Chapter 91: Fateful Encounters Only Exist Between Enemies

Chapter 91 of 100 chapters

Chapter 91: Fateful Encounters Only Exist Between Enemies

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In Zhao Yu and Miao Ying’s fierce battle, the biggest victim was, without a doubt, the criminal! Every time the two raised their fists, they reflexively kicked him. After a few rounds, the man was yelling incoherently on the ground, wailing out as he curled into a ball.

Miao Ying had not came alone, once her companions arrived, they were all shocked by the strange scene. No one could figure out why they were doing this. The suspect clearly had no desire to resist, but why was Miao Ying competing with this stranger to hit the suspect? It did not take long for the investigators to realize something! Miao Ying and Zhao Yu were not trying to beat up the suspect, they were competing with each other!

Fateful encounters only exist between enemies. Miao Ying and Zhao Yu stared each other down until they riled each other up, and their movements got larger and larger. Finally, Miao Ying raised her bare long leg and kicked at Zhao Yu, while Zhao Yu raised his fist and aimed at Miao Ying.

Boom! Pow! Zhao Yu’s fist landed on Miao Ying’s shoulder, and Miao Ying’s thunder kick met Zhao Yu’s torso at the same time. Miao Ying took a few steps back in pain, while Zhao Yu was blown onto the ground from the momentum.

Miao Ying roared and was ready to go again, but the observing investigators noticed the situation turning sour, and stepped forward to stop her.

Zhao Yu quickly stood up and was ready himself, but seeing the others block Miao Ying, he decided to calm himself. He patted the dust off of himself, and smiled, "Miss Miao Ying, how nice of you, huh? I helped you guys catch the criminal, and you pay me back by attacking me? Are you completely shameless?"

"You…" Miao Ying was enraged, but realized the situation. She calmed herself, then feigned apology, "Ah, it was Mister Zhao Yu! Sorry, I didn’t recognize you! I thought you were with the criminal!"

The other investigators did not know Zhao Yu at all, but hearing Miao Ying’s words, they realized that Zhao Yu was also a police officer.

"Hmph!" Zhao Yu huffed coldly, "I’ve finally experienced how it feels to be bitten by your own dog!"

"Ah!" Miao Ying did not even pause, "And I’ve finally experienced how it feels to have a dog take my prey!" Miao Ying’s reaction was so fast that Zhao Yu was surprised. Unexpectedly, not only could Miao Ying fight with her fist, but also with her mouth!

"Alright, little miss!" Zhao Yu looked on with cold disdain, "Take your prey elsewhere! I still have something else to do…" Zhao Yu simply snapped his fingers, then turned to leave.

"Mister Zhao Yu," Miao Ying spoke neutrally as she signaled for her colleagues to handcuff the suspect, "this area is under the jurisdiction of our Ruyang District, if you need my help, just say the word, okay?"

"Then I will show my appreciation early!" Zhao Yu did not even turn around. He raised his middle finger high up, "If you really need my help, then don’t appear in my sight ever again!"

Seeing Zhao Yu act so arrogantly, Miao Ying’s colleagues were all annoyed. Some even wanted to chase Zhao Yu and ask for an explanation, but they were pulled back by Miao Ying.

Miao Ying watched as Zhao Yu’s back gradually faded into the distance. Only when he disappeared completely did she finally cradle her shoulder in pain.

Zhao Yu feigned leisure as he turned around a corner, but once he left the main street, he finally clutched at his chest; the pain was like a burning fire! "Stupid Miao Renfeng!" Zhao Yu spat the other’s name. She was so heavy-handed! One day if he found out some dirt on Miao Ying, he would show no mercy!

Zhao Yu remembered his actual business, and quickly pulled out his phone. Much to his annoyance, Zang Jie was already far, far away!

"F*ck! Shit! Jesus Christ!" Zhao Yu was crazy with anger. He cursed Miao Ying to death in his heart. Because of Miao Ying, he had missed his grand "Water within thunder" adventure last time, and now, if he had not unfortunately ran into her, he would have already caught Zang Jie! Such a good "Gen-Kan" hexagram, was ruined again by Miao Renfeng!

Seeing Zang Jie’s location become more and more distant, Zhao Yu could not help but feel helpless. It was already too late now. If he wanted to get rid of his love rival, it looked like he would have to wait for another chance!

But after he calmed down a bit, Zhao Yu suddenly pulled out a wallet from his bag. The wallet had fallen out of the culprit’s bag during the scuffle. When Zhao Yu was kicked by Miao Ying, his hand landed on the wallet. Due to his old habits, how could he refuse a freebie like this? So he simply put it in his own bag! "Today my adventure was ruined by you guys. If I don’t pick up some sort of consolation prize, it would be so sad" he thought.

The wallet was packed. When he opened it there was a wad of red one-hundred yuan bills. From a rough estimate, there had to be five or six-thousand yuan. Zhao Yu pulled it out and put it in his own wallet, then roughly sifted through the wallet. There were a few bank cards in there, a few photos, some miscellaneous stock ticket, and even a few tickets for bathing.

Zhao Yu looked carefully, the stocks were already expired, and had no value. But the wallet itself was pretty good. Not only was it real leather, but it even looked like a brand-name. Switching it with his current wallet seemed like a good idea.

Zhao Yu found a trash can, and started disposing of all the other things in the wallet. He threw out all of the stocks, tickets, and bank cards, then he started pulling out the photos.

There was one photo in the photo slot, and it was of the suspect. The suspect in the photo looked very young, and appeared to be on some sort of vacation. There were even some palm trees behind him, and he was smiling brightly! But it was quite aged, Zhao Yu tried a few times to take it out, but it was as if it was glued down. Zhao Yu was quite stubborn. The harder it was to take the photo out, the more he wanted to. His strength increased with every try!

In the end, with a ripping noise, the photo slot was ripped apart by Zhao Yu, and the photo floated out. Unexpectedly there was another photo behind the first! Two photos floated out simultaneously. Zhao Yu could only bend down and pick them up. He had intended to throw them both away, but out of curiosity he snuck a peek at the new photo.

Unexpectedly, the photo wasn’t of the suspect himself, but of a woman! Suddenly, Zhao Yu became more interested. He never would have guessed that behind the suspect’s photo would be a woman’s! Needless to say, the woman was either a second lover, or a dream lover.

Zhao Yu took a careful look at the photo, and noticed that the woman was not that pretty. She even looked a bit slow...

"Wait…huh?" Zhao Yu’s eyes suddenly widened. How come the woman on the photo looked so familiar? It was as if he had seen her! It was as if Zhao Yu had been struck by lightning. He kept shaking, and his heart pumped wildly. "H-holy sh*t! Th-this woman, isn’t she…Lin Meifeng?!"