Chapter 42: Revival Soil

Chapter 42 of 100 chapters

As Lin Yuan stated this, he was thinking of setting a rule for his store. It wouldn’t be that kind of rule that was so rigid as the old saying, “If there are no rules, there will not be a proper perimeter...”

However, Lin Yuan just didn’t wish to handle such pointless conflicts. If someone was to fight in his store, it wouldn’t be great for his store’s reputation or development.

The violent-tempered woman and the Buddhism-inclined person expressed that they would closely monitor Lin Yuan’s store for the next two days. If there were any new items for sale, they would snatch them up.

The Buddhism-inclined person left, but the violent-tempered woman stayed behind. She stood in place, unwilling to leave.

Lin Yuan took a glance and understood that this violent-tempered woman had something to say but didn’t know how to say it.

Lin Yuan took the initiative and asked, “If you have anything, you can ask me directly. But this store doesn’t have anything to sell right now.”

After hesitating for a long time, the violent tempered woman asked carefully, “May I know if this store is able to heal feys with severely injured roots?”

Lin Yuan thought that it would be something else. He was naturally able to heal a severely injured fey. However, he was still a D-rank spirit qi professional, and the fey that he would be healing couldn’t be higher than silver-grade.

If the fey was above silver-grade, Lin Yuan’s healing session would be several times longer, and it would be extremely slow.

Currently, Lin Yuan was only confident in healing a Bronze fey swiftly.

“The store is indeed able to heal severely injured feys, but only ones below Silver. The store isn’t going to accept jobs to heal Silver feys and above.”

As soon as Lin Yuan ended the statement, the violent-tempered person suddenly yelled out with tears, “My daughter’s fey is finally going to be saved! It is finally going to be rescued!”

The moment the violent-tempered woman teared up, Lin Yuan involuntarily recalled the words she had uttered when he had just arrived at the store.

“A woman is fundamentally weak. Those who become mothers would become strong-willed.”

However, no matter how strong-willed a mother was, she would always be gentle and fragile when facing her children.

After crying for a period of time, the violent-tempered woman continued to say, “It is a Bronze fey. My daughter’s Bronze fey had been at the previous dimensional rift’s vicinity to train. The flames of a Horn Demon burned its root.”

Lin Yuan’s heart sank when he heard the two words, ‘Horn Demon’.

The Horn Demon was a monster from the Demon Dimensional Rift. It had a body of a barbaric bull, and it was extremely strong.

While charging its giant horns would attack the target. When the horns struck at the target, they would automatically ignite and activate the Burning Charge. The attack’s damage was truly dreadful.

No matter how powerful a regular flame was, it wouldn’t damage the roots of a fey. However, the Horn Demon’s flames had a withering effect.

The withering effect was unexpectedly lethal against plant-type feys, and the Horn Demon’s Burning Charge would only injure plant-type feys’ roots.

“Then make an appointment in advance. In October, bring your daughter and her fey to the store. I will diagnose it before arranging for the treatment.”

After Lin Yuan agreed, the violent-tempered woman finally relaxed, and she constantly thanked him.

“Owner, what are the fees for the treatment? I am afraid that I do not have enough money now. But don’t you worry, I will definitely gather enough money by next month!”

Lin Yuan pondered for a moment and gave the price.

“I don’t need Radiance dollars. You just need to find me a bag of Revival Soil.”

Only Class 2 Creation Masters could achieve in healing a Bronze fey’s damaged roots.

The best methods for Creation Masters to earn money were evolving feys and enhancing their quality. In order to heal a fey’s damaged roots, the Creation Master would have to use spiritual ingredients to assist in the recuperation. It would be wasting time and experience.

At the same time, it might not be a 100% recovery.

Thus, it was very hard to hire a top-class Creation Master to heal a fey’s damaged roots without any special connections.

A fey contract couldn’t be changed, and if the fey’s roots were damaged, it would be the same as damaging the potential of a spirit qi professional.

As such, Creation Masters didn’t just create hope for evolution, but they also created hope for rescue.

