Chapter 82: What Did You Understand?

Chapter 82 of 100 chapters

Chapter 82: What Did You Understand?

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"Bro!" Inside Team A’s office, a senior agent named Liu Xueshan looked at Zhao Yu’s swollen face and asked with concern, "What happened to you? We don’t end up like you even when we are chasing criminals! It was only police training, how did you…"

"Hehehe…" Li Beini mocked, "What else! Senior must have chased after some police woman and got beaten up by their boyfriend, right?"

Zhao Yu wanted to tell the truth. He had been beaten by the police woman herself, but he felt too embarrassed to say that, so he shouted at Li Beini brazenly, "Hey, hey, hey! I’m already in this state, you should be consoling me instead of being sarcastic!"

"Oh, that’s true!" Li Beini smiled cheekily, "Then senior, tell me quickly, what happened at the training? Was there some big mistake? Any way to salvage it? Do you need us to write you some mournful couplet or something?"

"Hey, hey, hey," Zhao Yu shouted, "you and your filthy mouth! Let’s talk about serious matters! How’s the floating corpse case? Did you catch the culprit?"

Li Beini stopped smiling after Zhao Yu mentioned the case and shook her head, "The suspect is named Yang Wentao. Not only does he practice parkour, but he’s also very cunning! Ever since he got away, it seems as if he vanished from Earth! There isn’t a single trace of him, and Sis Peng is about to go crazy!"

"That’s so strange." Zhao Yu pondered, "Maybe it’s the feng shui?"

"Quit it, senior!" Li Beini said seriously, "We’re police officers, what feng shui are you talking about! If we have the time, we might as well do more surveillance!"

Zhao Yu wondered, "That something-tao escaped when he was about to be captured! He shouldn’t have much money on him since he escaped in such a hurry. We have control over the airports so he couldn’t possibly run away, even to heaven, can he?"

"Exactly!" Li Beini frowned, "According to the tips we’ve received, there’s an eighty percent chance that Yang Wentao is still in Qinshan! But we’ve already started monitoring all of his relatives and friends, and there’s still no news of him!"

"Don’t panic, " Zhao Yu said, "I’ve spent time hiding in the pits before. Suspects on the run usually hide well in the beginning, but they won’t be able to take it eventually and will be exposed!"

"We all know this! But the circumstances are different now, the pressure on Team A will increase each day the case remains unsolved!" Li Beini said, "Team Leader Qu had reported a few times and wanted Team B to take over the Floating Corpse Case. They’re just trying to add insult to injury! They’re so obnoxious!" Zhao Yu nodded, he also felt angry about what Qu Ping did.

"Luckily there was a burglary case at a nursery home the day before, and they were assigned to check on it." Li Beini said, "If it hadn’t been for that, our hard work would have been snatched away! It’s so infuriating!"

"It’s okay, it’s okay!" Zhao Yu said confidently, "I’m back now! This something-tao’s not gonna escape!" While Zhao Yu and Li Beini were talking, the door opened and Liu Changhu walked in, his face beaming with joy.

Liu Changhu held his head up smugly as if he had was some great news. "Everyone gather around, I have something important to announce!" He could not wait to speak from the moment he stepped in; however, Team A’s detectives were mostly out trying to catch the criminal. Other than Zhao Yu and Li Beini, there were only two or three detectives who stayed behind in the large office. Because of this, Liu Changhu’s announcement seemed a little awkward. There was no apparent change in the desolated office after he finished talking. Nonetheless, Liu Changhu remained smiling and pointed straight at Zhao Yu, "It’s alright, my announcement mainly involves Zhao Yu! Eh? Zhao Yu, what happened to you? Who did you fight with? Why do you look like that?"

Seeing Liu Changhu’s insidious smile, Zhao Yu knew it could not be anything good, and after hearing that his announcement involved him, he began to think if the fight between he and Miao Ying had been reported to the station. Was Liu Changhu going to punish him?

Unexpectedly, Liu Changhu did not mention anything about the training, but took out a document instead and said aloud, "Dear colleagues, the higher-ups have just passed this notice on personnel changes to our team, I’ll read it to all!" He glanced at the document and read, "Due to recent work requirements, there will be special post adjustments for the following personnels:

"1. Zhang Jingfeng made significant contribution in the Lost Hand Case. He will be transferred back to Missing Persons Department;

2. As the equipment in the monitoring room needs replacement, Liang Huan will be sent over to help for one year;

3. As the Cold Case Department has a serious shortage of manpower, Zhao Yu will be transferred over to investigate.

All of these changes are effective immediately! Qinshan City Rongyang Branch, on X Day, X Month, X Year…"

"Are you sure?" Just as Liu Changhu finished reading, Li Beini stood up, "Captain Liu, could you do this?"

"You have no right to say anything!" Liu Changhu grinned and said to Zhao Yu, "The Cold Case Department is affiliated with Team A, so you only have to change your office desk, it’s also okay if you don’t want to change! Kekeke…" Liu Changhu smiled like a general who had just won a battle, "Zhao Yu! You have to know that these cold cases are notoriously difficult! They have great importance to the higher-ups! Because of this, they decided to assign someone outstanding like you to handle it. the trust that the higher-ups have put in you, don’t let them down!"

Liu Changhu made it sound prestigious, but everyone in the Key Case Investigation Unit knew that that Cold Case Department was just an arduous and unrewarding pit! It was difficult to crack unsolved cases that had accumulated over long periods of time. The department had been set up for years, but very few cases had been solved. As time went by, the department became a way for superiors to punish agents. Whoever made a mistake would be transferred over. Because the cases were so hard to solve, the higher-ups would transfer them to the traffic team or other unimportant departments on the basis that the agents had been unable to complete the work required of them! It was a miracle that Zhang Jingfeng could escape ‘death’ and return to the Missing Persons Department!

It was obvious that Liu Changhu was abusing his power! Zhang Jingfeng still had Liang Huan as a partner, but the higher-ups sent Zhao Yu alone without any help, thus it was even more obvious that he was being set up!

"Captain Liu! This…" Liu Xueshan wanted to speak up for Zhao Yu, but he shut his mouth under Liu Changhu’s glare.

"What is this based on?" Li Beini was not afraid and said righteously, "Officer Zhao has already solved two major cases after becoming a full-time detective, and even got a city-level reward! How can he be transferred to the Cold Case Department without any reason? That’s unfair! Captain Liu, does our team leader Peng Xin know about this?"

"Huh!" Liu Changhu shouted, "Li Beini, watch your words! Zhao Yu’s transfer was decided by the higher-ups. Are you accusing the higher-ups of something? Don’t talk to me about Peng Xin, she’s only an acting team leader, she had no right to interfere with this decision!"

"You!" Li Beini’s face was red with anger. She argued angrily, "You bullies! Senior, senior…" she kept tugging at Zhao Yu, wanting him to say something; however, Zhao Yu was not thinking about what Liu Changhu said. He seemed to be seriously pondering over something else until Li Beini pulled him a few more times and he said to himself after a sudden realization, "Oh...I understand now! I understand…"