Chapter 35

Chapter 35 of 50 chapters

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The few of them surrounded the child and watched as he twisted and rolled around. In the end, he actually cried in his sleep. However, his eyes refused to open no matter what, unable to wake up from his dream.

“It really is impossible.”

Everyone was not discouraged. They had already expected this situation.

If the pain alone could make these children wake up, they would not be here.

The imagination of humans was boundless, and the torture of various countries was not to be trifled with.

Lu Qianqian looked interested.

Her small hand gently brushed across the boy’s body, and the three blood-stained silver needles returned to her hand.

“How is it?” Everyone hurriedly asked. The reason why they were so confident this time was largely because of Lu Qianqian.

She was a doctor who had learned the medical skills of the cultivation world and was quite skilled.

“It’s not poison, but… his blood smells a little strange.”

Lu Qianqian squatted down again, and two balls of clear water appeared on her hands. She pressed them onto the boy’s body and started a more detailed examination.

“Lu Qianqian must have had some experience before she joined the sect.”

Although the Cultivation Hall in the Scripture Storage Valley had imparted such knowledge, it was only superficial and was not enough to support her to this extent.

“That’s right. Qianqian’s family has a medical legacy. Although they are not very powerful, they have their own specialties in healing and treating illnesses.”

“They have a great reputation in the mortal world. Legend has it that there is no illness that the Lu family cannot cure.”

Yu Banxia explained to Jiang Li, sounding very confident.

Jiang Li nodded. Seeing that she did not have any results for the time being, he circled around all the children and threw appraisal at them from time to time.

[Name: Zhao Ah-San, Gender: Male, Class: None, Level: None, Danger Level: None]

[Name: Zhang Ah-Niu, Gender: Male, Class: None, Level: None, Danger Level: None]

[Name: Zhang Xiaohua, Gender: Female, Class: None, Level: None, Danger Level: None]

Unfortunately, the level of appraisal was still not high enough, and it could not identify many useful things.

After a round, he still had some gains.

These kids were mostly between eight and fourteen years old, neither older or younger. So, what did they have in common?

After walking around, he realized that Lu Qianqian was still frowning and studying.

As for the others, most of them practiced offensive spell techniques, which were completely useless when it came to healing.

Hence, they were arranged to find some locals from the Southern Seal Kingdom to make inquiries. Yu Banxia requested for them to do everything in detail.

Logically speaking, they should have something in common with such a large-scale incident. What exactly caused them to become like this?

“Banxia, I have a spell that I can try too.” Jiang Li politely informed Yu Banxia.

“Give it a try, just don’t kill anyone.” Yu Banxia saw that Lu Qianqian was perspiring more and more, and he started to feel uncertain. It was good to try something now if there was a chance.

Jiang Li flipped over a youth who looked slightly older than him. The back of his head was facing the sky as he lay on the ground.

He formed hand seals and muttered something. A green light flickered from his fingers and slowly flew into the back of the youth’s head.

Zombie Puppet Technique!

This technique could even control broken corpses, so it was naturally easy to control living people.

If it was a cultivator, they could still resist with their spiritual qi and will, but these were just mortals.

“Stand up!” Jiang Li pointed his fingers at the youth on the ground. The green light was constantly entering the back of his head.

The young man’s body was like a puppet with strings attached. Limb by limb, he moved stiffly. Under Jiang Li’s control, his body stood up inch by inch.

“He’s up! He’s really up!”

“Immortal Master! Immortal Master! This is indeed the work of an Immortal!”

When the surrounding mortal officials saw this change, they immediately became excited and fanatical. They wanted nothing more than to kneel down and kowtow to Jiang Li, before erecting a monument for him.

However, right at this moment, the young man’s expression suddenly became incomparably wrinkled and hideous, as if he was enduring an extremely great pain.

“Wake up!”

The external will forced the youth’s eyes to open slowly. What surprised Jiang Li was that this fellow could actually resist.

His body spasmed and twisted, looking extremely strange.

One of his eyelids was pulled up forcefully, but what was exposed was still the white of his bloodshot eyes.

On the other side, his eyelids closed again after a little.

“He’s actually able to resist!!?”

Jiang Li was shocked. This was his first time controlling a mortal, yet he actually did not succeed!

He could clearly feel that there was another tenacious will in this young man’s body that was vying for control.

Could this young man be some peerless genius? Could he resist a mid-stage Qi Refinement spell technique with just the will of a mortal?

This was too exaggerated.

Jiang Li was still in shock when suddenly, an explosive shout came from behind him.

“Vile demon! How dare you commit such a crime!” The Buddhist Monk’s voice roared like thunder.

Jiang Li only felt a gust of vicious wind coming from behind him at high speed. The hair on his back instantly stood on end.

Someone launched a sneak attack!

Subconsciously, he released his spiritual qi. The skin on his back instantly turned pitch-black and was even stiffer than a rock.

But in the next moment, a yellow figure flashed past him, bringing dust with it as it ran towards the youth that Jiang Li was controlling.


A fist the size of a clay pot struck out, directly hitting the youngster’s thin chest.

The sounds of bones breaking rang out in succession. The unlucky youth who might have been a heaven warping genius was flung like a rag. After flying through the air, he crashed heavily into the ground.

“Hmph! I can tell at one glance that you’re not human!” In the end, the monk in yellow monk robes said this.

Jiang Li and the others were speechless.

The officials of the Southern Seal Kingdom did not know how to react.

“Erm… Senior Brother, who are you?” Jiang Li, who was the closest to him, spoke first.

The monk appeared out of nowhere. Before Yu Banxia and the rest could react, he had already passed through them.

The speed at which the other party approached was extremely fast, much faster than him when he was not under pill poisoning.

The punch was extremely powerful, and it was obvious that he was not an easy opponent.

However, this enemy did not attack him. Instead, he sent a weak mortal flying. He really could not tell what his opponent wanted to do.

“Hey, Junior Brother, don’t stand on ceremony. We should help each other out when we leave the mountains to train. How can we not help when we see such vile demons hurting others?”

“This monk’s title is Zheng Yuan, disciple of the Benevolent Travel Temple. Junior Brother, you are?”

The monk turned around with a forthright smile.

Jiang Li was infected by his confident smile and started to doubt himself.

Could it be that he had misjudged him? Was that young man really a hidden demon?