Chapter 87: Debt Seeking or Revenge?

Chapter 87 of 100 chapters

Chapter 87: Debt Seeking or Revenge?

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When the red-faced man stood at the door of the private room, the music inside suddenly stopped. The red-faced man was wearing a very nice suit. He was about six feet tall, had a big stature, and had an honest and hardworking demeanor. He instantly blocked the entire private room’s door. But even though the delinquents in the private room paused momentarily at the red-faced man’s size, they had strength in numbers, and stood up together. They held beer bottles in their hand, and looked as if they were ready to make quick work of the red-faced man.

"Oh no?!" Zhao Yu was so agitated he nearly jumped up. How could he sit around when the chance to show off had nearly been stolen from him? He caught up to the red-faced man within a few strides and stood next to him, then bumped him right to the side with a twist of his hip, taking the other’s spot at the door.

"Bro, can you just go eat your lamb?" Zhao Yu even shouted at the red-faced man, "Why do you even want to interfere? Just let me do it!"

"You?!" The red-faced man was shocked, then pointed at Zhao Yu and at the delinquents, yelling out, "Oh…so…you guys are together?" The red-faced man’s words caused the customers and the owner’s mouth to drop open in shock.

"Holy sh*t?" Zhao Yu was nearly out of his mind with anger and immediately pulled out his police badge, "I’m a police officer! Look carefully, Key Case Investigation Unit! This is my business, go, go, go, who do you think you are? Get to the side!" Seeing Zhao Yu’s police badge, the delinquents could not help but pause. Despite their original plan, they put down the beer bottles in their hand.

"What? Who do I think I am?" The red-faced man was unhappy with the situation and immediately pulled out his own police badge, saying, "I am a police officer too! Why isn’t it my business?"

"Huh?" Zhao Yu was shocked and felt as if his mind had short-circuited. What kind of situation was this? He finally had a chance to show off, so why was there another police officer trying to steal his thunder?

"Alright, alright, you just ate, don’t end up throwing up!" Zhao Yu feigned compassion, "Just leave this to me, okay?" As he finished, he tightened his fist, causing his bones to crack, intimidating the crowd.

"How so?" The red-faced man refused, "As a police officer, how can I watch these sort of immoral acts and just watch? Besides, I stood up first, this is definitely my business!"

"Ah? You…why can’t you just leave it? It’s everyone’s duty to stand up for the weak!" Zhao Yu rolled up his sleeves, "How about we play rock-paper-scissors, the person that wins gets this, okay?"

"Hey, are you even a police officer?" The red-faced man looked at Zhao Yu in disdain, "Rock-paper-scissors? Pathetic! We should arm wrestle for this if you dare..." The two were arguing fiercely while the delinquents were all stunned. The two police officers in front of them were acting like they were competing to see who’s business this was, how could they just stand and watch?

The boss of the crew saw the situation and waved his hand quickly. The group of delinquents decided to lower their heads and try to leave quietly. A rather wealthy looking woman took out a wad of cash out and stuffed it in the shop owner’s hand and muttered, "Keep the change, keep the change…"

"Ah?" Zhao Yu was still arguing with the red-faced man, but saw the delinquents try to escape and yelled, "You…can you guys wait a bit? Keep singing, keep singing okay? We’ll be done soon…hey…" but the harder Zhao Yu tried to keep them, the faster the delinquents ran. Within a blink of the eye the group had disappeared from the shop.

"Ah! Holy sh*t!" Zhao Yu was very frustrated. He had had such a good opportunity to show off, yet it had been completely ruined by the red-faced man!

"Hmph! Glad to see you guys know what you’re made of!" the red-faced man huffed proudly, and took out his wallet to pay for his food. The shop owner did not even have time to thank him for his help, and hurriedly told him he did not need to pay, but the red-faced man would not hear it, and pulled out two-hundred yuan and stuffed it into the owner’s hand, not even asking for change. He nodded slightly at Yao Jia, then proudly walked out the door.

Within that moment, it looked as if the red-faced man was glowing with justice, his posture looked straighter and grander, and many customers could not help but clap as they watched him leave. But Zhao Yu only wanted to kick him in the butt! "Hmph! Stupid Po-po!" He cursed to himself, ruining his good time, "I…I’ll curse you!"

Even though Zhao Yu’s plan had been ruined, Miss Yao Jia still praised him for his bravery, telling him that he was an excellent police officer. As the two spoke, they even started chatting about the incident with the camel, and were quite engaged with each other.

After they finished eating, and he said goodbye to Yao Jia, Zhao Yu did not even pause for one second. As soon as he got back in the car, he called Zhang Jingfeng to ask him to look up Cang Jie. If it had not been for Zhao Yu solving the Lost Hand Case, Zhang Jingfeng’s life would have been even worse than Liang Huan’s, so he followed Zhao Yu’s commands without question. He had already become a loyal supporter of Zhao Yu.

Zhang Jingfeng was an expert at finding people, not to mention he was already in the Missing Persons Department, so finding someone was easy as pie. He immediately told Zhao Yu that he would have all of the information on Cang Jie sent to Zhao Yu’s phone by 4pm that noon.

Zhao Yu laughed and gave his thanks, then told Zhang Jingfeng that he would invite him out for pool! Zhang Jingfeng heard ‘pool’ and shivered in fear, then refused, asking for a meal instead. The two laughed then hung up.

Zhao Yu waited happily. "This Cang Jie probably is not a good guy, hopefully! This way, I can take Yao Jia for myself!" Zhao Yu thought.

Zhao Yu’s objective was entirely on the Uptown Slaughter Case from ten years ago, so he had no need to report to the police station. At the moment, he was sitting in the police car by himself without any focus. What should he do now?

Bored, he pulled out all of the documents related to the Slaughter Case once again, and started reading through them carefully. The victim was named Zhi Gen, and he had been mutilated to death in his own home ten years ago! The time of the crime had been at night around 8 o’clock. There had been a storm that day, and the weather was terrible with low visibility, thus nobody had noticed while the crime was being committed. The neighborhood had no monitors, nor any surveillance cameras. According to the information, the police investigating that time had only see a blurry figure leaving the area on a street camera. The shadow passed by the street during the time of the crime, and seemed like they were in a hurry. But due to the lack of technology ten years ago, along with the bad weather, the shadow was even more blurry. Other than a rough silhouette, there was no other information. Also, the street was a fair distance from the victim’s house, so it was difficult to guess if the person in the camera was even a suspect in the Slaughter Case!

Zhao Yu checked other information. The crime scene was very brutal. The victim had been cut nearly forty times. The inside of the house was filled with blood, and sentences like "Pay back, an eye for an eye" had been written all over the walls. The blood was from the victim himself. After killing Zhi Gen, the culprit had even used Zhi Gen’s blood to write those words!

Seeing this much, Zhao Yu could not help but shake his head. Just as he had said before, if the culprit really wanted money, there would have been no need to kill Zhi Gen so brutally. If it had been for revenge, then the words in blood should have indicated that. Those bloody words on the wall, had clearly been used as a red herring. "It’s not money or revenge, then…what else could it be…?"