Chapter 23

Chapter 23 of 50 chapters

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Jiang Li rubbed his chin as if he was thinking about something. He shared some of his experiences with the information displayed on the interface.

“Yes, continue, anything else?”

Elder Red Hair was a typical impatient person. Who knew how he managed to refine pills with such a personality?

“Also, Elder, look. My throat is a little swollen. Their condition should be worse than mine. This should be the reason why they have difficulty breathing.”

Jiang Li opened his mouth and let out a “Ah!” before displaying his slightly swollen trachea to the red-haired elder.

“Little Four! Look!”

With a reminder from Red Hair, Little Four immediately put on a pair of beast skin gloves and pried open the mouths of the other five disciples, checking their throats.

As expected, everyone had different levels of allergic reactions, and their trachea was quite swollen.

“Swelling of the airway! So that’s it!”

The red-haired elder ran to the medicine cabinet and took out two spiritual materials that looked like “aloe vera”. He casually squeezed them into liquid and let the six of them drink it.

Everyone’s shortness of breath quickly disappeared, and the status on Jiang Li’s interface, [Mild Acute Respiratory Allergy], was also quickly removed.

“Good, good, good. You’re really the best pill testing disciple I’ve ever seen. I’ll reward you with another spirit stone this time.”

The red-haired elder was delighted. Now that he knew the side effects of this medicinal pill, he was able to adjust it accordingly. It could be said that he had taken another huge step toward the birth of this new medicinal pill.

“Thank you, Elder. Should I continue?”

This elder was not cut out for this, he rambled on about things and did not even ask questions properly. This personality must have caused him to waste a lot of effort in his experiments.

“You have more to share? Alright, alright, speak!”

Jiang Li still did not understand why the other party was so excited. However, if he knew the value of a brand new pill formula, he might be even more excited himself.

“It’s the skin. At first, the skin all over my body felt itchy. Then, I felt that the skin was a little tougher than before. It wasn’t a lot, but it has indeed become a little tougher.”

Jiang Li started to pull up the skin on his arm. The 5% strengthening was very light. If it was not for the interface notification, he would not have felt it himself.

“Hahahaha! I knew it! I knew it! I definitely succeeded!”

“As expected, it’s not that my medicinal pills are bad! It’s that the previous pill testing disciples were too useless. How can a group of mortals test the quality of the medicinal pills!”

“This is a Hard Skin Pill developed based on the Stone Skin Technique. You bunch of idiots actually only feel itchy. What a waste of my efforts!”

“The five of you, get out of my sight once you get your reward!”

The red-haired elder roared at the five outer sect disciples. He felt that their medicinal trial had been done poorly and they were not dedicated to their work.

Fortunately, he did not dock their remuneration. Otherwise, these few testers might cry on the spot.

“Jiang Li, right? You’re truly not bad. You’ve done extremely well. I want to reward you.”

“Do you know that the Alchemy Hall of our Scripture Storage Valley has always been suppressed by those guys from the Hundred Tempering Mountain? Their new pills and pill formulas earn countless spirit stones every year!”

“As a member of the Scripture Storage Valley, Jiang Li, don’t you want to change this and contribute to the sect?”

The red-haired elder suddenly became a little fanatical as he patiently and systematically instilled the concept of “collective honor” into Jiang Li?

So it seemed that everyone in the upper echelons would automatically master the shameless ability of promoting “collective honor”.

Jiang Li cursed in his heart. He was just an outer sect disciple, why would he care about this?

However, on the outside, he still looked touched.

“Elder, what should I do?”

“Jiang Li, I’ll give you five more, no! Seven spirit stones! Try another pill, how about it?”

The red-haired elder looked at Jiang Li with great anticipation. He even increased the reward for Jiang Li himself.

Jiang Li knew that at this price, what he would eat would definitely be the official version of the medicinal pill, and not the experimental version that reduced the dosage previously. The danger would obviously be greater.

However, would he be afraid?

“Alright, Elder. For the sake of the sect and the new pill formula, I’ll accept this mission!” Jiang Li agreed righteously.

The red-haired elder was overjoyed. He ran to the medicine cabinet and quickly took out handfuls of spiritual materials and placed them on the table.

Little Four also hurried over to help. She cut and ground the spiritual materials, making all sorts of preparations skillfully.

Jiang Li was standing beside them. He saw the spiritual material that they had previously used to alleviate acute respiratory allergies.

This elder actually planned to improvise the pill formula at the last minute and then refine the medicinal pill to let Jiang Li test the medicine.

Would everything really be fine in such a rush?

Jiang Li curled his lips and could not be bothered to comment. Since he agreed so readily, it was naturally impossible for it to be because of the other party’s persuasion.

On the contrary, if the red-haired elder did not have such thoughts, Jiang Li would probably have made such an anxious suggestion.

After all, there was a reason why he was here as a pill testing disciple.

A mere [Mild Strengthened Skin] was obviously unable to satisfy Jiang Li’s appetite.

He wanted to take more pills.

In next to no time, the preparations for the pill refinement were completed, and the red-haired elder summoned a ball of flames before blowing it towards the bottom of the pill furnace that was over 10m tall. The spirit flames were instantly ignited, and the scorching temperature caused Jiang Li to retreat repeatedly.

“So hot!”

Working in such an environment everyday, being an alchemist was a tough job.

However, Jiang Li watched as Little Four, with her hair tied up in a ponytail, entered the pill furnace’s range with ease, handing out one spiritual material after another to Elder Red Hair.

Looking at her inner sect uniform and the identity token on her waist, she should also be in the Qi Refinement realm. Why wasn’t she afraid of the high temperature?

“Junior Brother Jiang Li, what is your spiritual root attribute?”

Little Four suddenly asked Jiang Li.

“Ah? I have a dual-attribute Yin-Wood spiritual root.”

There was no need to keep it a secret. It could not be hidden anyway.

“Wood attribute spiritual root, this is great!”

Little Four called out excitedly, then took out a fan from a corner and handed it over.

There was also a bottle full of Qi Recovery Pills.

“Help to fan the flames. It’s very simple. I’ll give you more spirit stones later.” Little Four lowered her voice as she spoke, “Oh, right. There’s a jar by the wall. If you apply the contents on your body, you won’t be afraid of the heat.”

After pointing in a direction, she trotted off to assist the red-haired elder.

Jiang Li followed the direction she pointed at. There was indeed a jar by the wall.


[Name: Ice Toad Saliva]

[Type: Material]

[Grade: Medium-Grade Yellow-Rank]

[Note: This sticky liquid is perfect for relieving heat.]

[Apply the Ice Toad Saliva, Added Status: Cool Skin.]

[Cool Skin: Increases Fire Resistance by 50 points. Duration: 60 minutes.] (− +)