Chapter 86: That’s My Line

Chapter 86 of 100 chapters

Chapter 86: That’s My Line

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"My boyfriend’s name is Zang Jie, " Yao Jia said to Zhao Yu, "he owns a fashion company in Lingyun City! I have no idea what happened to him, but he kept asking me for money! When I ask him about it, he always hums and haws and says things like his grand aunt needs an operation, or his company needs cash flow and such!" She continued, "Officer Zhao, I’m worried that my boyfriend might have encountered some trouble." Yao Jia said frantically, "Could you help me check on him? If he’s really being threatened by bad guys, you have to help him, please!"

"Mmm…" Zhao Yu nodded, but in his mind he was hoping that if Yao Jia’s boyfriend was a cheat or a liar, it would be beneficial to him. Zhao Yu asked, "Miss Yao Jia, you have to be mentally prepared! Your boyfriend started a company in another part of the country and keeps asking you for money, this is definitely not a good thing from my experience. I’m worried that...he might be a cheat!"

"That’s impossible!" Yao Jia smiled, "Zang Jie and I grew up together. We were classmates in elementary and middle school, I understand him very well! He must have met some difficulties and had to borrow money from me! Furthermore, his parents are in Qinshan and are old friends with my parents, it’s not possible!"

"Then," Zhao Yu rolled his eyes and asked, "how much has he borrowed from you?"

"Mmm, including small sums of money, about eighty to ninety-thousand yuan!" Yao Jia answered.

"Whoa, you’re rich, huh?" Zhao Yu asked again, "Has he returned anything?"

"We’re getting engaged, sooner or later…" Yao Jia blushed slightly, "why would he need to return it?"

"Tsk tsk…" Zhao Yu shook his head, "he borrowed so much money from you and you don’t suspect anything at all! Miss Yao Jia, you are really too kind-hearted!"

"So…" Yao Jia lowered her head and said, "I’ll leave this matter up to you, Officer Zhao! Money is not important, I’m just worried that he might be in danger!"

"Mmm, don’t worry!" Zhao Yu nodded enthusiastically, "Send me your boyfriend’s information, you can leave this to me!" Zhao Yu made it sound simple and he could not wait to do a thorough background check on Yao Jia’s boyfriend, hoping that her boyfriend was a cheat, a villain, or even a murderer! Then, he would have a chance to chase Yao Jia again!

The waiter served their beer as they talked and Yao Jia toasted a few times to Zhao Yu, expressing her gratitude. Looking at the beauty opposite him, Zhao Yu went into a daze and seemed to have been transported back to when he and Yao Jia were lovers.

"Go with your feelings, hold onto your dreams…" As if to match the atmosphere, a ringtone came from the private room beside them, and the song was none other than "Go With Your Feelings." Zhao Yu and Yao Jia, together with the red-faced man next to them, all turned their heads toward the private room; however, the room was shrouded by curtains and they were not able to see what was going on inside.

A few seconds later, the music became louder, and the people inside started to sing along. There were quite a number of people in the room, and they were getting a high from the singing. Gradually their singing became shouting, and they turned a nice song into unbearable noise. "Go with your feelings, hold onto your brother...the feeling’s getting deeper and gentler…" the volume was so loud that all of the customers in the dining hall stopped their individual conversations and turned their heads toward the direction of the private room. The movements in the private room gradually increased, and there was even someone smashing glasses. The shattering noise was even more unpleasant to the ears!

The boss and his wife, along with many of servers came to the dining hall. The boss knitted his eyebrows. Sweat dripped on his forehead, and he looked a little fearful.

"Old man, what should we do?" The boss’s wife was trembling and she said anxiously, "How about we call the police?" Hearing the words ‘call the police,’ Zhao Yu instinctively felt something. "Oh? Don’t tell me the people in the dining room are here to stir trouble? They wanna eat for free here?" Zhao Yu thought.

"What’s the use of calling the police!" The boss suddenly sighed and waved helplessly at a server. The server’s face was full of fear as he reluctantly entered the private room, "Big brothers and sisters, have you all finished eating? Do you need anything else?"

"Hahaha…" a series of mocking laughter came from the dining room, and a hoarse voice said, "We’re done eating, but we’re not done with singing! Hahaha...go with your feelings…" The people starting singing aloud again. At this point, the customers in the dining hall all looked upset and were disgusted with the people in the dining room.

Seeing this, the boss made up his mind and stormed toward the private room. His wife was shocked and tried to pulled him back but failed. "Everyone!" the boss lifted up the curtain in the doorway and said loudly, "I’ve told your boss very clearly that I inherited this shop from my ancestors and I will never sell it! Please don’t cause me any more trouble, alright? How about this, all of your food and drinks today is on the house! Let’s be friends, okay?"

Hearing the boss’s words, the diners were all aware that something had happened and looked at the private room again. Although the curtain had been lifted, Zhao Yu was still unable to see the situation in the room from his angle. He only heard the hoarse voice speak again, "Boss, you’re really dampening the mood here! We’re not here for a free meal nor to make trouble, we’re only here to enjoy good food and to sing songs! What’s wrong! Are we in your way?

"No," The boss controlled his anger and said, "you guys sing like this everyday, how am I supposed to carry on my business? How about this, you guys go to the karaoke bar nearby to sing and I’ll pay for it, will that do?"

"Hahaha," a seductive female voice came from the room, "boss, you are indeed forthright! But we don’t like the atmosphere at the bars, we only like to sing here! Keke...go with your feelings...go with your feelings…" Once the female voice started, the rest of the people started singing and shouting again. The volume got even louder and the walls started to vibrate. There were also people smashing plates and glasses, and the shattering noise made people shudder with fear. Some customers could not take the noise anymore and settled their bills before finishing their food. In the big restaurant, everyone was frowning except for one person who was happily scratching his cheeks and grinning from ear to ear. This person was none other than Zhao Yu!

Zhao Yu praised the Miracle System inside his heart, "I’m truly grateful to you! These gangsters in the private room are obviously giving me a big gift! If I handle this, I’m sure to get some brownie points with Yao Jia, right? Wahaha…" The more Zhao Yu thought about it, the happier he became; however, just as he was preparing for the ‘righteous detective defeats the gangsters’ show that was about to take place, the red-faced man on the side suddenly got up and stood at the door of the private room. He shouted loudly at the people inside, "Listen up all of you, whoever continues to sing, you’re gonna get it from me!" After he shouted, the whole restaurant went silent!

Zhao Yu got anxious and thought, "Hey? What’s this, why is there suddenly someone snatching my business? That...that’s my line!?"