Chapter 84: How to Solve It?

Chapter 84 of 100 chapters

Chapter 84: How to Solve It?

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Pah! A black mop dropped onto the ground, and the male owner tried to attack Zhao Yu with the mop, but had his hands pinned onto the wall! Zhao Yu pressed down fiercely and the owner shouted out in pain.

"Ah, Officer, Officer! Stop! Stop it now!" a thin middle aged woman on the side was terrified and quickly pleaded. "I’ll cooperate, I’ll cooperate with the investigation, alright? I beg you, please let go of my husband!"

"Intentionally assaulting a police officer is could bring a jail term up to three years," Zhao Yu shouted at the male owner in disdain, "but me twisting your arms is a legitimate act of defence!" With this, Zhao Yu twisted his arms again and the man screamed in pain.

"Officer, my husband is also doing it for my sake, please don’t hold it against him!" The middle aged woman kept saying good words, "Actually, I’ve said this many times about my ex-husband’s death! I don’t understand why you guys can’t let it go?" This woman was Lin Meifeng, the wife of the Uptown Slaughter Case’s victim, Yu Zhigen! She had married her current husband after Yu Zhigen died. Zhao Yu came to Lin Meifeng’s house to investigate the death of Yu Zhigen, which happened years ago.

"It’s not that we don’t want to let it go," Zhao Yu explained, "but although the mills of God may grind slowly, justice will prevail! If there’s a murder case, there has to be a murderer! You don’t want your ex-husband’s death to go unsolved, right?"

"Officer, I will be honest with you!" Lin Meifeng shook her head, "I am happy that my ex-husband died like that, and that his murder is still unsolved! That devil, Yu Zhigen, deserves it, this is his retribution!" She continued, "I must have been blind to marry a bastard like him! He drank and gambled all day! And once he started drinking, he would hit me as if he were going to kill me!" Speaking of her sad past, Lin Meifeng’s tears started to fall. "Did you know that I was three months pregnant? That bastard hit me until I miscarried, and I cannot conceive anymore, did you know that? Boo hoo hoo…"

Zhao Yu was at a loss watching the woman in front of him cry so badly. He had read the detailed statement from Lin Meifeng before he arrived, and understood the situation, but hearing it from her personally had made him furious. Lin Meifeng was right; a bastard like Yu Zhigen should have died that way! His murder helped rid society of such evil! Zhao Yu had initially prepared many questions, but he was in such a rage that he just took his notebook and left!

Back in the car, he even started to blame himself for coming so abruptly and tearing open that poor woman’s scars! Zhao Yu sighed heavily. He thought of what Zhang Jingfeng and Liang Huan had said previously, and felt that his circumstances were indeed difficult. It was extremely challenging to solve old cases like this, especially this slaughter case. Zhao Yu had no idea on how to continue his investigation!

It was so difficult, even with the Miracle System, what difference would it make? Hr had gotten the Kan-Li Hexagram, which was explained as, "Water and Fire; Water and Fire cannot coexist, to each their own, challenge in darkness, the result is unknown." Zhao Yu had not figured out what "Kan" and "Li" represented, but there were no "Dui" or "Gen," so it meant that the adventure awaiting him had nothing to do with money or work! Therefore, Zhao Yu was doubtful that he would make a breakthrough in today’s investigation.

Sitting in the car, he thought over the things that happened to him. After resting for a short period of time, he had almost recovered, and his face did not look ugly and swollen anymore. Ever since Peng Xin found out about Zhao Yu’s transfer, she was furious and wrote numerous appeals to the higher-ups; however, as Zhao Yu had expected, the higher-ups had purposely done this to Zhao Yu, and he was still in the Cold Case Department.

Nonetheless, Chief Yang from the Training Department was a man of his word. Zhao Yu had heard that Chief Yang did not disclose any information on the Dragon-Tiger war between Zhao Yu and Miao Ying. If he had, Zhao Yu would be in a worse state.

Regarding other matters, Jiang Xiaoqing’s plan was still in the initial stage of development. With Zhao Yu’s information and data, she had already completed the framework of the software, and it would soon be be ready to be put into use! If the pair’s plan succeeded, it would bring in more income for Zhao Yu! However, Jiang Xiaoqing was in the middle of her midterm examinations, so Zhao Yu had asked her to start work after her exams ended.

Also, the blonde and his gang had returned to Yuxi Alley after going into hiding. That Hao Jiajun was indeed an ostentatious rich kid who did not care one bit about his money and did not bother to trouble Zhao Yu or the gang members. Zhao Yu felt that the blonde and his gang looked flashy on the surface, but they were quite obedient when given a task. If Zhao Yu had any more suitable tasks in the future, he would be sure to ask the blonde and his gang for their help.

Zhao Yu returned his focus to the slaughter case. Everything was going well for him now, except for this case! If he could solve this case, putting money and glory aside, he could at least infuriate Liu Changhu! But how would he solve it? The clues available for the Uptown Slaughter Case were pathetic. Other than a few photos and a case record, there was no other evidence. It was hard to imagine the killer not leaving any footprints, or even a fingerprint after killing the victim so brutally. Who is the killer?

Zhao Yu could not help but think of the victim’s wife when he saw the bloody photos. Not sure why, he felt that the victim’s death was linked to his wife! Since the victim had watched his wife so closely, why was the wife not at home on the day the victim died? Not only was his wife not in, but she had a good alibi, and it seemed as though everything had been carefully planned; however, the police had thoroughly investigated Lin Meifeng and decided that there were no gaps in the story. According to the record, Lin Meifeng had mental issues, and a psychiatrist had even diagnosed her. She was on the verge of a mental breakdown and could not even take care of herself. How could she be linked to her husband’s death? Moreover, Lin Meifeng was neither pretty nor rich. It would not be reasonable to say that this was a crime of passion, or that a killer had been hired. Lin Meifeng seemed completely innocent! What was the truth behind this case?

Just as Zhao Yu was thinking hard, his phone suddenly rang. Zhao Yu had changed the ringtone of his new phone, but it was still a nostalgic oldie, "Ah, Hero, please chase the dream with me! Ah, Hero, please give sweet dreams to me…" Zhao Yu took his phone and his eyes suddenly widened. He never expected this call to be from Yao Jia!