Chapter 36: Disaster Swallowtail Butterfly

Chapter 36 of 100 chapters

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Lin Yuan might not know the Radiance Hundred Sequence’s members, but he knew that the rankings were based on their potential and strength.

For a person to be ranked Sequence #18, it meant outstanding strength and potential. Even though, Sequence $18, White Devil was a Healer without many attack methods.

Lin Yuan took a closer look at the battleground and could see that White Devil was a young lady in long white robes and had graceful black hair.

At that moment, she was standing there calmly and holding a long scepter.

At the front end of the scepter was a birdcage, but it didn’t contain a bird. Instead, it contained a beautiful emerald jade-like butterfly. It was constantly emitting a green glow and healing the two Gold feys that were defending the young lady at the front.

In this Celestial Stairway Dueling Ground, two famous analysts from the Star Web were commentating on the duel with intense tones and explaining the duel’s situation.

Lin Yuan’s eyes were totally attracted by the four feys that appeared in the battleground. All four feys were gold-grade, two were healing-type, and they belonged to White Devil.

When resisting damage, they were also conducting appropriate counterattacks.

The healing-type fey might have mostly healing abilities, but when a fey reached gold-grade, even a healing-type fey would have considerable combat power.

The other two were both Lava Bears, violent and power offense-type feys.

One of the Lava Bears had reddish purple fur, and when it mauled with its bear claws, it emitted paint-like reddish-purple flames that were like paint. The paint would stick onto the surface of the target and burn. It was just like a liquid flame, and it would corrode and burn anything it touched.

The other Lava Bear had a bigger size, and its fur was bright red. Every time it attacked, the fur would burn with blazing flames. When the flames burst out of the body, they would immediately explode.

The two Lava Bears’ attacks gave a hard time to the two plant- and healing-type feys.

Unknown Flame’s red pelt armor would also respond according to the two Lava Bears’ attacks on the battleground. She looked at White Devil, who was losing ground, and said, “Daisy, this battle of attrition has been going on for around 10 minutes. The spirit qi in your body is almost exhausted, right?”

While speaking, Unknown Flame was still rather cautious as she gave a signal to the Lava Bears. The two Lava Bears immediately attacked at the Fusang1 Snow Tree that was struggling to stand.

With the addition of two different destructive fire skills, the two Lava Bears’ power severely injured the Fusang Snow Tree, which was weak against fire.

This opened up a gap in White Devil’s frontal defense line. White Devil’s forehead was filled with perspiration, but she still said calmly, “The difference between #18 and #47 isn’t as simple as you imagine.”

After speaking, White Devil pointed at the severely injured Fusang Snow Tree and yelled, “Use Snow Chill!”

In a split moment, the battleground was enveloped in a layer of frost.

Subsequently, she pointed at the Ice Soul Grass, which was struggling to defend, and shouted, “Extreme Cold Block!”

The frost layer that was on the battleground instantly dispersed and all the cold intent formed a pair of massive ice crystals.

The two ice crystals sealed up the two Lava Bears in the midst of their battle stances!

The two healing-type feys didn’t possess powerful attacks, but when they coordinated their abilities, they were able to seal two power offense-type feys.

Unknown Flame leaped backward and looked at White Devil while smirking. “Your Ice Soul Grass and Fusang Snow Tree are unable to fight. Once my two Lava Bears break out of the ice, the outcome of the battle might not be according to our rankings.”

“Don’t forget that I am a Healer!”

White Devil raised the scepter in her hand, and the emerald green butterfly in the birdcage started to radiate lustrous green light.

“Revival Swallowtail Butterfly! Use Wings of Revival!”

At that moment, the Revival Swallowtail Butterfly was enveloped in green light, and all of the power was gathered in the two wings. Subsequently, two green and hazy images of butterfly wings flew to the severely injured Fusang Snow Tree and Ice Soul Grass.

All of a sudden, the Fusang Snow Tree and the Ice Soul Grass were like the new sprouts that had been in a drought. They rapidly recovered their injuries.

