Chapter 99: The Magical Lie Detector

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Chapter 99: The Magical Lie Detector

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Zhao Yu had read through the lie detector’s instructions carefully beforehand. As it turned out, even though the Lie Detector was one-hundred percent accurate, it could only judge very clear questions and answers, which was why he asked Liu Pengfei to only answer either "yes" or "no".

When Zhao Yu flipped on the switch for the invisible lie detector, a simple image appeared in his mind: a red light, a green light, and at the top right, a ten-minute countdown. The entire picture was as simple as a child’s drawing. Watching the time slowly drip away, Zhao Yu hurried up and started to ask his questions.

Because it was his first time, and Zhao Yu had no experience, he asked the simplest question, "Are you a male?"

"Yes!" Even though he was confused, Liu Pengfei still cooperated and answered.

The green light in Zhao Yu’s head lit up. "Oh…" It seemed like green light represented the truth. "Are you a female?" To check the lie detector’s validity, Zhao Yu asked another easy question.

"No!" The green light lit up again.

"Then…" Zhao Yu wanted to test the effectiveness of lies with the detector, and said to Liu Pengfei, "Bro, I’ll ask you something, this time you say yes, okay?" Zhao Yu’s words made everyone watching very confused.

"Are you transgender?" Zhao Yu asked and immediately gestured at Liu Pengfei. "Say yes, hurry!"

"Um…" Liu Pengfei was sweating buckets and could only tremble a small nod, "Yes!"

The red light not only lit up, but it also made a loud buzzing sound! Zhao Yu sighed to himself in awe. Looks like the lie detector was very truthful!

"Alright, testing complete. Let us officially start!" Zhao Yu gestured again at Liu Pengfei. "You don’t have to say the truth, just answer yes or no, and quickly, okay?"

"Huh? What?" Liu Pengfei was a little confused.

Miao Ying and the other officers all looked curiously. Who would tell the criminal not to say the truth? They did not understand what Zhao Yu was thinking.

"Hurry up!" Zhao Yu watched the time decrease quickly and asked, "Is your name Liu Pengfei?"

"Yes!" Green light.

"Are you from Muguantun of the SL County?"

"Yes!" Green light.

"Do you like to eat rice cakes?"

"No!" Green light.

"Are your parents divorced?"

"No!" Green Light.

"Have you had hemorrhoid surgery before...Has anyone ever said you have erectile dysfunction…" Zhao Yu asked more than ten irrelevant and awkward questions back to back.

Even though Liu Pengfei could not understand the point to these questions, he answered honestly. He did not realize it, but under Zhao Yu’s guidance, his started to answer questions faster and faster!

Unexpectedly, as Zhao Yu asked his questions, he changed the topic, and he asked quickly, "Do you know Yu Zhigen?"

When he heard the name "Yu Zhigen," Liu Pengfei noticeably paused and did not answer immediately.

Zhao Yu had long been waiting for this reaction. Even without the lie detector, he already knew. It looked like Liu Pengfei indeed knew Yu Zhigen!

"Yes!" After a three second pause, Liu Pengfei finally answered, but he also realized his mistake and appeared very nervous. Green light. "Me and him were from the same village, we used to play together," Liu Pengfei tried to explain, but as he explained he realized he was exposing himself more.

"I told you, you just have to answer yes or no. No need to say anything else!" Zhao Yu reminded him, but Liu Pengfei was even more nervous, and was sweating profusely.

At that moment, Miao Ying, who was observing from the other room, felt shocked. Even though she did not know who Yu Zhigen was, she already instinctively felt there was something important going on. Not only that, but watching Zhao Yu’s strange interrogation method was also equally interesting. Zhao Yu…what kind of person was he?

"Do you know Lin Meifeng?" Zhao Yu continued.

Liu Pengfei paused again, then answered, " No!" The Lie Detector buzzed, the red light lit.

There was already photo evidence, so Zhao Yu already knew the answer to the question. He knew that Liu Pengfei definitely knew Lin Meifeng.

"Ten years ago, did you go uptown?" Zhao Yu continued digging.

Hearing the word "uptown," Liu Pengfei immediately realized something and stared at Zhao Yu, his eyes wide, filled with immense fear and shock.

"What are you looking at? Answer!"

Under Zhao Yu’s roar, Liu Pengfei immediately shook his head, "No!" Bzzt…Red light.

Even though he had only asked a few simple questions, Zhao Yu felt like he had been struck by lighting. "My god…could it be…the truth to the slaughter case is right here?!" he thought in disbelief.

Zhao Yu pondered momentarily, then chased the main topic, "The Uptown Slaughter Case from ten years ago, do you know about it?"

"Uh…yes!" Liu Pengfei nodded and wanted to add, "I’ve only heard of it."

But before he could speak, Zhao Yu already yelled out, "Tell me! Did you kill Yu Zhigen?"

"No, no, no way?!" Liu Pengfei’s face turned pale, and he blurted out "no" three times. Bzzt…Red light!

"Wow! Holy sh*t…" Zhao Yu thought. His eyes widened, and he felt a bit faint. Even though he had suspected Liu Pengfei, he had only hoped to find evidence for the slaughter case. To think that Liu Pengfei was the culprit of the slaughter case! The culprit that disappeared ten years ago…was right in front of him! The surprise came too suddenly, and Zhao Yu was utterly unprepared. He was quiet for quite a while before realizing the lie detector’s time was running out.

Repressing his own shock, he continued asking, "Liu Pengfei, the day you killed Yu Zhigen, was it pouring rain?"

"No!" Liu Pengfei was very nervous as he answered, "Officer, what are you saying? Why are you asking all these strange questions?" Yet, the red light on the lie detector was still lit.

"Quit the useless chatter!" Zhao Yu continued, "Tell me, did you have an affair with Lin Meifeng?"

"What!" Liu Pengfei was very agitated, and kept rubbing the chair with his back as if no longer wanting to cooperate.

Zhao Yu was equally agitated, seeing the time flow away. He suddenly jumped up, rushed toward Liu Pengfei, and grabbed his collar angrily.

Three police officers were stunned. Fearing Zhao Yu would do something drastic, they rushed forward to stop him. But just as they moved, the door to the interrogation room suddenly opened, and Miao Ying walked in as she told the three police officers to stop. "You guys get out first!" Miao Ying waved her hand, and the three quickly left the room.

Zhao Yu watched as Miao Ying entered, originally thinking she was here to stir up trouble. Unexpectedly, Miao Ying walked in front of Liu Pengfei and stood there.

When he saw these two demons standing in front of him, Liu Pengfei weakly swallowed, shaking like a leaf in the wind.

"Don’t worry, Zhao Yu!" Miao Ying’s knuckles cracked. "All the surveillance cameras have already been turned off!" Miao Ying’s short sentence caused Liu Pengfei to shiver.

"Officer, please, I’ll cooperate! I’ll cooperate!"

Zhao Yu watched Miao Ying, a little shocked, trying to figure out what she was thinking. "Why is she cooperating with me? Is she trying to get me to hit the culprit, to frame me? Hmph! Do you think I’m stupid?" he thought.

Zhao Yu let go of Liu Pengfei’s collar and asked, "Hurry! Did you and Lin Meifeng have an affair?"

"No!" Liu Pengfei answered, then added, "Officer, I really have no idea what you’re talking about." The Lie Detector first lit up green, then turned red.

Zhao Yu realized that Liu Pengfei and Lin Meifeng did not have an affair, but when he said he did not know anything, he was lying! The culprit of the slaughter case was him!!