Chapter 96: How to Compete?

Chapter 96 of 100 chapters

Chapter 96: How to Compete?

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"Ah!" an agent stomped his feet and shouted, "I can’t take this anymore, I wanna kill him!"

"Captain!" Another agent pleaded with Miao Ying in agitation, "This fella is too arrogant, we have to teach him a lesson!"

"Yes!" Yet another agent added in, "Let’s bash him up together and then sue him for slander, what do you think? I really can’t take it anymore!" The agents were all gnawing their teeth and stomping furiously.

Miao Ying was clenched her fists and could not wait to beat Zhao Yu up, but she was a captain, and felt suspicious after seeing Zhao Yu’s arrogant behavior. Zhao Yu could have come prepared with either a surveillance camera or a listening device. If she beat him up, it might cause trouble for herself. But Zhao Yu had called her a coward, and her investigation team garbage, how could she take this lying down?

In the end, Miao Ying pounded her fist on the office desk. The items on it jumped up more than a foot before falling. With this, the agents who were previously agitated suddenly quieted down, and did not even dare to breathe too loudly. Everyone knew that the consequences were grave when Miao Renfeng got angry!

"Zhao Yu! Don’t go too far!" Miao Ying said fiercely, "I’ll show you how you’re gonna die today! Tell me, how do you wanna compete? Fighting or civilized?"

"Wahaha…" Seeing that his trick was working, Zhao Yu let out a laugh, "This is how a heroine should behave! Fighting is simple; we just have to find somewhere spacious to have a duel until there’s a winner. Win and you are king; lose and you are the outcast! Life and death, rich or poor, it's all destiny!"

"How about the civil way?" Miao Ying asked again.

"The civil way is a little complicated. There are many ways, such as betting, imitating, and meat-eating!" Zhao Yu started to impart his knowledge of the underground world again, "I think I don’t have to explain betting! Imitating means I do an action and you follow, if you can do the same then you win!"

"What nonsensical stuff is this!" Miao Ying frowned, "If you take off your pants and pee, I have to do the same? Alright, then I do an action and you follow?"

"Duh!" Zhao Yu yelled, "You’re a professional, if you do a 720 degrees back flip, wouldn’t I have to die also?"

"Then how should we compete?"

"We can also compete by using our chests to smash rocks, lie on a nail bed, drill a hole through our palms," Zhao Yu saw Miao Ying cross her arms with a disgusted look on her face, "or meat-eating! Like goldfish in the fishtank, toads in the pond, and mice in the holes! We eat them alive. Whoever eats them will win!" Hearing Zhao Yu’s words, the agents felt slight nausea and looked disgusted.

"You...can you say something human?" Miao Ying glared with fury, "You’re simply insane, how about I call the mental hospital?"

"It’s okay, I had six psychiatrists, and seven have been driven crazy by me, save everyone the trouble!" Zhao Yu gave a sick laugh, "Captain Miao, since you dared not take the civil way, let’s have a good fight to our heart’s content! If you want, we can sign a liability agreement? If I get beaten to death by you, you won’t be held liable, how about that?"

"You!?" Miao Ying was trembling with anger. She really wanted to have another fight with Zhao Yu to teach this arrogant fella a good lesson; however, as the captain of the Key Case Investigation team, she would get herself into trouble once she got into a fight with Zhao Yu, even if she won. If the higher-ups found out about it in the future, it would not do her any good!

"How? No guts?" Like a rogue, Zhao Yu pulled out a chair and sat on it, and even crossed his legs, "If you dare not to, then just admit that you’re a coward!"

"Huh! Don’t be too arrogant!" Miao Ying said fiercely, "We’ll change the venue another day, and I’ll definitely teach you a good lesson! But today is International Dog Day, and I don’t want to be accused of animal abuse! Keke…" Miao Ying finally returned to insults, and the agents quickly followed with sneering.

"Coward means coward, you don’t dare to compete in this and don’t dare to compete in that, what kind of-"

"Isn’t there still betting?" Miao Ying cut Zhao Yu off as her eyes blazed.

"Betting?" Zhao Yu pretended to look hesitant and laugh nervously, "Okay...what do you wanna bet on? Oh, but there are also rules in betting!"

Miao Ying observed Zhao Yu’s slight change in behavior and felt more confident, "What rules?"

"The probability of the bet has to be one to one, and it can only be conducted when both parties are able to confirm it!" Zhao Yu explained, "For example, if you ask me to guess the color of your bra, then the probability of me getting it right is definitely very low! So you can only ask me to guess if your bra is red, or if you are wearing a bra and such. In short, I must have a fifty percent chance of getting it right! That’s called fair and just!" Following Zhao Yu’s words, all of the male agents present unconsciously gazed at Miao Ying’s chest. Miao Ying blushed at once and tightened up her jacket.

"Big or small, using dice, picking out poker cards, as long as the probability is one to one, we can bet on anything! But one must always honor the bet, and both parties must agree on the bet!" Zhao Yu said again, "Other than this, there’s another rule—there must be a distinction between host and guest!"

"Host and guest?"

"Since I’m at your place, I’m the guest, so I have to be the one proposing the bet. We will proceed if all of you agree, if not, we will not continue!"

Miao Ying gave it a thought. Since both parties had to agree to the bet, why not just hear what he wanted to bet on? "Alright, you have the say! What do you wanna bet on? What happens if you lose, and what happens if you win?"

"Mmm," Zhao Yu pretended to ponder, "how about we bet on mobile phone signal!"

"What?" Zhao Yu’s suggestion surprised everyone as they were unable to keep up with Zhao Yu’s thinking.

"It’s like this!" Zhao Yu took out his phone and said, "I know qigong. When I exert my energy, the signal in your entire police station will be blocked by me! My strength is quite weak, and I can only maintain about five minutes plus!"

"What!?" Zhao Yu’s words shocked everyone again. "Has this person’s brain been kicked or something?" An agent said softly in the back, "I think he is delusional on top of being psychotic!"

Miao Ying also did not believe Zhao Yu, but she thought deeper than the rest. She was wondering if Zhao Yu had come prepared. Was his domineering and arrogant act a trick? But it was totally impossible to block the phone signal in the station!

"Captain Miao Ying!" Zhao Yu continued with his crazy act, "You just have to bet on whether or not I can block out the signal. If I win, you have to let me interrogate Liu Pengfei!"

"Huh!" Miao Ying snorted, "What if you lose?" Zhao Yu made an open-palm gesture, meaning she could suggest.

"Huh!" Miao Ying snorted again, "If you lose, you shall kneel in front of our office, admit your mistakes, and call me grandma!!"