Their injuries might not be fully recovered, but they were combat-ready.

Unknown Flame thought it wasn’t good and raised her hand. In an instant, a flaming whirlwind appeared above Unknown Flame’s head and caused the surrounding air to become scorching hot.


A giant bear, the height of seven meters, smashed at the Fusang Snow Tree and Ice Soul Grass, which had just recovered.

The sudden attack didn’t allow the Fusang Snow Tree and Ice Soul Grass to dodge in time as they were struck. It was highly possible that the Fusang Snow Tree and the Ice Soul Grass would be severely injured and unable to continue fighting.

White Devil looked at Unknown Flame and said, “I didn’t expect your Flowing Flame Giant Bear to actually reach platinum-grade! However, this duel’s outcome is still going to be the same.”

White Devil plunged the scepter into the ground and channeled all her spiritual power into the Revival Swallowtail Butterfly before opening the door of the birdcage.

When the Revival Swallowtail Butterfly flew out of the birdcage, White Devil’s black hair instantly turned snow white. The Revival Swallowtail Butterfly, which was originally emerald green and filled with vitality, became dark red and gave off a destructive presence.

The dark red Revival Swallowtail Butterfly flapped its wings and looked as though its body was a flower that scattered. Then, it split into countless miniature dark red butterflies.

These miniature butterflies were just like bullets that shot at the flame-blazing Flowing Flame Giant Bear. The strong burning whirlwind was unable to hinder the dark red Revival Swallowtail Butterflies’ speed.

The dark red Revival Swallowtail Butterflies dove into the Flowing Flame Giant Bear’s body and flew out without resistance. They produced a bloody flower as though it was a bright red rose that had just blossomed. This bright red rose blossomed and immediately extinguished the flames on the Flowing Flame Giant Bear.

Remarkably beautiful butterflies were flying around in a dance as though it was a rain of flowers.

One big and two smaller bear feys were lying on the ground. It was the same as declaring White Devil the victor.

Unknown Flame stared blankly at the fallen Flowing Flame Giant Bear and looked up to give White Devil a thumbs up.

“I didn’t expect your Revival Swallowtail Butterfly to actually evolve into a Gold Fantasy Breed. I have lost this duel fair and square.”

White Devil might have a pale face, but she was still calm. “When the Revival Swallowtail Butterfly evolved into a Fantasy Breed, it obtained another name—Disaster Swallowtail Butterfly.”

The cheers in the Celestial Stairway Dueling Ground didn’t stop even for a split moment. When White Devil threw her arm over Unknown Flame’s shoulder and raised her hand into the sky, a unified cheer echoed, shaking everyone’s hearts.

Stream in the Cloud grabbed onto Lin Yuan’s clothes excitedly and shouted, “White Devil Lordress is too cool! Unknown Flame Lordress might have lost, but she is indeed worthy of her power to control bears. She is also overwhelmingly cool!”

Lin Yuan ignored the excited Stream in the Cloud.

Presently, Lin Yuan’s heart was also resonating with indescribable excitement. The warm blood in his heart was like a fountain, and Lin Yuan felt like screaming out.

All of a sudden, Lin Yuan heard the analyst announcing.

“White Devil Lordress, Daisy, defeated Unknown Flame Lordress, Anna. One Star of Celestial Stairway Glory shall be rewarded.”

Daisy and Anna, huh?

Lin Yuan lamented softly.

Daisy, Sequence #18: White Devil

Anna, Sequence #47: Unknown Flame

Lin Yuan finally found out the true names of Sequence #18 White Devil and Sequence #47 Unknown Flame.

Is this the top-class combat power of the Radiance Federation’s young generation?

Gold Fantasy Breed, Platinum fey...

All these were things that he could only look forward to, hopefully.

However, in the not so distant future, Lin Yuan also wanted to chase this radiant light.

I might have been born as a spot of light on the duckweed, but I will also be able to gather into a vast river of stars. I will catch up one step at a time until I reach the pinnacle of brilliance!