Chapter 97: Helpful Gods

Chapter 97 of 100 chapters

Chapter 97: Helpful Gods

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As it turned out, Zhao Yu did it on purpose. He took the risk of getting beaten up by being so arrogant in order to anger Miao Ying and the group so they would end up doing what he wanted. He knew from the start that even if he battled Miao Ying to the death today, it would only worsen the situation. He would never achieve his goal of interrogating the criminal that way. Thus, the only thing he could do was to use an extreme method. Maybe then he would have a chance.

He had planned out the bet early on, and lured Miao Ying into his trap. Unexpectedly, Miao Ying took the bait! Of course, if he did not have the items from the Miracle System, Zhao Yu would not have been this confident. He knew the effects of the items by the heart. After thinking for a bit, he finally came up with a solution in a hurry and created this bet.

He had the Invisible Signal Jammer. The introduction said the jammer’s effective range was about 100 meters, so using it to block the entire Police Station was more than enough. The item left no traces and was undetectable. Even if Miao Ying used her imagination, there would be no way she would figure out how he did it!

"Okay! Promise!" Zhao Yu was already waiting for Miao Ying’s agreement, and spoke immediately, "Then you guys better sit tight and watch carefully, I’m going to start now!"

Miao Ying watched Zhao Yu act strangely, and was worried that he came prepared. She immediately called for one of her underlings and told him to get the special detector to see if Zhao Yu was up to something.

"Team Leader Miao Ying, we’ve already made a promise!" Zhao Yu continued to speak calmly, "Don’t be a sore loser! The one that backs out is a gutless pig!"

"Alright!" Even though the situation was strange, Miao Ying figured that she would win no matter what. She spoke confidently, "That’s my line! When you call me your grandmother later, it’s not the same as yelling at me ‘your mom’!"

"Muahaha…okay!" Putting on a convincing show, Zhao Yu immediately started fluttering his eyelashes and flailing his arms, "Heaven and Earth heed to me, gods open your eyes for me, jam all their signals, hallelujah…"

"This guy has totally lost it." The investigators all shook their heads, "Is this guy some sort of professional scammer? Hahaha…" Yet, just as they laughed, they suddenly realized their phones really lost signal!

At this time, Miao Ying also noticed, and immediately pulled out her phone to try and make a call, but none of the phones had signal. Miao Ying could not help but be stunned, and looked toward Zhao Yu in astonishment.

"Oh, it really worked? Thanks, dear gods above. Please work a bit harder, block the signal for a bit longer!" Zhao Yu had already started the invisible signal jammer. As he monitored the status of the signal jammer in his mind, he muttered to the crowd, "Countdown starts now. Just five minutes then…I’m done!" Zhao Yu continued to speak nonsense, but Miao Ying was already sweating buckets.

Miao Ying took every number she could find and called them all, but even the emergency phone numbers did not work! The other investigators were all stunned, and their agitation ran wild. Some of them even went to other departments and other buildings, but the entire building’s phone signal was blocked! And not just the phone signal, but even the wireless signal as well!

Considering that they were in a police station, their cellphones had a special signal connection. Their signal was not only strong, but very broad. Regular jammers would not have any effect, but after Zhao Yu’s chanting, the signal had been mysteriously jammed. How could it be?

The investigator hurriedly used the signal detector, but after using the detector, they were even more stunned. "Team Leader! There’s no signal interference or scrambling. There’s no trace of any sort of intrusion!" The investigator with the detector looked at Zhao Yu stunned, "This is…completely insane!"

"How could it be?" Miao Ying had never seen something so strange. Even though she was not a professional in this field, she knew that this had never happened before!

"Team Leader Miao Ying!" Zhao Yu muttered and squinted at her, "It’s been almost five minutes! Get ready! Hallelujah…"

Zhao Yu’s taunting words riled up Miao Yin. Her eyes were filled with danger. she took a stride forward and pushed Zhao Yu!

Zhao Yu did not expect the sudden assault, and fell back into the rolling chair, and spun out of control a few times!

Apparently, Miao Ying really thought that Zhao Yu’s words had really blocked the signal! When she saw Zhao Yu stop chanting, she immediately opened her phone to check, but the signal was still blocked. There was no change at all!

"Oi?" When Zhao Yu stopped spinning, he looked up from the rolling chair, "Are you playing underhanded tricks now? Good thing I have some loyal gods to help me. Even if you kill me, there’s still no use!"

"Ah!" Miao Ying was truly enraged. With another step and the raise of her leg, she kicked at Zhao Yu’s face.

This time, Zhao Yu was prepared and slid smoothly off of the chair. Miao Ying’s leg kicked straight at the back of the rolling chair, and the heavy chair flew back like a bullet and slammed straight into the wall. All of the rewards and diplomas on the wall started fluttering from the heavy hit. Some of the glass panels fell to the floor and shattered!

When the investigators saw their boss move, they all moved and crowded around Zhao Yu! Some people could not wait to give Zhao Yu a beating. Some of the sneakier investigators even blocked the cameras and locked the door to the office! It seemed that they wanted to beat Zhao Yu to his death!

But just as the battle was about to start, something surprising happened. Faced with the dangerous situation, Zhao Yu seemed strangely calm. He laughed as he raised his hands, and walked confidently to the center of the office. "Everyone!" He showed a face of bravery, and even gestured towards his own face, "Come! If you dare, just beat me to death! If I return a hit, call me a coward!"