Chapter 18: Bronze Crowned Fire Salamander

Chapter 18 of 100 chapters

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Ostrich Logistics was a massive organization in the Radiance Federation, and it covered nearly half of the federation’s logistics needs.

Ostrich Logistics’ main business was to transport all sorts of feys, and the Spirit Storage Box was their patented invention. It was a device for convenient transportation of feys, created with advanced technology.

When the fey was contained in the spirit storage box, its size wouldn’t shrink. However, the spirit storage box’s gravity technology could negate the fey’s weight, allowing heavy feys to be transported easily.

The spirit storage box had grades that were sorted according to the feys’ grades. Regular-sized spirit storage boxes could be bought from Ostrich Logistics’ stores.

If anyone needed to transport massive feys, they would need to put a custom order on Ostrich Logistics’ Star Web store.

Although the spirit storage box was commonly used, it was still expensive.

A spirit storage box used to store Elite feys would cost 1,000 Federation dollars, and this price was already equivalent to some of the cheaper Elite feys. If the spirit storage box was used to transport ordinary Elite feys, it would waste its value. Therefore, Elite feys that were transported with spirit storage boxes were generally the expensive kind.

Lin Yuan didn’t expect Yang Mingkai to have prepared spirit storage boxes for the severely injured feys.

“Big Brother Yang, then it will be much more convenient for us to transport the feys. We won’t need to look for specialized transporters to help. It will save us plenty of time.”

Elite feys, such as the Sharp Rock Bull and the Web-Spraying Spiders, had a certain lethality level, especially when they were injured. Yang Mingkai’s spirit storage boxes really saved them a lot of trouble.

“These spirit storage boxes were left behind in the previous breeding base. Many of them were already broken and faulty. After disposing of the rest of the boxes yesterday, I kept three. Two elite-grade spirit storage boxes to contain the Web-Spraying Spiders and one bronze-grade spirit storage box to contain the Sharp Rock Bull.

“Sigh! This Sharp Rock Bull will probably never reach bronze-grade. It’s a waste of its Epic quality and the Sacrifice ability.”

Yang Mingkai was very efficient and quickly torn down the shed. Lin Yuan originally wanted to order a Thick-Hoofed Donkey Car, but Yang Mingkai patted on Lin Yuan’s shoulder before he activated his spiritual energy.

A three-meter long lizard with black and red scales appeared behind Yang Mingkai. When the lizard was released, it immediately hissed and roared. Lin Yuan felt as though the surrounding air had turned scorching hot.

The lizard had a wrinkled crown, and the scales on the crown looked extremely bright red. It made Lin Yuan feel as though the heat was actually emitted from the bright red crown.

Beneath the crown were more mixtures of black color, and when reaching its limbs and abdomen, it was nearly black in color.

Lin Yuan used True Data to check on the massive black and red lizard.

[Fey Name]: Crowned Fire Salamander

[Fey Species]: Crowned Lizard species/Scaled Lizard species

[Fey Grade]: Bronze (7/10)

[Fey Type]: Poison/Fire

[Fey Quality]: Normal


[Broken Teeth]: When biting and ripping, it will intentionally break its teeth and embed them in the target.

[Rolling Rip]: When biting onto the target, it will use the mouth as the core area and revolve the body to rip off the target’s bones and flesh.

Exclusive Skill:

[Fiery Poison]: Grow the poison gland and connect it with the salivary gland, allowing the saliva to contain fiery poison.

An Elite fey’s quality didn’t play a major role before reaching bronze-grade. Once it reached Bronze, its quality would revert to Normal again. Afterward, it wouldn’t matter what the grade of the fey was. It could only evolve into a Fantasy Breed when the quality broke through Epic and reached Legend.

A Bronze fey would awaken an exclusive skill, but it wouldn’t have an additional ability.

Due to the awakened exclusive skill, all of the abilities would be subtly enhanced. It was a qualitative change.

This black and red lizard was a high-level Bronze Crowned Fire Salamander. It might be called a salamander, but this Crowned Fire Salamander didn’t know how to use the fire-type element energy.

It was due to the evolution direction during bronze-grade that enhanced the physical body. Hence, it was returning to the ancestry line.

The Crowned Fire Salamander’s bright red crown had a lump that contained an abnormally well-developed poison gland.

The poison gland wasn’t connected to the Crowned Fire Salamander’s teeth, but the salivary gland. When the Crowned Fire Salamander used its teeth to bite and rip the enemy, the poison fluid from the crown would be injected into the enemy’s body along with the biting action.

In a very short period, the bitten location would develop a charred wound as though it was burned.

This was how the Crowned Fire Salamander had gotten its name.

Lin Yuan had encountered Bronze feys previously. Registered spirit qi professionals of the Radiance Federation were able to ride their feys to travel in the city, and Lin Yuan would occasionally see them when importing goods.

However, this was the first time he was observing a three-meter-long Bronze Crowned Fire Salamander at such a close distance.

Lin Yuan felt an indescribable impact in his heart.

Everyone said that the gap between Elite and Bronze was a huge chasm, and to get across it was to rise to a higher level. From the looks of it now, it was indeed true. The prowess of a Bronze fey was utterly superior to an Elite fey.

“Young Brother, my Crowned Fire Salamander is nurtured to a rather good condition, right?” When Yang Mingkai was speaking, he didn’t forget to pat on the Crowned Fire Salamander’s neck, as he was obviously satisfied with his fey partner.

The Crowned Fire Salamander was aggressive in nature and sinister in appearance, especially the layers of wrinkles on the bright red crown, making it abnormally strange. However, after seeing its owner interacting with it, the Crowned Fire Salamander looked pleased and used its head to rub against Yang Mingkai’s shoulder.

No matter the situation, the relationship of a spirit qi professional and the contracted fey was that of best friends.

Lin Yuan would be very envious if he saw this scene in the past, but he wasn’t envious now. He subtly touched the copper bracelet on his right wrist and felt warmth in his heart. Lin Yuan also had his own contracted fey now.

Morbius, Genius, and Chimey were Lin Yuan’s contracted feys. He was no longer an ordinary person who couldn’t contract feys and sense spirit qi.

“Big Brother Yang, your Crowned Fire Salamander’s awakened exclusive skill, Fiery Poison, is rather good. It effectively enhances the Crowned Fire Salamander’s attack method.” Lin Yuan praised.

Lin Yuan’s statement surprised Yang Mingkai. “Young Brother, how did you know that my Crowned Fire Salamander awakened the Fiery Poison skill?”

Yang Mingkai didn’t recall mentioning his spirit beast’s skill to Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan pointed at the Crowned Fire Salamander’s bright red crown and said, “An average Crowned Fire Salamander’s crown wouldn’t be so bright and massive. Only Crowned Fire Salamanders that awakened the Fierce Fire or Fiery Poison skills would have such a crown. In addition, when Big Brother Yang interacts with your Crowned Fire Salamander, you avoid its mouth. That is how I deduced that its awakened skill is Fiery Poison.”

After Lin Yuan’s explanation, Yang Mingkai immediately understood and exclaimed, “I didn’t expect Young Brother to possess such professional knowledge at such a young age that only Fey Observers have!”

Yang Mingkai was thinking in his heart that Lin Yuan was truly incredible.