Chapter 93: My Own Team

Chapter 93 of 100 chapters

Chapter 93: My Own Team

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"None!" Zhao Yu shook his head, "I don’t have any connections at the Rongyang branch!"

"Me neither!" Li Beini contemplated, "I don’t even have a classmate there! How about we ask Team Leader Peng Xin? Maybe she could help?"

"Let’s not!" Zhao Yu shook his head again, "The Floating Corpse Case still hasn’t been solved, and she’s already going crazy! Let’s not add more to her plate!"

"Oh…then how about Mao?" Li Beini asked again, "Team Leader Mao has a lot of connections, how about giving him a call?"

"Oh? I actually know someone! Lan Bo could work too!" Zhao Yu said, "His stepdad is a member of city council. If he’s willing to help, then this should be easy, right?"

"But that guy is from Team B!" Li Beini was a bit worried, "Aren’t you worried that Team Leader Qu Ping would…"

"Ha! This time isn’t The Lost Hand Case!" Zhao Yu thought as he spoke, "I’m just investigating a regular old case this time, it’s not like I’m doing anything behind anyone’s back. What could she do even if she knew?"

As the two were discussing, Zhang Jingfeng had already returned. He excitedly shouted as he busted through the door, "I got it, I got it!"

Zhao Yu checked his watch, it had not even been five minutes and Zhang Jingfeng had already found the information. This man was true to his fame!

"The person you’re looking for is called Liu Pengfei, from Muguantun of the SL County." Zhang Jingfeng did not even wait till he was seated, already reading from his phone, "He’s forty-one-years old, and has a business in wholesale clothing. There’s a total of something like one-million yuan in his accounts, and he also has three houses and two cars under his name!"

"This guy…is so rich!" Zhao Yu scratched his head and continued out of habit, "Zhang? Can you get the password to those cards?"

Hearing this, Zhang Jingfeng and Li Beini’s forehead instantly furrowed. "Senior…what are you planning?" Li Beini asked, a little unsure.

"Haha…it was a joke!" Zhao Yu realized his mistake and quickly backtracked, "I thought the atmosphere was too awkward, so I made a joke…hehe…continue, continue…"

"But, this guy’s record is spotty. He already went to jail a few times!" Zhang Jingfeng paused, then continued, "Brawling, quarreling, organized gambling, no major offenses, but endless little ones! I looked at the newest report, and this guy seriously injured someone, and has been endlessly investigated by the Rongyang Branch office!"

"Then…what’s this guy and Lin Meifeng’s…relationship?" Zhao Yu asked in a hurry.

"As of right now, it doesn’t seem like they have any, but…" Zhang Jingfeng suddenly changed tune mysteriously, "But him and Yu Zhigen were from the same hometown, they were both from Muguantun of the SL County!"

"Oh…I knew that!" Zhao Yu finally remembered that Yu Zhigen was indeed from Muguantun.

"Wow! That’s amazing!" Li Beini’s eyes lit up, "Pictures, and the same hometown! You could say that one piece of evidence was a coincidence, but both of these things can’t be a coincidence, right?"

"But," Zhang Jingfeng continued, "there isn’t much on Liu Pengfei. To establish his, Yu Zhigen’s, and Li Meifeng’s true connection, we’ll still need to investigate further!"

"Bro!" Zhang Jingfeng was very excited, "From today on, I’ll follow you to the grave! Even though I’m part of the Missing Person’s Department, I’ll listen to your commands! My God, this is a ten-year-old case! If we can crack this, we’re going to be famous!"

"Fine, you’re so loyal!" Zhao Yu grinned, then patted Zhang Jingfeng on the shoulder and asked, "Oh right, you told me the reward is sixty-thousand yuan, are you for real?"

"Ha, look at you!" Zhang Jingfeng slapped Zhao Yu’s shoulder, "Sixty-thousand yuan is only the reward from the City Council! Later, our branch office will also have a reward! Bro, don’t worry, you’re the only member of the Cold Case Department, no one would try to take your reward! I just want to support you, so you can quickly go up the ranks, hehe…"

"Tch!" Li Beini spoke with some disdain, "What is this! Not even close! We haven’t even seen the criminal, and you guys are already splitting the reward! Geez, senior…" She turned playfully to Zhao Yu, "I don’t want reward money either, or even a promotion, if you really crack this case, just remember to give me some credit. Then I can guarantee my graduation from being an intern! So this time you have my full support!"

"Okay! No problem!" Zhao Yu patted his chest to show he his dedication. He felt his entire body get lighter.

"Alright!" Zhang Jingfeng promised, "Any information needed, just leave it to me! Give me three days, and I promise I’ll have all of Liu Pengfei’s information right in front of you. I’m going to lay him bare!"

"Ok! Good! Mmhm." Even though he felt a bit lightheaded, Zhao Yu still did not forget the important topics and asked Zhang Jingfeng, "Right, Zhang, do you have any connections to Rongyang branch office? I want to interrogate Liu Pengfei personally!"

Hah!" Unexpectedly, Zhang Jingfeng started laughing, "Not a problem! Go look for Liang Huan! Liang Huan’s wife is in the Rongyang Branch office! Uh, I think she’s in the Drugs Department, and I think she is the vice-department leader!"

"Really?" Zhao Yu was first excited, then a little intimidated. Although Liang Huan’s wife was the vice-department leader, he had still been transferred! Zhao Yu had no support at all! if he ended up getting transferred, he would end up much worse than Liang Huan! No matter what, he had to solve this case!

"I’ll go and give him a call right now!" Zhang Jingfeng pulled out his phone, "Don’t you worry, the Slaughter Case is a sore spot for me and Liang, he’ll definitely help you!"

Zhang Jingfeng called Liang Huan right then and there. When Liang Huan heard they had found some evidence for the Slaughter Case, he was incredibly excited and immediately said no problem. With the okay from his wife, they could interrogate the suspect tomorrow!

As soon as he hung up, Hu Bin also finished his work. He returned the wallet to Zhao Yu, and said there was a total of four sets of working fingerprints. The samples had already been taken, and now they only had to compare it to the database. Li Beini immediately signed up to do the comparisons!

Seeing his friends using all their effort, Zhao Yu could not help but feel very appreciative. Ever since he had crossed over, even though everything had gone well, he could not help but feel a bit lonely; however, today was different. Even though he was the only member of the Cold Case Department, with these friends, it was like he had his own team! From now on, he was no longer alone!