Chapter 39: Ah Neng

Chapter 39 of 100 chapters

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Chimey would be singing at home whenever it didn’t have anything to do. Lin Yuan was already used to Chimey’s singing, its routine activity at home.

Therefore, Lin Yuan wasn’t paying attention to Chimey when it was singing seriously.

After Genius reached elite-grade, most of its capabilities were already comparable with humans. In fact, its memory was several times better than humans. Soon, Chimey successfully became a beautiful host with an amazing voice with Genius’ help.

At that moment, a cute GIF of a loli was blocking half the screen, and Chimey was singing behind the GIF.

When a host just started their channel, it was normal not to have many viewers—one or two occasional people would pass by and quickly exit the channel.

However, Chimey’s singing was just like that phoenix’s clear chirping on the Kun Mountain and the rustling leaves of the purple bamboo forest. It sounded interesting and appealing, even mellower than the morning dew that dripped down from the pandan leaves.

Therefore, Chimey’s live streaming room became a ‘Cave of the Silken Web1‘ where one couldn’t escape after entering.

Those who entered had no thoughts of leaving.

“Wow! How can there be such a nice voice in this world!? It is a fairy singing!”

“Little Sister, why are you using a GIF to block your face? Shouldn’t a beautiful host be showing their face?”

“Could this song be Little Sister’s original song? I have searched for the lyrics on the Star Web but couldn’t find any match!”

Each of the viewers that entered the room couldn’t help but start to praise Chimey like a violent storm. There was even a generous viewer that instantly rewarded Chimey with 500 Federation dollars!

These people had been blasting messages for a long time but realized that the host didn’t reply to them. They actually felt that the host had a unique personality, so they turned into dogs that continued to lick and shower the host with praises.

The current circumstances were mainly due to Chimey’s great singing that was simply too amazing.

Chimey might be calm on the surface, but its heart was already racing. Chimey wanted to send a message for the viewers to praise it more, but it didn’t know how to reply, and Genius was diligently studying the books Lin Yuan had arranged.

Chimey had no choice but to pretend that it didn’t see the messages and continued singing. After Chimey was tired from singing, it casually switched off the live stream.

However, Chimey didn’t know that when it had been singing earlier, one of the viewers had actually recorded the live stream and posted it on the Star Web.

The name ‘Sparrow Voice Loli Goddess’ spread like wildfire. It was like a spark in the plains during autumn that turned into a raging prairie fire.

A short moment later, a knocking sound echoed in Lin Yuan’s store.

When Lin Yuan opened the door, he saw a 1,7-meter tall girl. She was wearing the Ostrich Logistics’ uniform and had short dark-red hair. It was a cool hairstyle, but it was particularly bashful on this girl’s face.

“Hello. Are you the store owner for Purchase With No Loss, Mister Deep Mountain Elder Lin?”

When speaking, the girl was silently clenching her hands as she was rather nervous, and her tone sounded a little shaky.

Upon noticing the Ostrich Logistics’ uniform on the girl, Lin Yuan knew that she was here to pick up the goods. He immediately replied, “That’s right. It is me. You should be here to pick up the goods, right?”

Lin Yuan’s acknowledgment allowed the girl with the short dark-red short heave a sigh of relief. She let out a shy laugh and said, “I am the newcomer Courier No.3451. My name is Ah Neng. According to your contract, I shall be Purchase With No Loss Store’s dedicated courier.”

Lin Yuan felt that Ah Neng was very cute when he saw her actually place her fist at her chest to encourage herself.

“Then, I shall trouble you from now on, Miss Ah Neng.”

“Does this mean that Mister Deep Mountain Elder Lin agrees for me to be the dedicated courier for Purchase With No Loss Store and will not change me?”

Ah Neng was pleasantly surprised as she smiled and revealed her two tiger teeth. It looked as though she had encountered a great thing.

At that moment, Lin Yuan recalled that the contract with Ostrich Logistics mentioned the service to apply for a change of dedicated courier.

Upon seeing Ah Neng’s expression, Lin Yuan could imagine that Ah Neng had been switched out more than once.

After Lin Yuan gave the affirmative nod, Ah Neng immediately yelled out, “Yeah!”

Subsequently, she circulated her spiritual energy and summoned two of her contracted feys.

Lin Yuan didn’t expect a young-looking girl like her to actually possess Gold and Silver feys.

“I am very formidable! Super aggressive! That’s why there will be no problem with the goods as long as you hand them to me! If there are any accidents, I will use my Bullet Rain to extinguish the enemies with pain!”

Ah Neng was afraid that Lin Yuan might not be at ease and was doing her best to prove her strength.

Upon seeing the two feys Lin Yuan knew that she was a spirit qi professional with high potential that Ostrich Logistics had nurtured. However, he couldn’t understand why she would become his dedicated courier.

Gold Armor-Piercing Insect.

Silver Canister Shot Insect.

These two feys’ attacks would be just like a concentrated rain of bullets that had extreme lethality.

It seemed like Ah Neng wasn’t as bashful as she seemed, and deep down inside, she was a person that worshiped violence.

Ah Neng happily packaged the goods that had to be delivered for Lin Yuan and said, “This might be my first task, but I can guarantee that I will deliver all of them safely within two hours. I will not even need the three hours stated in the contract.”

She then left cheerfully.

Surprisingly, just as Ah Neng left, Lin Yuan saw a few pieces of paper dropping on the ground. He quickly picked them up and chased after Ah Neng while calling out to her. He then handed over the courier lists that had dropped on the ground.

Ah Neng was originally in a great mood, but after seeing the courier lists Lin Yuan handed over, her face immediately turned red. She ran off like a little rabbit immediately after receiving the courier lists.

Lin Yuan couldn’t help but criticize in his heart. He felt that newcomers were definitely not as reliable.

After returning home, Lin Yuan realized that he had already received 3.9 Radiance dollars within two hours. This amount was for the sale of the Elite Usneas and the two Bronze Web-Spraying Spiders.

Lin Yuan immediately felt invigorated with the 3.9 Radiance dollars, so he logged into the Star Web to contact Zhou Jiaxin.

Deep Mountain Elder Lin: “Big Sister Xin, I wish to order another 4,000 catties of inferior energy ores! And three Butterfly Telescope Spirit-Siphon Goldfish of random colors.”

Within a few minutes, Lin Yuan spent the money that he had just earned. He was left with merely 0.4 Radiance dollars.

Lin Yuan would need 1,000 Federation dollars for three months’ expenses, and he would still have some spare in the past.

However, now, Lin Yuan felt that it was irresistible to spend Radiance dollars. He didn’t know if it was because of his confidence or that he was stronger for him to actually have such thoughts.

Zhou Jiaxin: “You still need 4,000 catties of inferior energy ores? I have the stock. If you need them, I will send them to you immediately. As for the three Normal Spirit-Siphon Goldfish, I remember there are three rather good-looking Butterfly Telescope Spirit-Siphon Goldfish in the pond. I will fish them up for you.”