Chapter 28

Chapter 28 of 50 chapters

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When the red-haired elder saw Jiang Li, he was extremely excited. He instantly appeared beside Jiang Li, grabbed his arm, and walked in.

The force from his arm was completely irresistible. Jiang Li could only helplessly be dragged in.

Just as the red-haired elder had said, there were five bottles of pills on the table.

He had been working really hard recently. His robe had turned black and his hands and face were covered with ashes. One look and one could tell that he had not left the alchemy room for a long time.

From the past few pill trials, this Hard Skin Pill formula was indeed about to succeed. It had reached a critical moment, which was why he was so excited and motivated. He even took out five improved plans in one go and let Jiang Li test the medicine.

At this moment, he was really not worried about killing Jiang Li.

“Junior Brother Jiang Li! Your complexion is so bad! Has the side effects from last time still not disappeared? Or has it gotten worse?”

Little Four saw Jiang Li’s expression and immediately became worried. She started pleading for Jiang Li, “Master! Let’s wait a while before testing the pills. Junior Brother Jiang Li’s body won’t be able to endure it!”

However, the red-haired elder was unmoved, completely ignoring Jiang Li’s expression and physical condition.

“Fool! The pill formula has already reached the critical moment! Don’t tell me you want our efforts to go to waste!”

“You’re not allowed to say such things again. After testing the pills, I’ll provide some more pills to help Jiang Li recuperate.”

The two-meter-tall burly man with fiery red hair and beard glared at them. Any child under the age of eight would probably pee in their pants.

Little Four was also teary-eyed from the reprimand. She just looked on worriedly, not daring to say anything else.

Indeed, the difference between a mid-grade Yellow-rank pill formula and an outer sect disciple was quite obvious.

“Senior Sister Little Four, don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

“As long as the Hard Skin Pill is completed, I will definitely recuperate well.”

Jiang Li comforted her, then picked up the medicinal pills on the table and began to consume them.

In truth, these medicinal pills were already much weaker than the initial version of the Hard Skin Pill.

Even with Jiang Li’s help, the red-haired elder’s standards were still a little low.

There were some side effects that he could not figure out. In the end, he had no choice but to weaken the medicinal effect bit by bit to avoid these side effects.

The current Hard Skin Pill only gave a 35% increase in skin defense. It was 15% worse than the complete version Jiang Li had eaten the first time.

This effect also happened to be stuck at the standard criteria for evaluating medium-grade Yellow-rank pills. It could be considered Elder Red Hair’s last bit of stubbornness.

If the effect was also lower, not only would the price drop drastically, the additional defensive effect would also be pointless and there was no need to eat it.

Jiang Li did not say anything further and started to try the pills.

[Consumed Experimental Hard Skin Pill….]

After eating this one, his body became stiff. After strengthening his defense, was he supposed to stand there and get beaten? It was obviously not usable.

[Consumed Experimental Hard Skin Pill….]

There were no side effects after eating the second one. However, the hardened skin was scattered in patches everywhere like the stripes on the spotted puppy. This was rejected too.

[Consumed Experimental Hard Skin Pill….]

Eating this would cause hair loss for three days? This… doesn’t seem to affect the battle, right? This would be left as an option for later.

[Consumed Experimental Hard Skin Pill….]

Why was there no reaction after eating this? Wait, this effect was quite interesting!

[Consumed Experimental Hard Skin Pill….]

After eating this, the nose would bleed for half an hour. Forget it. When using this against an enemy, they would think the user was a pervert.

After eating five types of Hard Skin Pills in a row, Jiang Li wiped away the two bloody trails that flowed down his nose. Then, he excitedly pushed the bottle of Hard Skin Pills in the middle over.

“Elder! Success! We finally succeeded!”

“This is it! This is it!”

Jiang Li spoke incoherently as blood flowed from his nose.

“Really?! Really?! Does this medicinal pill really have no side effects?”

The red-haired elder was overjoyed and asked Jiang Li in disbelief.

“Elder, after eating this pill, I only felt a slight itch on my scalp and lost a bit of my hair. I don’t feel any other discomfort.”

Jiang Li wiped his nosebleed on his head and pulled off a hundred or so strands of hair, but that was all.

“Hahahaha! Good! Very good! Losing a few strands of hair is the side effect? Success! Success! I’ve really succeeded!”

The red-haired elder was overjoyed. He also threw a “Hair Loss Hard Skin Pill” into his mouth. After feeling the effects for a moment, he was overjoyed.

While the two of them were happy, only Little Four had a strange look of disdain on her face. She silently took half a step back, standing a bit further away from the Hair Loss Hard Skin Pill.

Medium-grade Yellow-rank. From this low rank and grade, it did not seem very important.

However… economic value could not be judged based on quality alone.

There were only 100 super sports cars on Earth. They were very expensive and profitable.

But could it really be more profitable than selling electric scooters all over the world? Impossible.

Just like in the current cultivation world, there was basically no mention of Heaven-rank medicinal pills.

However, for those pills, they might not even be able to refine a few cauldrons of Profound-rank or Earth-rank pills in ten years. They were definitely not comparable to the Qi Nourishing Pills and Qi Recovery Pills sold throughout the cultivation world.

They were practical, simple, and mass produced!

That was the most profitable pill formula!

As a combat consumable medicinal pill, the sales volume of the Hard Skin Pill definitely could not compare to those two types of basic medicinal pills.

However, the practical effects and relatively low cost of creation were enough to make this pill formula worth quite a bit.

“Little Four, clean up this trash and bring your junior brother to the Alchemy Hall to register.”

Once this pill formula was completed, those failed products in front immediately became trash.

However, Jiang Li still had value that could be used, so he did not suffer the fate of being directly abandoned. On the contrary, it was the red-haired elder who took the initiative to fulfill his promise, asking Little Four to bring him to the Alchemy Hall to fill him in as a registered disciple.

“Yes, Master!”

“Thank you, Elder! Oh no, thank you, Master!”

Jiang Li thanked him and changed his title at the same time.

Elder Red Hair, on the other hand, was in a very good mood and was laughing non-stop.

While Little Four began to pack up the medicines on the table, Jiang Li hurriedly rushed forward, snatching the work and starting to pack.

“Senior Sister Little Four, leave this to me! I’ll do it!”

He took the remaining four failed porcelain bottles into his arms, which warmed Little Four’s heart.

She thought to herself that with this registered junior brother of hers in the future, he would be able to share some of her hard work.

“Come, Junior Brother Jiang Li. First, come here and wash the bloodstains. After that, I’ll bring you to register.”

“Alright, thank you, Senior Sister.”

In order to make himself look more pitiful, Jiang Li specially did not turn off the nosebleed status.

Now that he was done, he quickly removed the status.

Jiang Li fiddled around in the bathroom for a while. After tidying up, he walked out and threw the four porcelain bottles into the waste bin.