Chapter 31: Star Web Store

Chapter 31 of 100 chapters

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The dawn might only be a faint ray of light at daybreak and the outline behind the mountain. However, in the eyes of the two Web-Spraying Spiders, this faint light of dawn was the redemption of life.

The hands that were placed on their backs were constantly channeling spirit qi and pulling them back from the doors of hell.

However, the Web-Spraying Spiders didn’t know that the dawn in their eyes would soon sell them on the Star Web store.

In fact, when Creation Masters evolved feys and sold them, it was to search for a new contractor for the feys.

Spirit qi professionals and feys would always mutually benefit from each other.

Spirit qi professionals would think of all methods to nurture their feys. When the feys were stronger, they would be able to enhance the spirit qi professionals’ combat capabilities.

Lin Yuan had already used the Star Web Card to log into the Star Web. Lin Yuan always liked to visit those fey websites to acquire more knowledge on how to nurture feys.

For websites like fey ones, they were still maintained in the same appearance before the Spirit Qi Awakening. The Star Web was different as it was the same as a second world for humans.

By using the Star Web Card to enter the Star Web, it was just like entering a brand new world of network.

Lin Yuan seldom visited the Star Web, so his Star Web account didn’t have anything else apart from his name, age, and basic information of his identity.

Lin Yuan didn’t immediately fill up all the personal information, like his spirit qi rank, contracted feys, or interests and hobbies. Instead, he entered the Star Web store that he had applied for and just gotten approved.

In order to apply for the store, the application fee had cost Lin Yuan 100,000 Federation dollars, and he felt the pinch.

The store didn’t have a name yet, so Lin Yuan conveniently changed the store’s name to Purchase With No Loss Fey Store.

After changing the name, Lin Yuan immediately confirmed it with convenient procedures. Lin Yuan couldn’t help but nod with satisfaction.

Lin Yuan still remembered an advertisement in his previous life. “Purchase with no loss, purchase with no fraud, to see the items that are truly worth the price, enter the house to take a look.”

Now that my store is called Purchase With No Loss Fey Store, the name immediately demonstrates this store’s conscience and sincerity. Awesome!

Genius was seated on Lin Yuan’s thighs and looking at Lin Yuan while tilting its head.

Genius didn’t know why the radiant smile on Lin Yuan’s face made him look like a silly kid.

A newly approved Star Web store was still a Class 1 Star Web store. It might be a Class 1 one, but the size of the store wasn’t small.

Lin Yuan might feel the pinch after spending 100,000 Federation dollars, but he was feeling a little better now.

Lin Yuan’s actual fey store was only around 80 square meters, including both the first and second floors. But this store on the Star Web was at least 200 square meters, and it was already two times as big.

In the Star Web, a Class 1 store that was newly approved would be an empty house with a standard size of 200 square meters. Lin Yuan’s current store was nothing but an empty shell apart from the four clear and white walls. In order to decorate the store, he would need to purchase the decorations in the Star Web.

The Star Web was a world that was entirely made up of data, but these data really existed.

Lin Yuan used the Star Web Card to scan the Elite Usneas and the two Web-Spraying Spiders into data before listing them onto the store to sell.

The Elite Usneas and the two Web-Spraying Spiders were turned into data, and their virtual images appeared in Lin Yuan’s store.

In terms of appearance, they were entirely the same when they were in the actual world. Lin Yuan couldn’t help but lament at how amazing the Star Web was.

At that moment, the Star Web notified and asked Lin Yuan if he wished to change his Star Web account’s name.

If he didn’t change it, the default name of the store owner should be the actual name.

Lin Yuan immediately cursed in his heart. Isn’t the Star Web account name the same as a web name?

Lin Yuan immediately changed his name into Deep Mountain Elder Lin.

The name Deep Mountain Elder Lin was actually the meaning of his actual name, Lin Yuan1.

In the virtual world, it was better to change one’s name when setting up a store.

Lin Yuan’s store had just opened, so he didn’t think that anyone would be coming in soon. Therefore, he looked for a bookstore in the Star Web Community.

When walking into the Star Web Community, Lin Yuan had his eyes opened.

As he was in the Star Web, apart from some special decorations, most of them were real scanned items.

Inside the community, one could see high-ranked spirit qi professionals riding all sorts of feys and inviting eyes of envy.

It was very rare to see Bronze feys and above in the Xia Region, but in the Star Web Community, Lin Yuan could already see several Silver feys.

He could even see the figures of Gold feys occasionally.

Spirit qi professionals who possessed Gold feys would normally be B-rank.

B-rank spirit qi professionals were considered the core strength of the Radiance Federation.

Lin Yuan walked into a book store and noticed there weren’t any owners. The storekeeper was an AI robot.

AI robots were sold on the Star Web. Those with lesser functions would be around 40,000 Federation dollars. Those with better functions would be around 80,000 Federation dollars.

They had a warranty of five years.

After some calculations, the robots with lesser functions would be around 8,000 Federation dollars per year and around 600 Federation dollars per month.

Those with better functions would be around 16,000 Federation dollars per year and around 1,300 federation dollars per month. It was considered to be very affordable.

AI robots could only handle simple jobs. For bookstores where the items’ prices were fixed, an AI robot could easily fill in the role.

For fey stores, like spiritual ingredient stores that required communication with customers to conduct business, the AI robots wouldn’t be sufficient. In that case, one could hire a storekeeper from the Star Web, but the price would be several times more expensive than AI robots.

There were plenty of people who could take up part-time jobs in the Star Web or even full-time jobs.

However, hiring a storekeeper had its pros and cons. There were certain aspects when a storekeeper wasn’t as reliable as an AI robot.

The robot assisted Lin Yuan, and he quickly purchased all the books he required.

After the purchase, Lin Yuan had to sign a confidentiality contract and promise that the purchased books wouldn’t be given to others apart from direct relatives.

After the Spirit Qi Awakening, all knowledge, even the low-ranked occupation knowledge, would need to be purchased. In addition, a confidentiality contract must be signed after the purchase.

Lin Yuan involuntarily sighed. No matter the time and place, the saying of ‘Knowledge is wealth’ remains unchanged.

There were a total of 327 books that were tested for primary Scholars, Fey Observers, and Spiritual Ingredient Analysts. Lin Yuan purchased all of them.

After making the purchase, Lin Yuan just had to wait for Ostrich Logistics to deliver the 327 books’ information chips. He could then allow Genius to memorize the contents of the books.

By then, I can go participate in the Creation Master exam.