Chapter 100: Cleansing All the Impurities and Transforming

Chapter 100 of 100 chapters

When in the harsh world, it was hard to say that one didn’t have any choice, but being able to excel would be dependent on one’s own capability. It was naturally easy to do well if one was capable, but if one wasn’t capable, it was natural to do badly.

However, those that could be chosen as spirit attendants were definitely people with great talents. Nonetheless, this situation was truly something that Lin Yuan didn’t expect.

Lin Yuan didn’t wish to bathe in the hot spring yet, so he stood by the window at the pavilion. The pavilion window was opened, and the sky was already turning dark as a new moon was gradually rising up.

Lin Yuan never expected to actually see such a scene by the window. The two spirit attendants that were helping to tidy up the pavilion were standing near the pavilion and talking about something.

They were rather far, and Lin Yuan couldn’t really see their expressions clearly, however, the wind blowing in the pavilion carried their conversation into Lin Yuan’s ears.

“Wen Yu, if you spread the things that I said to Lord Lin Yuan today, I shall let you pay the price if I get punished!” The young girl was speaking with a threatening voice, and it was unlike the pleasant voice within the pavilion earlier.

“Jin Qi, the words you said earlier clearly aren’t part of the Moon Empress’ intentions. When has the Moon Empress asked you to help with the bathing and changing of clothes? What are you planning with such intentions!”

Lin Yuan could vaguely see Jin Qi pushing Wen Yu. “You don’t have to bother about what plans I have. If I can get myself involved with the lord in this pavilion, my status will be better than a spirit attendant. If you don’t wish to progress, it is your problem!”

“I do wish to progress, but I know what I can do and what I cannot do!”

After hearing the statement, an angered voice echoed. “You know what you can do and what you cannot do? Then why did your fey’s roots get injured when you were rescuing others? You spent half a year just to recover, and during this half a year, we are all becoming Class 2 Creation Masters. You are just an intermediate Class 1 Creation Master and far behind us. Half a year later, it will be the spirit attendant test, and you shall be eliminated. You will not even fit to stay on the Leaning Moon Mountain.”

The voice was dying down, but the wind carried all the words into Lin Yuan’s ears. After hearing the voice, Lin Yuan had a subtle feeling that there was an unknown personality hidden in darkness.

If the personality was hidden in the heart, how could anyone open up the heart to see if the person was kind- or evil-hearted?

Lin Yuan closed the window and turned to walk toward the hot spring.

The hot spring washed off all the dirt and fatigue, but it couldn’t cleanse off the impurities that filled the body.

At that moment, Lin Yuan saw Cold Moon walking inside and holding a massive green jade bowl. “This is the Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar prepared by the Moon Empress. This huge bowl contains the quantity of two portions. You just have to finish half of it. Drinking more would just be a waste.”

After speaking, Cold Moon left. Until now, Cold Moon was still in a rather shocked state as she couldn’t understand why the Moon Empress treated Lin Yuan so well.

It was extremely common to give precious treasures. Cold Moon wouldn’t have such a feeling even if the Moon Empress gave the most precious treasure. But the Moon Empress was spending time and effort to make a meal for Lin Yuan. What did such an action prove? It was already evident.

It proved that the Moon Empress was really treating Lin Yuan as a big deal and was already treating him as her disciple.

When this huge bowl of amber-colored Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar was placed in front of Lin Yuan, it didn’t have any smell. The more precious an item was, it would always be more reserved. The Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar might not have any smell, but it was because all the essence was locked within the nectar.

After seeing this huge bowl of nectar meant for two portions, Lin Yuan’s heart felt a sudden warmth. He felt as though he could feel the Moon Empress’ intention. Since only one portion of the nectar was going to be useful, then the other portion could be saved up to help a person that was closest to Lin Yuan. That person was none other than Chu Ci.

For such a precious treasure that could eliminate the body’s impurities and enhance a person’s foundation, Lin Yuan would probably reserve half the bowl for Chu Ci, even if it was a small bowl. It was obvious that the Moon Empress had actually thought of this possibility.

All of a sudden, Lin Yuan’s mind popped out with a saying, “Love me, love my dog.”

However, Lin Yuan quickly shook his head. The Moon Empress doesn’t know Chu Ci, so it isn’t suitable for the saying of ‘Love me, love my dog.’ As such, the Moon Empress is just being considerate to me.

Lin Yuan discerned the feeling of being cared for by a senior, and it was a little bittersweet as Lin Yuan recalled about his parents, Auntie Zhang, and Uncle Li. These people had always helped Lin Yuan without asking for anything in return, and they were genuinely helping out. It was similar for the Moon Empress.

Lin Yuan believed that he didn’t have anything he could use to repay the Moon Empress. The Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar was a precious treasure, and the reactions from Elder Du and Elder Meng were enough to know of its value. Such a big bowl of Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar would definitely be worth 500 drops.

Lin Yuan could work hard for several years and still wouldn’t be able to afford this bowl of Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar. In addition, there were only two Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassias in the world, and they were exclusive to the Moon Empress.

It meant that the Moon Empress was doing all these as a Master. Although she might not have officially accepted Lin Yuan as a disciple, she was already doing what a Master should do.

As such, an indescribable feeling bloomed in Lin Yuan. Was it warmth or being touched? Or was it something else?

In any case, in Lin Yuan’s opinion, the Moon Empress wasn’t just a Class 5 Creation Master who stood at the top. She was a senior that gave a trace of warmth.

The Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar could cleanse the body’s impurities and raise the body’s constitution. Thus, Lin Yuan simply drank down half the bowl of nectar.

When the Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar entered the throat, it had a concentrated sweetness that was refreshing, and it also contained the fragrance from an osmanthus. When the nectar that wasn’t very viscous entered the belly, the base of the tongue produced this unique bitterness from herbs.

When the bitterness faded, an immediate sweet aftertaste replaced it. It allowed his mouth to relive the refreshing sweetness of the Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar.

Soon enough, Lin Yuan felt his body getting hot.

His skin started to secrete massive amounts of oil. The oil wasn’t the color of the regular yellow oil, but it was dark red with spots of black. Once these oils emerged, Lin Yuan could smell an unbearable stench.

Lin Yuan immediately entered the hot spring again to rub and wash off the impurities.

It was fortunate that the mouth of the spring was unsealed, and the water was constantly flowing. Otherwise, the massive amount of impurities would have turned the spring water into foul-smelling water.

After washing for more than two hours, Lin Yuan finally realized that his body had stopped secreting the nauseating impurities.

These impurities were in the body from the moment a person was born. When a person ate more grains, the impurities would accumulate. For ordinary people, having too many impurities would cause incurable diseases. For spirit qi professionals, these impurities would affect their foundation and their cultivation speed.

Lin Yuan circulated his spiritual power and realized that his spiritual power circulation was faster by 30%. This was truly a pleasant surprise for Lin Yuan.

Immediately after, Lin Yuan suddenly noticed his hand, and he got an instant shock.