Chapter 38: Sparrow Voice Loli Goddess

Chapter 38 of 100 chapters

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A dragon fey’s blood was considered a precious spiritual ingredient, and the prices were naturally extremely high.

Most of the dragon feys were above gold-grade.

If the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish reached bronze-grade and awakened the rare dragon-species bloodline, it wouldn’t be considered a dragon-species fey unless the bloodline concentration reached a certain standard.

From this point, it was obvious that the dragon-species fey’s blood was very hard to obtain.

Rare spiritual ingredients, such as a dragon fey’s fresh blood, were all sold by the drop.

Lin Yuan didn’t really understand the dragon-species feys’ price, but it was fortunate that he had added Zhou Jiaxin on the Star Web as a friend. By then, he just had to ask Zhou Jiaxin.

He might not know how much a dragon-species fey’s blood cost, but it was certainly very expensive.

Lin Yuan wanted to earn more money and prepare the amount needed to purchase the dragon-species blood in advance.

He was going to set a small target to earn 100,000,000 Federation dollars, which was also 100 Radiance dollars.

The spirit qi concentration inside the Spirit Lock spatial zone was five times more concentrated than outside.

Lin Yuan circulated the spirit qi and realized that even though the circulation speed didn’t change, the efficiency increased to around five times the speed due to the concentrated spirit passing through his body. This discovery left Lin Yuan pleasantly surprised.

Lin Yuan quickly took an Elite X/Flawless Web-Spraying Spiders out of the spirit storage box and placed it inside the Spirit Lock spatial zone. He then rapidly channeled the spirit qi to enhance the Web-Spraying Spider.

When Lin Yuan was enhancing Web-Spraying Spider, he could feel a boundary inside the Web-Spraying Spider’s body. The boundary felt like it could be shattered if Lin Yuan charged into it a few times with spirit qi.

However, Lin Yuan didn’t do so. If he broke through the boundary, the Web-Spraying Spider would evolve from elite-grade to bronze-grade with flawless-quality. That wasn’t what Lin Yuan wanted.

Lin Yuan didn’t use the spirit qi to smash through the boundary, but instead constantly poured the spirit qi into the Web-Spraying Spider’s body. He allowed the Web-Spraying Spider to absorb as much spirit qi as possible to enhance its quality.

After a certain period of time, the Web-Spraying Spider’s quality reached Epic, so Lin Yuan stopped channeling the spirit qi. He looked at the time and realized that it took him over two hours to break through Flawless to Epic.

Had he not been enhancing the Web-Spraying Spider in the Spirit Lock spatial zone, he would probably have needed to spend over a dozen hours. Furthermore, this speed was because he had progressed into a D-rank spirit qi professional.

The results stated that it was much harder to increase the quality of a fey than to evolve it. Furthermore, this was just enhancing it from Flawless to Epic. How much more time and effort would be required to enhance them from Epic to Legend?

Lin Yuan suddenly realized that the spirit qi concentration in the Spirit Lock spatial zone was no longer five times more concentrated than outside.

He looked at the Spirit Pool and realized that the 300 catties of inferior energy ores at the bottom of the Spirit Pool had already vanished. They had been used up when Lin Yuan increased Web-Spraying Spider’s quality.

Lin Yuan made a calculation by using the number of inferior energy ores used. In order to enhance one Elite X/Flawless Web-Spraying Spider to Elite X/Epic, it would need 700 catties of inferior energy ores.

It was around 0.35 Radiance dollars according to the purchase price of the materials. There was a certain price to pay to make use of the increased speed of enhancement and evolution in the Spirit-Lock spatial zone.

However, the price to pay was nearly negligible when comparing it with the speed. The biggest problem that Lin Yuan had right now was the lack of funds. Without enough funds, he wouldn’t be able to purchase more inferior energy ores, and it was rather vexing for Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan brought the Elite X/Epic Web-Spraying Spider out of the Spirit Lock spatial zone and didn’t continue to enhance the four remaining Web-Spraying Spiders.

Instead, he made the preparations for Genius to memorize the books on the primary rank of Scholar, Fey Observer, and Spiritual Ingredient Analyst.

