Chapter 98: Unconventional Interrogation

Chapter 98 of 100 chapters

Chapter 98: Unconventional Interrogation

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Zhao Yu held his hands flat, tilted his head, and laughed deviously. Although he looked annoying, the agents felt uncomfortable! If Zhao Yu acted obnoxiously, they would beta him up without any hesitation! But Zhao Yu had put up a defeatist attitude, which made everyone confused and hesitant! The feeling in the room was similar to the climax of a basketball game where the opponent’s defenders suddenly moved to the side! The lack of self-confidence made it difficult to shoot the ball into the net! There was a name for this in the streets: retreat in order to advance, fight fire with fire!

Zhao Yu was aware that he was facing many agents who were full of vigor, and also Miao Ying who had extraordinary fighting abilities. If he got into a fight with them, there would be no chance of him winning. Knowing this, he decided to surrender and let them hit him whichever way they liked. He would simply not strike back! That way the person beating him up would feel bored, and feel like their punches had no effect.

That was how the agents felt. One punched Zhao Yu’s back, and Zhao Yu staggered back a few steps but did not make a sound! Soon, another agent kicked Zhao Yu which he did not react to either, but maintained his evil smile. Finally, when the third person held up a chair to bring down on Zhao Yu’s head, Miao Ying quickly shouted and stopped them.

Miao Ying was a team captain, after all. If others found out that she let her whole team to beat up an officer from another branch, there would be no way she could explain herself. Moreover, she was alerted that Zhao Yu was not fighting back. She had a feeling that Zhao Yu had come prepared. If he had brought some form of surveillance camera or listening device, the situation would very much be to their disadvantage! Stop falling into Zhao Yu’s trap!

"So everyone, do you still wanna hit me?" Zhao Yu asked calmly then pointed to his watch, "Captain Miao, five minutes have passed, you h lost the bet!!"

Miao Ying looked at the time on her phone. Not only had it been five minutes, but the signal had been blocked for almost ten minutes. The system’s introduction stated that the invisible signal blocker could last up to an hour, and could be stopped anytime after being activated.

Zhao Yu saw that the time was almost right, and quickly made a few gestures before shouting, "On!" while pressing the stop button in his brain to deactivate the blocker.

Some might have said it was a coincidence that Zhao Yu miraculously blocked the signal in the police station, but after he shouted "on," all of the agents’ phones regained service, and they had no choice but to admit that Zhao Yu had something to do with the signal being blocked!

Miao Ying knitted her brows but could not figure out how he had done it! Zhao Yu’s behavior was beyond her imagination; however, she had agreed to the bet in front of so many people, so she had to admit that she lost! Miao Ying unwillingly waved her hand at her subordinates, "The few of you, make arrangements for him, and bring Liu Pengfei into the interrogation room!"

Hearing this, Zhao Yu held his fists together in front of Miao Ying and said seriously, "Thank you, Captain Miao! You are a woman of your word, you have my respect!" Zhao Yu’s compliments sounded very sincere, and he no longer had his usual unpredictable, crazy expression.

"Oh…" Miao Ying finally figured out something, "Don’t tell me...him being so weird back then was just an act? This fella had it all planned? tricked? This…" Miao Ying stared straight at Zhao Yu and thought to herself, "Looks like I underestimated this fella. I actually got fooled by his arrogant and annoying behavior! I’ll have to be extra careful if I see him again!"

With this thought, Miao Ying said coldly to Zhao Yu, "But let me warn you first, I can let you interrogate the man, but you cannot do anything improper! We will be supervising the interrogation throughout!"

"Of course!" Zhao Yu laughed, "I know the rules! But if I get any important clues out of Liu Pengfei, you’ll also get credit, Captain Miao. Who knows, you may wanna treat me if that happens!"

"Huh! Don’t even think about it!" Miao Ying shifted her gaze away from Zhao Yu in disgust. The agents did not dare to defy their captain’s order. Although they still scowled at Zhao Yu, they brought Liu Pengfei to the interrogation room ten minutes later. Worried that Zhao Yu had ulterior motives, Miao Ying had three tall and sturdy male agents enter the interrogation room with Zhao Yu. Although they stayed under the premise of assisting Zhao Yu, the real reason was to supervise him.

Since Zhao Yu had nothing to hide, he did not object to that. It was already a miracle that he could interrogate Liu Pengfei!n Zhao Yu had initially prepared some questions to ask Liu Pengfei; however, after he won the bet using the invisible signal blocker, he suddenly remembered that he had another tool.

"Right! I still have five invisible lie detectors! Although they only last ten minutes, they can accurately detect if a person is lying, and it’s one-hundred percent accurate. What’s more, it’s totally invisible and much more powerful than a real lie detector! Isn’t it the perfect tool to use to interrogate Liu Pengfei?" With this thought, Zhao Yu could not help but feel excited. If the lie detector really worked, he might find out some important clues!

Unexpectedly, when Liu Pengfei was brought into the interrogation room, he appeared more agitated than Zhao Yu. He knew the face of the man who had beat him up like a madman at the wholesale market was the man in front of him! Once he saw Zhao Yu, Liu Pengfei felt burning pain in his back. Zhao Yu and Miao Ying had almost skinned him alive the day before! Now that Zhao Yu was going to interrogate him, it was sure to be bad!

Liu Pengfei was handcuffed on the interrogation chair under a single glaring light. Zhao Yu sat firmly opposite of him in the interrogation chair. Under normal circumstances, as she was Zhao Yu’s collegue, Miao Ying should have given Zhao Yu Liu Pengfei’s file; however, Miao Ying hated Zhao Yu to the core. Why would she possibly have prepared documents for him?

Nonetheless, Zhao Yu had the lie detector, so it did not matter that he did not have the files. After sitting down, Zhao Yu said to Liu Pengfei, "Bro, when I ask you questions, you just have to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ understand?" Zhao Yu talked to Liu Pengfei the way a teacher talks to a student, "Remember, you have to answer fast! If you answer well, I may be able to get you out of here! If you don’t answer well, you know the consequences!"

Hearing Zhao Yu’s words, Liu Pengfei shivered and swallowed hard before nodding his head reluctantly. The agents and Miao Ying who were monitoring them outside the interrogation room could not help but frown. Who interrogated criminals this way? What exactly was Zhao Yu doing?