Chapter 92: Personal Relationship

Chapter 92 of 100 chapters

Chapter 92: Personal Relationship

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"Are you sure!?" he asked himself. Zhao Yu looked carefully again. Although the woman in the photo was very young, it was Lin Meifeng! Zhao Yu had been in contact with Lin Meifeng recently, and he could not be wrong! At that instance, Zhao Yu felt that it was unbelievable!

" too much of a coincidence!? A photo of Lin Meifeng actually appeared in a wallet I picked up so casually? Who exactly was the man Miao Ying caught? How is he related to Lin Meifeng? Could this photo be linked to the Slaughter Case?" Zhao Yu thought.

"Oh, right! The Gen-Kan hexagram!" Zhao Yu suddenly remembered the Miracle System. Could this photo be the main subject of the adventure that he was going to encounter today? Did the photo represented the case development? If that was the case, then the suspect that Miao Ying had caught was a crucial person to his own case!

Zhao Yu felt that the case was at stake and started digging in the garbage bin. He picked up the bank cards and vouchers that he had just thrown in the trash, and not a single bit of paper was spared. All of these items could be important evidence!

As he suddenly found a clue to the Slaughter Case, Zhao Yu could not be bothered with Zang Jie or his love rival anymore. He quickly brought the important wallet back to his car, and called Zhang Jingfeng so he could check out the suspect.

Initially, Zhang Jingfeng did not understand Zhao Yu, and even joked with him, saying that he was a womanizer with love rivals everywhere; however, after Zhao Yu told him about Lin Meifeng’s photo, Zhang Jingfeng was stunned! When Zhang Jingfeng and Liang Huan were in the Cold Case Department, they had mainly worked on the Uptown Slaughter Case. Hearing that Zhao Yu had found an important clue, he was even more excited than Zhao Yu, and got him quickly send him the information.

Zhao Yu had searched the entire wallet, and other than a photo, there was no other information about the suspect’s identification. There was no identification card, driver’s license, membership cards etc. Since the person’s name was unknown, there was no way to check who he was. Because of his experience, Zhang Jingfeng told Zhao Yu that this clue was crucial, and asked him to meet him at the police station first. Since the suspect had already been brought back to Ruyang Branch, he would not be able to escape!

Zhao Yu felt that it made sense and quickly drove back to the police station. On the way, he called Li Beini and asked her to join in. Many hands make light work. Having one more person would definitely be useful for his investigation.

When he got back to the station, it was almost time to clock out, and most of Team A’s agents were out chasing the suspect of the Water Reservoir Floating Corpse Case. Only Li Beini was left in the office. Zhang Jingfeng quickly made his way from the Missing Persons Department, and the three immediately crowded around Zhao Yu’s desk to analyze the case. Zhao Yu showed them the wallet and told them what had happened in detail.

Zhang Jingfeng was in disbelief after listening, "Bro, your luck is really out of this world! You could pick up a clue just by picking up a wallet? Liang Huan and I investigated our asses off for months and we didn’t find even find a strand of hair!"

Li Beini’s face was full of doubt, "Senior, why did you go to the wholesale market in Sanlitun out of the blue? To buy clothes? You’re living quite well…" Zhang Jingfeng had wanted to tell the truth, but Zhao Yu kept winking at him and he stopped himself.

Li Beini did not probe further and was worried instead, "Although Lin Meifeng’s photo appeared, that doesn’t prove that this matter is linked to the Slaughter Case. What if that man was only Lin Meifeng’s secret admirer?"

"Impossible!" Zhang Jingfeng rebuked her claim immediately, "Lin Meifeng is so ugly! If it were me, I would never be secretly in love with her!"

"So, we’d better verify the man’s identity first so we can investigate further!" Zhao Yu pointed at the suspect’s photo.

"That’s simple!" Zhang Jingfeng smiled, "There’s a bank card here, I’ll check on the account’s information. It shouldn’t be too difficult!"

"Great!" Zhao Yu nodded and said, "The man was caught by Miao Renfeng...oh, I mean Miao Ying of Ruyang Branch! I know her, she’s also in the Key Case Investigation team, so I guess that that man did not commit a small crime, and will be in Ruyang Branch for some time!"

"If that’s the case, we can also obtain fingerprints from the wallet, and we should be able to obtain more information!" Li Beini said as she pointed at the wallet, "Who knows, we may be able to find more clues!"

"That’s right!" Zhao Yu quickly nodded, "I know Hu Bin from the Forensics Department quite well, I’ll give him a call right now!" In order to verify the man’s identity in the shortest possible time, Zhang Jingfeng immediately went to check on the bank card. As for Zhao Yu, he quickly got Hu Bin over to obtain fingerprints. With the help of friends, Zhao Yu felt that he was no longer alone, and he had more confidence than before.

"Senior," Li Beini was curious, "you said you know Miao Ying, so why don’t you call and ask her directly? Wouldn’t that save us the trouble?"

"Erm...well…" Zhao Yu was embarrassed, "I don’t know her very well, and we had a slight disagreement during the training!"

"Oh…" The young lady was smart, "I know, this woman must have had something to do with you being beaten up like a fool, right? But then again, her boyfriend was really something to be able to beat you up, really amazing!"

"Alright, alright!" Zhao Yu said sourly, "Let’s get down to business! Beini, now that the suspect is being detained in Ruyang Branch, do you think I can go over to investigate our case?"

"Well," Li Beini thought about it, "it’s not too difficult, but it’s not easy either!"


"Senior!" Li Beini said, "It’s actually pretty common for two branches to cooperate in investigation, but things are different when it comes to you!"


"Because of Liu Changhu!" Li Beini said, "The normal course of action is for you to first send a report on the matter to Liu Changhu before he contact the leaders of Ruyang Branch, and send them an application to let you assist in their investigation! After that, you only need to take the relevant documents with you to Ruyang Branch for investigation! But…"

"Oh…" Zhao Yu understood. Liu Changhu could not wait to get Zhao Yu out of the Key Case Investigation Team. So why would he help him send the report? Especially when it was linked to the Slaughter Case. Liu Changhu would definitely try to stop it from happening!

"But," Li Beini gave it a thought and said, "it’s not impossible if you wanna skip Liu Changhu! Since it’s just a matter of making things convenient for us, it’s not necessary that you have to go through the official channel. If you have any personal relationship with someone from Ruyang Branch, I guess it would be okay to interrogate a suspect!"

Hearing this, Zhao Yu suddenly thought of Miao Ying and what she had said at the warehouse, "Comrade Zhao Yu, if you need my help, feel free to ask for it?" But these words also reminded him of his long middle finger and the burning pain in his armpit and chest!