Chapter 22

Chapter 22 of 50 chapters

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The next day, around nine to eleven in the morning.

Jiang Li arrived at the Alchemy Hall on time.

Perhaps it was an illusion, but the temperature here seemed to be higher than other places.

Looking at the area of the Alchemy Hall, the tall chimneys on the roof were constantly emitting thick smoke. He wondered if, thousands of years later, the air of the cultivation world would also be affected by the pollution of “chemical engineering”.

“Senior Brother, I took the mission listed by the Pill Chamber.”

When Jiang Li arrived, there were already a few outer sect disciples who were also here for pill testing.

Contrary to Jiang Li’s expectations, the others all had terrified and uneasy expressions. The income of the pill testing disciples was high, but if one was unlucky, they might have to lie in bed for a few months.

He went up and explained his purpose for coming.

“Mm, give me your identity token.” That disciple took the token and compared it to the information on the list of pill testing disciples.

“Oh? It’s been a long time since a Qi Refinement realm disciple took on this mission. Elder Red Hair will be very happy now.”

“Haha, Junior Brother Jiang Li, right? Our Alchemy Hall’s missions always give the most generous rewards. You have to come often in the future.”

This inner sect senior brother was especially enthusiastic towards Jiang Li, causing him to be speechless.

The reward was generous but no one came. Did he not know why?

Of course, he could not say it out loud. He just smiled and said, “Okay, okay.”

“Since everyone is here, let’s go in from here. We’ll go all the way.”

Two of the other outer sect disciples were clearly experienced, and Jiang Li followed them all the way forward. In next to no time, they arrived before a pill refinement room constructed from white stones.

“Little Four! Quickly go take a look and see if those pill testing disciples have arrived!”

They had just approached when a deep male voice came from the room, followed by panicked footsteps.

A moment later, the door of the concocting room was pushed open from inside, and a young girl jumped out like a rabbit.

“What took you so long? The elder is getting anxious. Come in quickly!” The girl waved her hand repeatedly. The pill testing disciples did not dare to argue that they came punctually and followed her in.

Soon, Jiang Li saw the Pill Chamber’s elder. He was over two meters tall and had a full beard and hair that resembled an afro. The color was strangely bright red.

It was no wonder he was called Elder Red Hair. This title was very apt.

“En? There are only these few today? Hmph! The outer sect disciples nowadays are getting more and more gutless.” Elder Red Hair was very dissatisfied.

However, the Scripture Storage Valley was a righteous sect after all. They could not do as they pleased. It was impossible for them to capture disciples to test the pills.

“Same old rules. One pill for each of you on the table. After you eat it, tell me how you feel. It’s simple.”

The female disciple called Little Four opened a porcelain bottle on the table and poured out six pills.

“What are you waiting for! Hurry up and eat! I’ve already reduced the dosage, you won’t die from eating it.” Seeing that the disciples still did not understand, the red-haired elder urged impatiently.

Only then did the six disciples, including Jiang Li, reluctantly step forward and each of them picked up a medicinal pill.

This pill was completely black and smelled like burning rocks.

The size of the pill was much smaller than a normal Qi Nourishing Pill or Qi Recovery Pill. It was only about a quarter of the normal size. It seemed like this elder was not lying. The dosage of the pill was indeed reduced.


[Name: Unnamed Pill]

[Type: Medicinal Pill]

[Grade: Ungraded]

[Note: An incomplete product with certain effects.]

When he saw that it was indeed not poison, Jiang Li put the medicinal pill into his mouth and swallowed it.

When the others saw this, they had no choice but to follow Jiang Li and swallow the medicinal pill. After all, they had accepted the mission to come here. It was too late to regret now.

“How is it? Do you feel anything?”

“Feel it carefully. If you have any special sensations, you can tell me.”

The young lady called Little Four had unknowingly tied her hair into a ponytail with a piece of cloth. Then, she carried a notebook and stood beside the six of them. She asked while observing them.

“I—I feel tired.”

“Yeah, yeah, me too. I’m getting tired…”

“And my skin. My skin is a little hot and itchy. My whole body is itchy!”

“Ah no, I can’t breathe! Senior Sister Little Four! Senior Sister Little Four, save me!”

Apart from Jiang Li, after the other five disciples felt uncomfortable, they began to scream in fear.

Two of them had practiced martial arts before and their physiques were better than the average person. They were barely able to stand. The other three disciples, who were completely ordinary people, had already collapsed onto the ground.

Looking at their weak limbs and short breaths, it did not seem like they were pretending.

Little Four quickly went up to take notes. She had already taken out the first-aid medicinal pills and was ready to feed them at any time.

“Sigh! Did I fail again?!”

Looking at the five sickly disciples who looked like they were half dead, the red-haired elder appeared disappointed.

Then, he turned around and saw Jiang Li who was still standing there perfectly fine.

“You… Why are you fine?”

Jiang Li was speechless, was he supposed to not be fine?

It was not that he was really fine. It was just that the matter was not serious.

[Consumed an unknown pill. Added Status: Small Loss of Stamina]

[Constitution above 4 points, Small Loss of Stamina nullified!]

[Consumed an unknown pill. Added Status: Acute Respiratory Allergy]

[Constitution above 4 points, Acute Respiratory Allergy reduced by 70%!]

[Mild Acute Respiratory Allergy: 5% swelling of respiratory trachea, 7% reduction in lung capacity. Duration: 30 minutes] (− +)

[Consumed an unknown pill. Added Status: Mild Strengthened Skin]

[Mild Strengthened Skin: Skin strengthened by 5%. Duration: 20 minutes] (− +)

Jiang Li felt a little helpless. This newly developed medicinal pill was indeed a flop. The side effects were even stronger than the positive effects. No matter how one looked at it, it could not be considered a success.

“Elder, perhaps it’s because I’m at the initial-stage Qi Refinement realm and am also an internal martial artist with a stronger physique. The side effects are much weaker on me than them.”

Jiang Li’s calm answer made the red-haired elder’s eyes light up. He took two steps forward and stared at him with a burning gaze.

“What about you? What do you feel? Quick, tell me. Tell me in detail. Don’t miss out on any details.”

He directly snatched the notebook from Little Four and started to write it down.

“When I ate it, I felt a little tired, just like them. But it was very slight and it didn’t last long before the feeling disappeared.”