Chapter 94: Here Comes What I Fear

Chapter 94 of 100 chapters

Chapter 94: Here Comes What I Fear

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Rejoicing, Zhao Yu took Liang Huan over and decided to treat everyone to drinks! It was almost eight at night, and the teammates happily agreed as they were all hungry; however, everyone’s mind was on the case, and they did not drink much that night. After filling their stomachs and chatting a little about the case, they all went back on their own.

The moment Zhao Yu reached home, he was informed that his adventure had ended. His completion rate was eighty percent, and he had received another invisible listening device! He had just used the previous listening device, so he had received this one just at the right time.

Thinking back on the events of the day, Zhao Yu carefully sorted and recorded them. Gen-Kan hexagram! The day had ended just like this. Although he had made some predictions beforehand, the way the adventure had unfolded, the results were totally beyond his expectations. He had thought that with the appearance of "Kan," which represented woman, he would meet Yao Jia, but he had bumped into the demoness Miao Ying! Also he had thought that he would make a breakthrough on the case by following Lin Meifeng, but it turned out that he had found the clue in a stranger’s wallet!

"Oh my, Miracle System! I really have no idea how you play this game! Will the clue that I miraculously found this time really help me solve the Slaughter Case?" Although he had had some drinks, Zhao Yu’s mind was very awake. After he finished recording, he started thinking about the case again.

Ever since the Lost Hand Case, Zhao Yu had developed a great interest in solving crimes. Although the Slaughter Case was not as high-profile as the Lost Hand Case, it was a cold case that had not been solved for ten years! No one had been able to find the murderer after all these years. It was no doubt a challenge trying to solve it!

"What if I really solve it! Prize and glory is still secondary, what’s most important is deflating that bastard Liu Changhu’s arrogance! I’ll make him understand that I am truly an expert detective! But…" Zhao Yu could not help but worry, not knowing if the clue he found was useful to the Slaughter Case. If it was just a coincidence, then all his aspirations would just be wishful thinking, right?

With this thought, Zhao Yu took out the information on the Slaughter Case again. He also opened up Liu Pengfei’s wallet on the table, looking at it carefully, thinking seriously. "How exactly is Liu Pengfei related to Yu Zhigen and Lin Meifeng? And if I go to Ruyang Branch tomorrow, will I really get to interrogate Liu Pengfei? What questions should I ask him? If that guy refuses to cooperate, what else can I do? Can I use force?"

While thinking, Zhao Yu picked up the photo again. Although Lin Meifeng looked very young in the photo, she looked pale and sorrowful, and even had an obvious bruise on her right cheek. She wore her hair in a simple bun and was wearing an ordinary white sweater. The background suggested that she was at a market.

Yu Zhigen had frequently beaten Lin Meifeng. Was the bruise on her face caused by Yu Zhigen? Zhao Yu looked carefully at the photo and realized that Lin Meifeng was not looking at the camera, but at a vegetable stall somewhere. She was probably just doing some grocery shopping.

"This look." Zhao Yu recalled a few movie scenes. "This photo seems to have been taken secretly! That means Lin Meifeng did not know that someone was taking a photo of her at the time!"

"Then...who was this photo taken by? Liu Pengfei? Why did he secretly take a photo of Lin Meifeng? Is this linked to Yu Zhigen’s death?" Zhao Yu kept thinking about the case and went to bed very late. As it was already past midnight, he did another calculation.

The result was exciting, it was another Gen-Kan hexagram! However, the explanation was totally different this time: "Mountains and Water. Mountains triumph over Water, the peak comes when the boat is low, enters when there are no holes, detritus will surround!"

Like the previous times, Zhao Yu knew that this adventure would be linked to work and women, but he was still unable to decipher the meaning of the hexagram explanation. He had even searched the explanation on the internet, but the results were fruitless like before.

Zhao Yu did not sleep well that night. He tossed and turned, and was about to fall asleep when his alarm clock rang. He quickly got up and washed up before heading out. As he was going to Ruyang Branch today, he had specially put on his police uniform, changing his entire disposition. He looked like a brave detective who was impartial and selfless!

After a quick breakfast at a roadside stall, he took the car from the police station and went straight to Ruyang Branch with the documents. On the way there, he received Li Beini’s comparison report which showed that out of the four fingerprints on the wallet, three had results. Other than Liu Pengfei, the other two were also frequent visitors of the police station. They were likely to be Liu Pengfei’s buddies; however, these two man had only gotten to know Liu Pengfei in recent years, so they probably would not be linked to the Slaughter Case, which happened ten years ago. Zhao Yu agreed, so he told Li Beini to put that clue aside for now.

Ruyang District and Rongyang District were at opposite ends of the city. Zhao Yu drove for an hour before he arrived. Due to limited space, Ruyang Branch was almost half the size of Rongyang District. As it was office hours when Zhao Yu arrived, there were many people at the entrance of the police station, and it seemed a little crowded.

The night before, Liang Huan had communicated with his wife and told Zhao Yu to give her a call when he arrived. "Sis-in-law, I'm Zhao Yu, has Bro Liang told you? I've already reached your unit!" Zhao Yu explicitly expressed stated his purpose.

"Oh, it's you, Zhao!" The phone was a little noisy, "Yes, Liang Huan has told me about you, and I've already made arrangements! You can go straight to the Key Case Investigation Team and look for Captain Miao Ying, I've already informed her!"

When he heard the two words "Miao Ying," Zhao Yu only felt a tremor in his head. "Oh my goodness! Here comes what I fear, why does it have to be her!? This demoness is really something, she's already a captain at such a young age?" he thought.

"Sis, oh no, sis-in-law!" Zhao Yu stuttered, "Is there anyone else I can go to besides Miao Ying?"

"What?" Liang Huan’s wife did not understand him and said, "Don't worry, I've already talked with her! She's the captain and the criminal is in her hands! Oh, you just need to tell her that you're from Rongyang Branch! Zhao, my kid's sick and on the drip now, I gotta hang up. Just look for me again if you need anything!" She hung up before Zhao Yu could reply.

"…" Thinking about meeting with that evil and scary demoness again, Zhao Yu could not even curse properly!