Chapter 19: Creation Master Behind the Scenes

Chapter 19 of 100 chapters

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Fey Observer was a lifestyle occupation, and they were capable of observing, differentiating, and analyzing feys. As such, they could deduce lots of information concerning feys.

Lifestyle occupations, like the knowledgeable Fey Observers, were always respected.

Lin Yuan, who could immediately identify a Bronze fey’s exclusive skill, left a deep impression in Yang Mingkai. In his eyes, this feat made Lin Yuan an incredible figure.

Lin Yuan shook his hand and said, “Big Brother Yang, we better go now. Otherwise, the Crowned Fire Salamander that you summoned will continue to affect the surrounding low-grade feys.”

Yang Mingkai looked around along with Lin Yuan and realized that the stall owner beside him was already looking at him with unpleasant eyes.

Yang Mingkai let out an embarrassed smile and quickly asked Lin Yuan to ride on the back of the Crowned Fire Salamander. As for the three spirit storage boxes that contained the Web-Spraying Spiders and the Sharp Rock Bull, the Crowned Fire Salamander’s tail pulled them in tow.

After Lin Yuan pointed out the direction, Yang Mingkai urged the Crowned Fire Salamander, which responded by galloping rapidly.

When Lin Yuan had been riding the Thick-Hoofed Donkey earlier, he could only feel a refreshing breeze. Unsurprisingly, the running Crowned Fire Salamander was ultrafast, far beyond what the Thick-Hoofed Donkey could do.

The billowing and howling gales blew against Lin Yuan’s body and gave him a pressuring feeling. After all, Lin Yuan wasn’t a D-rank spirit qi professional yet.

Had it not been for Yang Mingkai intentionally blocking the gales for Lin Yuan, the latter would have fallen off the back of the Crowned Fire Salamander.

The journey’s strong gales didn’t just disperse Lin Yuan’s mental exhaustion, but they also stirred up Lin Yuan’s heart.

Galloping in the wind and riding on feys was a life that a man should live!

After reaching the alley where Lin Yuan resided, Yang Mingkai withdrew the Crowned Fire Salamander. It wasn’t that the alley didn’t allow riding feys... It was too narrow. It was impossible for the Crowned Fire Salamander, whose legs pushed outward, to move in it.

Lin Yuan jumped off the Crowned Fire Salamander’s back, and the wind disheveled his hair. This added to Lin Yuan’s handsome looks a wild nature too.

Yang Mingkai said, “The Crowned Fire Salamander generates rather intense air currents when it’s running. Are you okay?”

Lin Yuan shook his head and replied, “I have to thank Big Brother Yang. This is my first time riding on the back of a Bronze fey. It was truly satisfying!”

Yang Mingkai laughed heartily and said, “Riding on the Crowned Fire Salamander isn’t considered satisfying. When you take a ride on a flying fey and smell the thin air in the high altitudes, while looking down at the ground, that is satisfying!”

Lin Yuan led the way, and they arrived at the store entrance swiftly. When he opened the door, Lin Yuan didn’t hear Chimey or Genius calling out. He could guess that those two fellows were still sleeping.

Fortunately, Lin Yuan had not forgotten to close the second floor’s door before leaving, or else he might have woken up Genius and Chimey when opening the store’s door.

Yang Mingkai entered the store, and Lin Yuan poured two cups of water.

“Big Brother Yang, I don’t have any beverages here. I can only offer you water, and this is for you.”

After giving the cup of water to Yang Mingkai, Lin Yuan gulped down his cup’s content.

Although Yang Mingkai received the water cup, he didn’t take a sip. It wasn’t that Yang Mingkai wasn’t thirsty... He was simply flabbergasted by the rows of Elite Usneas on the racks of this small store.

The rows of Usneas were all pleasantly long, had firm vines, and the leaves were all very crowded together. Water beads also suspended on the large leaves.

Just the Elite Usneas’ appearance betrayed their Normal and Elite quality. It had to be known that Usneas were Elite in terms of grade and quality met the criteria for cloning.

This was already beyond Yang Mingkai’s expectations. The 20+ pots of Elite/Elite Usneas was a shocking spectacle, and one would hardly trade them.

Compared to these Elite Usneas, the three pots of Elite Jasmine Lilies looked average.

When Lin Yuan saw how Yang Mingkai was staring at the Usneas, as though he wanted to approach and scrutinize them, Lin Yuan immediately offered. “Big Brother Yang, why don’t you get closer to check them carefully? Before these pots of Usneas evolved, they had great foundations. I always bury energy ores in the soil, so their roots are very well-developed.”

Yang Mingkai went closer to the rack along with Lin Yuan and touched the Usneas’ leaves. He realized that the leaves had a thick and fleshy texture, indicating that the ample water content in them.

Yang Mingkai plucked off one of the leaves, and when he broke the leaf’s stem, plenty of sap flowed out. At the same time, he observed the roots, which from just their appearance alone looked strong.

Soon, he recalled what Lin Yuan had said earlier and was convinced. These Elite Usneas were superior among the Elite Usneas.

After checking the 20+ pots of Elite Usneas, their grade no longer surprised Yang Mingkai. He was now wondering about their astonishing origins instead.

These Elite Usneas are well-nurtured, and their conditions are unbelievable. It looks as though a Creation Master tended to them recently...

Naturally, Yang Mingkai didn’t think that Lin Yuan was a Creation Master, as Creation Masters were the Radiance Federation’s most respectable occupation.

Even the lowest-ranked Creation Master could open a spacious store in Redbud City’s core area. Countless combat-class spirit qi professionals would think of methods to build a good relationship with Creation Masters.

If Lin Yuan was really a Creation Master, he wouldn’t be cowering in this little store. Therefore, it meant that a Creation Master was backing this store.

Yang Mingkai had been working hard to operate the fey breeding base for many years but hadn’t been able to form a relationship with any Creation Master. Otherwise, the epic-quality Sharp Rock Bull would have long reached bronze-grade.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t thought of methods to seek a Creation Master’s help. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the bargaining chips to invite a Creation Master.

Even if one had Federation and Radiance dollars, it was still insufficient to invite a Creation Master to enter their door. In order to invite a Creation Master, one would need to possess the Creation Master’s most preferred spiritual ingredient and use it as a bargaining chip to set the appointment.

Spiritual ingredients were hard to find, and Yang Mingkai was unable to obtain any. When Yang Mingkai thought that Lin Yuan had the backing of a Creation Master, he involuntarily wanted to try building a relationship with the Creation Master through Lin Yuan.

However, Yang Mingkai didn’t know how to make such a suggestion.

When Lin Yuan noticed that Yang Mingkai was observing the Usneas for a long time without speaking, he asked, “Big Brother Yang, are you satisfied with these Usneas?”

Yang Mingkai immediately returned to his senses and responded after hearing Lin Yuan’s voice, “Satisfied, very satisfied. These Elite Usneas are far beyond my expectations. I wonder if Brother Lin has more of these Elite Usneas?”