures with everyone, but his face was swollen like a tomato, and he was barely recognizable. Even though the training had ended, many of the trainees came from rather far branch offices, so the police academy cafeteria still provided lunch for them. Since Zhao Yu and his friends all came from local branch offices, after the training, they could go back. Zhao Yu wanted to invite Lan Bo and Hu Bin out to a restaurant to celebrate the end of training, as well as his victory over Miao Renfeng.

But just as the ceremony ended, Lan Bo’s phone rang. Apparently his wife said something to him, and Lan Bo immediately said his farewells and quickly went home. Soon after, Hu Bin’s phone also rang. His mom had made him noodles and was waiting for him! Hu Bin invited Zhao Yu to go with him, but Zhao Yu felt ashamed of his current appearance and refused.

With both his friends gone, Zhao Yu felt bored, and simply went to the cafeteria for dinner. Since he was alone, eating out was no better than eating for free in the cafeteria. But what a small world! Zhao Yu had just picked a good place to sit, but he looked up to see Miao Ying who stuffing her face!!

Apparently Miao Ying was not doing too much better than Zhao Yu. One of her cheeks was very swollen. She grimaced in pain even as she ate. Her previously glorified appearance had all but disappeared.

As they stared at each other hard, the space between them almost solidified. It was a full ten second of staring before Zhao Yu reacted first. Zhao Yu twitched his lips, and squeezed out some words, "Hey! Do you remember what you said? Kill on sight?"

Miao Ying nodded, then asked, "You?"

Zhao Yu also nodded. Just as Zhao Yu nodded, Miao Ying grabbed her plate and threw it at Zhao Yu’s face! Zhao Yu also raised his own, and threw his plate back at her!



Dining plates flew, along with vegetable and rice. The two were already on top of the desk, and fists were flying everywhere! The giant cafeteria suddenly blew up with commotion, and out came Zhao Yu and Miao Ying’s war cries…