The Hundred Questions Beast required time to memorize new knowledge, but it was rather fast. To memorize 300 over books it would only require around 20 days.

When it was time for Lin Yuan to visit Zhou Jiaxin’s store to look for hidden goods, Genius would have already memorized the needed knowledge. Afterward, Lin Yuan could take the exam for the Creation Master occupation.

Once he passed the exam to become a Creation Master, he would be like a flood dragon entering the sea or a peacock returning to the forest. His future path would be headed for the sky, and it would be particularly spacious.

Lin Yuan applied for a Star Web account for Genius and entered the book microchips into Genius’ Star Web account.

Genius then sat there, obediently to study carefully. It had always been passionate about studying.

Lin Yuan logged into the Star Web and entered his small store. He suddenly noticed that all the pots of Usneas had been completely reserved.

Lin Yuan was rather surprised that all the Elite/Elite Usneas would be sold out in such a short period of time. Also, numerous people had actually left messages saying that they wanted to order more Elite Usneas.

It seemed like there wasn’t a need to worry about the hot-selling items, no matter the timing.

It was different from other feys, which might also be great, but due to the limited demand, they might not be able to sell out quickly.

Lin Yuan didn’t reply to these messages as he was planning to only use Bronze Usneas for the next sale. Lin Yuan was preparing to break through from a D-rank spirit qi professional into a C-rank spirit qi professional.

After becoming a C-rank spirit qi professional, I will be able to evolve feys to bronze-grade with a much faster speed.

Lin Yuan knew that he was able to evolve feys to bronze-grade, but he felt a little unmotivated if he had to increase the quality of a Bronze fey.

Only after becoming a C-rank spirit qi professional, Lin Yuan would be able to increase the Bronze fey’s quality to Legend and allow it to transform into the Fantasy Breed.

Lin Yuan hadn’t set a fixed price for the two other Web-Spraying Spiders so that the ones that were willing to purchase them would leave the price with the AI robot. The prices offered were actually more than what he expected.

Three individuals had made an offer for the Web-Spraying Spider with the Adhesive Spider Web skill, and the highest offer was 1.1 Radiance dollars.

As for the other Web-Spraying Spider that had awakened the Violent Venom skill, only one person had made an offer, and the price was 1.3 Radiance dollars.

The bids weren’t considered high, but if Lin Yuan was willing to wait, it wouldn’t be a problem to sell the Bronze Web-Spraying Spiders for 2.7 Radiance dollars.

However, Lin Yuan didn’t have the choice to wait. He immediately responded to the two individuals who had offered the highest price and sold the two Bronze Web-Spraying Spiders.

Immediately after, he used his store’s name to contact Ostrich Logistics and make the delivery.

Newly opened stores on the Star Web could sign a contract with Ostrich Logistics for them to arrange and deliver the goods. However, for each item that Ostrich Logistics delivered, they would take a commission based on the goods’ price.

Ostrich Logistics took a rather high commission, but they were fast and safe. If something happened, they would compensate for the losses. It was also why so many individuals were willing to choose Ostrich Logistics.

Now that the two Web-Spraying Spiders and the Elite Usneas had been sold, Lin Yuan’s financial crisis was immediately resolved.


Chimey was chirping and singing. After singing for quite some time, it felt rather bored. When it saw Lin Yuan and Genius busy using the Star Web, Chimey’s eyes flickered before it jumped onto Genius’ head.

It chirped and said, “Genius, Genius, do you think my singing is nice?”

“It is nice! And it is getting better!”

Genius didn’t know why Chimey was asking this question, as Chimey was normally very shy.

“Genius, can you secretly apply for a Star Web account for me? I want to start a live stream!”

After speaking, it let out two chirps and took a glance at its azure blue feathers, and said confidently, “I want to become an attractive host with a beautiful voice! My name shall be Sparrow Voice Loli Goddess!”

“But you are a bird!”

When looking at Genius’ silly expression, Chimey felt it was the smarter of the duo. “You can just help me put on a GIF, right?!”

Chimey felt that it was the prettiest and most clever Sound Bird with the best singing voice right now.