The Revival Soil was a supporting ingredient that Lin Yuan was planning to use to nurture and enhance the Jasmine Lily’s quality to Legend when it was bronze-grade. Such ingredients were extremely hard to find, and it required planning right now.

The violent-tempered woman desperately thanked Lin Yuan upon hearing his request. He had given the most compassionate price by requesting for a bag of Revival Soil.

Had she looked for another Class 2 Creation Master and offered this price, they would not even let her step through their door.

Lin Yuan offered this price because he could effortlessly heal the fey’s damaged root. It was even easier than to increase the fey’s quality.

Spiritual ingredients like the Revival Soil had the same status as Bronze Usneas and were extremely hard to find.

Before this, Lin Yuan had already asked if Zhou Jiaxin had any Revival Soil, and unfortunately, she didn’t. Hence, Lin Yuan wanted to see if this violent-tempered woman could obtain it.

It would be best if she could. If she couldn’t obtain it, Lin Yuan would change the price to Radiance dollars and wouldn’t leave them for dead.

The violent-tempered woman gritted her teeth and guaranteed that she would obtain a bag of Revival Soil. She then repeatedly thanked Lin Yuan, making him feel a little embarrassed.

Suddenly, Lin Yuan thought that he could add the service of healing feys’ damaged roots within his private custom jobs. It would definitely allow him to receive plenty of rare ingredients that no amount of Radiance dollars could buy.

While thinking like this, Lin Yuan let out a sigh.

I am not just lacking Radiance dollars. I also lack all sorts of rare ingredients.

For the Jasmine Lily’s quality to reach Legend, he would need a portion of Revival Soil, two Mahogany Tree Cores, and 1L of Grasswood Fountain Water.

Presently, it could be considered that he had obtained the Revival Soil.

The Grasswood Fountain Water was something that could be bought with a huge amount of Radiance dollars. However, Lin Yuan was still witless on how to obtain the two Mahogany Tree Cores.

The Mahogany Tree Cores were treasures that were qualified to enter the Rare Lifeform Pavilion.

It seems like my grand plan of earning money is still far from enough.

When the violent-tempered woman walked out of Lin Yuan’s store, she noticed that the short and fat Buddhism-inclined person who had angered her was standing at the entrance of the store.

The violent-tempered woman immediately wiped off the tears on her face.

The short Buddhism-inclined fatty had obviously heard the conversation in the store and wanted to console the violent-tempered woman.

“Buddha said—”

When the violent tempered woman heard the words “Buddha said”, she gave a glare and yelled, “Buddha said that all things have consequences, and your retribution is me!”

Once Lin Yuan’s peace and quiet returned, he sent the message to Stream in the Cloud on the Star Web.

Deep Mountain Elder Lin: “The five Elite/Epic Web-Spraying Spiders are in the store now. Come over and take a look.”

Stream in the Cloud: “What? Uncle, you have already obtained five Elite/Epic Web-Spraying Spiders so quickly!? You aren’t cheating me, right?”

Deep Mountain Elder Lin: “You are so clever, who would dare to cheat you? Hurry up and come over so that I can deliver the goods to you.”

Lin Yuan urgently needed to sell the five Elite/Epic Web-Spraying Spiders for 10 Radiance dollars. Once he received the money, he would then have the capital to nurture Elite Spirit-Siphon Goldfish.

Otherwise, Lin Yuan’s current wealth wasn’t enough to even purchase one Normal Spirit-Siphon Goldfish, let alone nurturing anything.

Stream in the Cloud: “I understand, Uncle. I will be there right away!”

Stream in the Cloud quickly arrived at Lin Yuan’s store, and when she saw the five Elite/Epic Web-Spraying Spiders, she clicked her tongue in amazement and said, “I didn’t think that you would actually be so fast! I am uber-lucky, and I will definitely be able to produce the Transparent Spider Web from these five Web-Spraying Spiders. Hurry up and deliver them to me!”

Previously, it was Lin Yuan who had been anxious. However, he didn’t expect Stream in the Cloud to be even more anxious than him after seeing the Web-Spraying Spiders. She was already asking him to expedite the delivery!