Chapter 90: You Did That on Purpose!

Chapter 90 of 100 chapters

Chapter 90: You Did That on Purpose!

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After lunch, one o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock...looking at the time fly past, Zhao Yu became extremely restless.

Lin Meifeng and her husband were busy working at the shop, and there were nothing unusual at all. The excitement that Zhao Yu had in the morning had long disappeared, "Oh my Gen-Kan hexagram!" He had thought that not only would he have had some breakthrough in the investigation today, that he also would have had some big surprise with women by now! Either he would find an important clue in the Slaughter Case, or his dream girl, Yao Jia, would go on a date with him again! However, it was almost four o’clock and he was still empty handed. "Could it be...that my direction is wrong? Or maybe there were some details that I did not notice?" As Zhao Yu pondered, his phone rang. It was a call from Zhang Jingfeng. Zhao Yu’s eyes lit up and he quickly answered the call.

"Zhao," Zhang Jingfeng said, "I found something on that Zang Jie you told me to check on."

"Oh?" Zhao Yu suddenly sat up and tried to get Zhang Jingfeng to quickly say what he had found.

"Heh…" Zhang Jingfeng smirked and then said mysteriously, "According to his phone’s location, he’s in Qinshan today, and is now at Sanlitun’s Small Industries Wholesale Market!"

"Sanlitun? Small Industries Wholesale Market?" Zhao Yu pondered and said ignorantly, "Zang Jie owns a garment factory, so he went to the wholesale market to deliver goods? What’s wrong with that?"

"Tsk tsk, and you still call yourself experienced with society!" Zhang Jingfeng laughed, "That fella deals with designer clothing, he usually goes to international shopping malls and boutiques, so what’s he doing at a wholesale market? I think there must be something fishy happening!"

"Something fishy?" Zhao Yu searched his memory a few times, but could not think of anything. In both his present and past life, he had never dealt with goods and trading.

"It’s very obvious!" Zhang Jingfeng was an expert in this, "Zang Jie manufactured fake goods in his factory, and he’s gone to the wholesale market for delivery!" He continued, "Bro, isn’t this person your love rival? Listen to me, quickly go to Sanlitun now. If my guess is right, call me immediately, I know people in the Quality Supervision Bureau and Economic Investigation Department. I guarantee that I’ll get rid of your love rival by the book! Kekeke…"

"Oh...that sounds interesting" Zhao Yu finally understood what Zhang Jingfeng meant. He thought to himself that this fella was indeed a mudfish, capable of using dark methods for affairs of the heart.

Zhao Yu immediately thanked Zhang Jingfeng and quickly drove toward Sanlitun. Given the situation, he could only take care of one thing at a time! Since he was unable to make any development on the Slaughter Case, it would only make sense to get rid of his rival in the meantime! It seemed like the ‘Kan’ hexagram really had something to do with Yao Jia!

"If I get rid of Yao Jia’s little boyfriend, heh heh...won’t I be able to win her heart soon?" With this thought, Zhao Yu drove at lightning speed and reached Sanlitun Small Industries Wholesale Market in half an hour. Zhang Jingfeng had sent him Zang Jie’s location, and Zhao Yu went to search for him straight after he got out of the car.

There were huge crowds of people and heavy traffic at the wholesale market, and the area was huge. Zhao Yu weaved his way in and out, and took a long time before he reached the warehouse area at the back of the wholesale market. Like a typical wholesale market, the shops were at the front, and the warehouses were at the back to facilitate deliveries.

The warehouse area was even bigger. Zhao Yu only realized after seeing many vehicles parked in front of the warehouse for loading and unloading that vehicles were allowed to drive in. If he had known earlier, he would not have needed to walk so far. The impracticality of walking was secondary, however, he was more afraid of being delayed and that Zang Jie might have already finished his delivery. The whole trip would be a waste!

Thinking of this, Zhao Yu sped up and walked toward his target. Unexpectedly, he heard a ringing shout from his right side after taking a few steps, "Stop! Don’t run! Police!"

"Eh? What’s going on now?" Zhao Yu quickly turned his head to the right and saw a tall and strong man on the warehouse walkway running toward him. The man with the moustache was probably a merchant. He was in dark blue sports attire with a fanny pack and a suitcase in his hand. He was running over so hard that his tongue was sticking out! While running, he pushed the goods on the sides to the ground, trying to form a barrier from his pursuer.

Zhao Yu craned his neck and looked back. His eyes suddenly widened with just one look! "What the…" The person chasing the man was a woman in black jacket, about 5’5", with a mushroom-like hairstyle! "Are you kidding? This is too coincidental! Isn’t that the demoness, Miao Ying?"

Zhao Yu understood instantly that Miao Ying was chasing a criminal! At this point, the man was in front of him, and Miao Ying saw Zhao Yu at the same time, "Hey! Stop him quick!" Miao Ying shouted.

Hearing Miao Ying’s shout, Zhao Yu did not think of anything else but instinctively stretched out his leg to trip the running man. As the man had been running very quickly, his whole body flew into the air after he tripped, then he fell flat on his face!

The suitcase fell a few feet away from him, and the contents scattered all over. There were messy bills, some jewellery, and a few wallets. After falling down, the man quickly got up, disregarding his pain. Zhao Yu turned and wanted to catch this fella just as Miao Ying arrived. Not knowing if she did it on purpose, Miao Ying knocked Zhao Yu to one side with her shoulder.

"Stop running!" Miao Ying gave a flying kick, throwing the man up into the air again. He landed heavily on the ground next to some tires! The force from his fall was so great that a few large tires started to roll away.

"Ahhh…" the man, bleeding at the corner of his mouth and coughing non-stop, had lost his ability to defend himself; however, Miao Ying was the notorious demoness. She pulled the back collar of the man’s shirt and lifted him up effortlessly. Miao Ying raised her arm, about to punch the man, but Zhao Yu decided to stop her. Miao Ying had obviously hurt Zhao Yu on purpose just then! How horrible was that?

"I helped you stop the criminal, but you hit me instead of thanking me?" Zhao Yu’s mind was consumed with rage. He jumped and hit his shoulder against Miao Ying, knocking her half a meter away. Making an excuse, Zhao Yu shouted at the criminal, "Stop running!" After that, he gave the man a big slap on the face, causing him to spin around three times before landing onto the ground.

Miao Ying became enraged after being hit by Zhao Yu, and forcefully kicked the back of the criminal. At the same time, she used her elbow to hit Zhao Yu on the chest, almost breaking his ribs.

Zhao Yu let out a shout and kicked the criminal on his chest, then he stuck out his butt forcefully, causing Miao Ying to stumble.