Chapter 89: Where is My Adventure?

Chapter 89 of 100 chapters

Chapter 89: Where is My Adventure?

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Ten years ago in Qinshan City in Sanlitun Village, it was late at night and pouring rain. Lightning and thunder ruled the skies. A small thin figure suddenly appeared in front of the door of a certain house. The person wore a black raincoat. They used the key to open the red door, crossed the small yard, and went straight into the house. They quickly opened the wooden door to the house with another set of keys.

Upon entering the house, the sound of the thunder and rain gradually lessened, emphasizing the figure’s nervous and quick breathing. Then they pulled out the dagger that they had prepared ahead of time and silently entered the bedroom.

The bedroom was completely dark. When a streak of lightning crossed the sky, they could clearly see the silhouette of a person on the bed. At that moment, their nerves reached their climax, their breathing quickened again, and their entire body shook. Finally, they worked up their courage, and pounced onto the bed, and brought the dagger down fiercely.

Squish…the sound of a knife slicing through skin suddenly came from underneath the cover. When they pulled out the dagger, they could already feel a certain sticky liquid flowing down the edge of the blade, going everywhere! Even though they were wearing gloves, they could still feel the warm liquid oozing between their fingers. The reek of blood permeated through the room, stimulating their nerves.

"Can’t stop now!" They stabbed multiple time, not even sure where they were stabbing. They did not relent until there were no more signs of movements on the bed. Their nerves was already at their breaking point, and they were drenched in sweat. They did not dare to stop, and continued according to their plan. They started pulling out drawers and throwing things on the floor, trashing the bedroom. In the darkness, they opened some jewelry boxes and threw some money into a plastic bag. Then they quickly disappeared from the premises, not even closing the door.

As they left the area, the rain continued to pour down, the lightning and thunder unrelenting. They continued to run as if they were running for their life. Once they ran out of the village with the goods, they finally stopped near a broken piece of wall and cried silently.

Suddenly, they pulled down the hood of their raincoat, revealing a woman’s face! The woman cried painfully yet silently, deafened by the sound of the roaring thunder. Tears continued to flow down her face, washed away by the merciless storm, becoming indistinguishable with the pouring rain.

Zhao Yu received a phone call right at 4 in the afternoon from Zhang Jinfeng. He had been so focused on the Slaughter Case that he had not moved the police car for an entire three hours. Zhang Jingfeng told Zhao Yu that he had found Cang Jie’s information.

Zhao Yu was rather excited and quickly asked Zhang Jingfeng for the details. Yet, Zhao Yu was also mildly disappointed. As it turned out, Cang Jie was not a scammer; he really did own a clothing factory in Lingyun City, and it was rather big too. In everyone’s eyes, he was a young and talented businessman. It was still too early to tell if he had some financial issues, or if there really was some kind of problem, but the money within his account had sharply dropped recently. There was not even three-hundred yuan in total.

"Interesting…" Zhao Yu could not help but have a sliver of hope in his heart. What sort of problem did this Cang Jie have? Did he get someone pregnant, or maybe he was a gambling addict? Zhang Jingfeng knew that this person was Zhao Yu’s rival in love, so he said that he would continue to monitor Cang Jie’s situation. If there was any new information, he would immediately tell Zhao Yu. Zhao Yu expressed his appreciation and hung up.

But as soon as he hung up, the system spoke. The system told Zhao Yu tha his completion rate for the day was 59%, and that he gained an item called the invisible air monitor. The invisible air monitor could monitor air quality, and had no other use. "Measure air quality? What does that even do? Detect smog?" Zhao Yu wondered.

Today’s adventure had ended so early! Zhao Yu shook his head a few times and started to recall his adventure. Other than meeting with Yao Jia there was not much else. Was that considered an adventure? Maybe if he had not met the stupid red-faced man, his completion rate would have been higher.

"Wait…" Thinking this far, Zhao Yu suddenly realized something. He quickly pulled out another notebook related to the Miracle System. After he went through his records, he realized something else. The "Kan" hexagram had appeared numerous times in the system. He noticed that every time he had gotten "Kan," he had had some sort of encounter with women!

Today’s hexagram explanation had "Kan," and his dream lover, Yao Jia, had unexpectedly invited him out for food. At the police training, with the "water with thunder" hexagram explanation, the hexagram had also had the word "Kan," and he had met the female devil, Miao Ying! Even before that, when Zhao Yu had met Yang Hong and Huahua, there had also been the word "Kan." Kan meant water, and in old folklores, females always had an affinity with water. Could it be that the word "kan" represented woman?! In other word, was it love, or was it sexual?

"Dui" represented money; "Gen" represented business; "Kan" represented love…then what about the other ones? What did "Zhen,""Xun," and "Li" represent? Also, in Bagua, the first set of hexagram should have been "Qiankun," but ever since he had started getting hexagrams from the Miracle System, those two words had never appeared. What would "Qian" and "Kun" represent? Or could it be that in the Miracle System’s hexagram, these two words did not exist? Even after contemplating for awhile, Zhao Yu had no idea, so he decided to forget the thought for now and drive back home.

Early next morning, something exciting finally happened to Zhao Yu. After a fit of violent coughing, the system gave him the "Gen-Kan" hexagram. "Gen for mountain, and Kan for water. Mountain and water together; beautiful beyond words, the sea is limitless, how could there be any worry?"

Even though the hexagram explanation was as difficult as ever, understanding "Gen" for business, and "Kan" for love was enough for Zhao Yu to be excited. If he was not wrong, his day would involve both the case and women. He must be ready for it, and take ahold of the opportunity when he could!

Thinking this much, Zhao Yu took the car from the police station early in the morning and headed straight for Longchen Jiayun Complex which was where Lin Meifeng and her current husband lived. Zhao Yu felt that since the system had told him to "go with his feeling," he might as well pursue Lin Meifeng as his direction of investigation. He intended to start with Lin Meifeng and see what secret the woman had to hide.

The police force had special cars for tailing. Zhao Yu took an old styled Jetta, and was at Lin Meifeng’s building early in the morning. At that time, Lin Meifeng was taking her kids to kindergarten, and was unlocking her electric scooter downstairs.

Lin Meifeng was infertile, and the four-year-old child was not her own, but had come with her new husband. Her new husband ran an office supply shop, and was fairly stable financially. He treated Lin Meifeng well, and the family of three lived peacefully and happily. Seeing the happy image of Lin Meifeng taking the kid to kindergarten while conversing intimately with her child filled Zhao Yu’s heart with conflict.

On one hand, he hoped that Zhi Gen’s death was unrelated to Lin Meifeng. He did not want to break the happy life Lin Meifeng currently enjoyed. But on the other hand, Zhao Yu could not let this direction of investigation go; he did not want to let Liu Changhu have the upper hand because he could not solve this case. With these conflicting feelings in mind, he kept tailing the other.

After taking her child to kindergarten, Lin Meifeng bought some breakfast with her husband at a breakfast shop. After finishing their food, the husband and wife went to the office supply shop and worked together. The husband was the boss, and Lin Meifeng was his helping hand. The husband and wife were together the entire morning, but did not do anything special or out of ordinary.

Zhao Yu felt more and more agitated in the car. Could it be that his feelings were wrong? But finally there had been a "Kan-Gen" hexagram, right? "System, where is my adventure today?!"