Chapter 35: Clash of Sequences

Chapter 35 of 100 chapters

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If it was really a large-scale fey breeding base, then it would certainly require a significant amount of spiritual ingredients.

If I can secure this customer, I will have an additional steady flow of orders.

While thinking like that, Zhou Jiaxin spoke to Lin Yuan eagerly. “As long as you tell me in advance, I will be able to prepare the goods in half an hour. Ostrich Logistics will deliver it to your place within a few hours. That’s right! If you have any good feys, you can sell them to me too. Or you can also purchase some severely injured feys from me. Those feys are still alive, and I can guarantee the freshness of the spiritual ingredients.”

When Lin Yuan heard the words ‘severely injured’, his eyes lit up. Doesn’t this mean that I have a chance to pick up great hidden goods again?

Lin Yuan didn’t plan to sell feys to Zhou Jiaxin, as he was going to use the superior feys to increase his store’s reputation.

When Zhou Jiaxin saw Lin Yuan’s shining eyes, she couldn’t help smiling. “Today is the 6th of September. On the 27th of September, there will be a batch of severely injured feys arriving in the store. By then, you can come over to take a look. Those feys have all been vetted by a Class 2 Creation Master, and the Class 2 Creation Master couldn’t save them. It is basically impossible for them to recover.”

Zhou Jiaxin spoke very clearly and was trying to dismiss Lin Yuan’s thought of finding some great feys that were missed out. Lin Yuan understood Zhou Jiaxin’s intention too.

A Class 2 Creation Master might not be able to heal the injured feys, but it doesn’t mean that I cannot heal them.

For Zhou Jiaxin’s store, even if the fey was severely injured, it shouldn’t be any higher than gold-grade and would at least be a Silver fey.

To heal such feys, a Class 3 Creation Master would need to be hired, and the price was already higher than Silver feys.

Therefore, when Class 2 Creation Masters couldn’t heal such feys, they were basically sentenced to death.

The Class 2 Creation Master would use simple methods to maintain the feys’ lives to guarantee the freshness of the spiritual ingredients.

Instead of saying that Zhou Jiaxin was selling severely injured feys, it would be better to say she was selling extremely fresh spiritual ingredients.

Lin Yuan was currently a D-rank spirit qi professional, and he wasn’t confident in healing a severely injured Silver fey immediately. However, he was certain that the channeling of spirit qi would constantly make the Silver fey better. After a period of time, it would be possible to heal it.

“Then, I shall revisit the store on the 27th. Big Sister Xin, I have been here for quite some time now. Why don’t I see any customers coming into the store?”

Lin Yuan’s question didn’t have any meaning to hint that Zhou Jiaxin’s store had a lack of customers. It was a genuine question.

For a Class 3 store that had great credibility, it should be constantly filled with customers. Thus, why was it so quiet today?

Zhou Jiaxin pointed at the poster on the wall of her store and said, “There is a tournament at the Starry Tower’s Brilliance Celestial Stairway. It just so happens that two Sequence members are dueling. Everyone went to watch the duel. My staff members requested for half a day off to watch the duel too.”

Zhou Jiaxin saw Lin Yuan blinking his eyes and didn’t think that there was someone who didn’t know of such a huge event in the Star Web.

Sequence member?

The only known Sequence in the Radiance Federation was the Radiance Hundred. The rankings of the Radiance Hundred were in sequence from 1 to 100.

The Radiance Hundred Sequence members were the young generation of the federation, and most of them had an age gap that wasn’t more than 10 years.

Every year, ten of the Hundred Sequence members would retire, and ten new members would fill the ranks.

There were two types of scenarios when the Radiance Hundred were retired. The first type was if their rankings were from the 91st to the 100th. They would be automatically eliminated from the Radiance Hundred Sequence, and new members would replace them.

The other type was when they remained in the Radiance Hundred for ten years and would retire with glory. This method of retirement was filled with honor.

This would definitely increase the competitive spirit between the Radiance Hundred Sequence.

No matter when or how intense the competition was, the Radiance Hundred would be the most dazzling stars in the Radiance Federation’s young generation. At the same time, they would also develop into the Radiance Federation’s new pillars.

It was unexpected for two Sequence members to actually duel with each other in the Starry Tower’s Brilliance Celestial Stairway.

No wonder the Star Web’s streets are empty. Everyone has gone to watch the duel between the Sequence members.

Lin Yuan immediately settled the bill, and he took 4,000 Federation dollars out of his remaining 90,000 to purchase a ticket.

However, after purchasing the ticket, Lin Yuan realized that the duel had already started for nearly ten minutes. A duel between two Sequence members on the Brilliance Celestial Stairway was rather rare, especially when these two Sequence members were individuals with great popularity.

That’s why this duel had already gone through a large scale advertising on the Star Web for a long time.

Both the indoor and outdoor tickets had already been sold out, so Lin Yuan hat to spend 4,000 Federation dollars to purchase a tall-platform ticket.

There was no limit to the sale of tall-platform tickets, so anyone who wanted the duel could purchase them and stand on the tall platform to watch.

However, the view was utterly inferior to the outdoor tickets, let alone the indoor tickets.

Star Web, Celestial Stairway Duel Ground, tall platform...

Inside the Celestial Stairway Duel Ground, cheers and yells constantly echoed, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

When the passionate soundwaves hit the tall platform, Lin Yuan got a shock.

Lin Yuan looked around the tall platform and saw a bumblebee hat from afar. Its owner’s head was shaking as she watched the duel.

It seemed like Stream in the Cloud had immediately come here to watch the duel after leaving his store.

There was still an empty space beside the girl. Lin Yuan walked over and heard her yelling loudly, “White Devil Lordress, do your best! Unknown Flame Lordress, you will surely win!”

When Lin Yuan heard Stream in the Cloud’s passionate cheers, he didn’t feel anything at first. But after listening to the entire cheer, he looked at the excited Stream in the Cloud in astonishment. He couldn’t help but ask, “Who exactly are you cheering for? This is the first time I see someone cheering for both sides in a duel!”

Stream in the Cloud heard someone teasing her and turned around to see that it was Lin Yuan. When she noticed it was a familiar person, she revealed a smile, but it was immediately followed by a ‘mind your own business’ look.

“Deep Mountain Elder Lin, both White Devil Lordress and Unknown Flame Lordress are my idols. I will be happy no matter who wins!”

It seemed like Stream in the Cloud was a fanatical follower.

The clamor from the live venue was filled with plenty of people doing their best to yell and cheer. The atmosphere had already affected Lin Yuan and caused a blood-boiling feeling.

“Deep Mountain Elder Lin, who do you support more? White Devil Lordress or Unknown Flame Lordress?” Stream in the Cloud looked at Lin Yuan with curiosity.

Lin Yuan was startled by the question. Before this, he had been a busy person who barely managed to survive by struggling. His weak spiritual energy would make him dizzy after a short browse of the old-modeled mobile phone. Therefore, Lin Yuan wasn’t very familiar with these two Sequence members and naturally didn’t know who to support.

Individuals who could enter the Radiance Hundred Sequence were all future guardians of the Radiance Federation.

Lin Yuan said, “I support both of them just like you.”

Stream in the Cloud’s eyes lit up. Under such circumstances, supporters of the same side would definitely have a closer relationship. As such, Stream in the Cloud suddenly initiated the conversation and continuously talked to Lin Yuan.

“White Devil Lordress might be Sequence #18 while Unknown Flame Lordress is Sequence #47, but I feel that Unknown Flame Lordress has a better chance to win. Unknown Flame Lordress is a power offense-type spirit qi professional, while White Devil Lordress is a healing-type spirit qi professional.”