Chapter 48: Mouth of Relinquish

Chapter 48 of 100 chapters

From now on, Lin Yuan would need to supply food to Red Thorn as he did for Genius and Chimey.

Lin Yuan had already come to a decision about Red Thorn food supply. What else could be more suitable than the alien insects as a food source for Red Thorn?

The alien insects had hard shells, while their flesh had corrosive properties.

If these alien insects were used to feed Red Thorn, they would increase Red Thorn’s digestive ability and allow Red Thorn’s predator organs to produce a potent corrosive fluid in order to digest them.

The alien insects were products of the dimensional rift and insect world. They weren’t available in this world.

On the Star Web, the carcasses of alien insects were sold as spiritual ingredients. Lin Yuan immediately went to purchase insect carcasses for Red Thorn to see how many of them it had to digest before reaching normal-grade.

After entering his Star Web store, Lin Yuan noticed that plenty of people were waiting inside. There were many new faces, but Lin Yuan didn’t feel strange toward their intentions as they were all waiting for him. They probably wanted to order Bronze Usneas and Elite Spirit-Siphon Goldfish.

These people were actually willing to increase the price to make orders with him, but Lin Yuan rejected all of them without exception.

When operating a small store, especially a small fey store on the Star Web, apart from the selling feys, the store would be accepting private orders. Each private order would be different from the previous one, so the price would be different. However, as far as the store’s normal fey were concerned, Lin Yuan chose to treat everyone fairly.

Lin Yuan hadn’t known how to operate a store in his previous life. He had accumulated all the knowledge for operating a store in this life by watching how his parents acted.

Enthusiasm and perseverance were required when opening a store. Lin Yuan had already inherited the enthusiasm and perseverance traits and wouldn’t change so easily.

“Owner, I wish to order 30 pots of Bronze Usneas at a price higher than the market price.”

“Owner, I wish to order 100 Elite Spirit-Siphon Goldfish from you. I wonder if we can have a discussion.”

Lin Yuan was rather tempted after hearing the offers, but he firmly rejected them.

“When the store brings new merchandise, you are all welcomed to snatch them.”

After sending these people away with a smile, Lin Yuan sighed.

Due to the increase in transactions on the Star Web, there would always be new customers, and the usefulness of the AI robot would start to decrease. Lin Yuan really wanted to hire a staff member for his Star Web store.

After the passage of a dozen days or so, Lin Yuan’s store was no longer unknown as in the beginning. He had constantly been selling feys that were rarely available on the Star Web. As such, his store had been categorized by the Star Web as a Premium Goods Store.

Naturally, since his store carried the Premium Goods Store title, it received yet another boost in popularity. Nonetheless, with more people visiting due to its reputation, Lin Yuan’s supply of goods was not enough for the demand.

Many Star Web stores were trying to think of methods to sell their goods, but Lin Yuan’s store would only have available stock for ten minutes before selling out.

During this period of time, the Bronze Usneas and Elite Spirit-Siphon Goldfish had brought Lin Yuan a profit of 400 Radiance dollars. In other words, Lin Yuan had already accumulated enough money to purchase three drops of gold-grade dragon blood.

There were still a few days before the 27th, and Lin Yuan would definitely be able to earn more Radiance dollars during this period of time. He would then have the capital to purchase the great feys that people might miss out on.

In Lin Yuan’s case, who was urgently trying to increase his strength, no amount of Radiance dollars was enough to spend.

Lin Yuan only had one Willpower Rune in the past, and he was already under great pressure. He was in a hurry to help his Jasmine Lily increase its quality to Legend at bronze-grade. From there, he would enhance it into a Fantasy Breed.

Now that he had another Willpower Rune, Lin Yuan was already thinking of upgrading Red Thorn to become a Fantasy Breed at bronze-grade too.

Red Thorn wasn’t a regular fey that Lin Yuan could channel his spirit qi to evolve it and enhance its quality. Red Thorn would require the full support of resources, making it a sweet burden.

Just as Lin Yuan was preparing to contact Zhou Jiaxin, he saw a message from a friend. He took a glance and couldn’t help but lament.

Stream in the Cloud is really not an uber lucky person. She even said she would definitely be able to roll out the Transparent Spider Web.

To think about it, how can a person who got bitten by a Ghost Shadow Bristled Spider be uber lucky?

As such, Lin Yuan had to continue preparing five more Elite X/Epic Web-Spraying Spiders for the Stream in the Cloud. It wasn’t a problem for Lin Yuan as he considered an easy task to complete.

After replying to the Stream in the Cloud, Lin Yuan contacted Zhou Jiaxin.

Deep Mountain Elder Lin: “Big Sister Xin, do you have any alien insect carcasses for sale?”

Zhou Jiaxin: “I do have low-grade alien insect carcasses and quite the collection at that. Do you need them? If you don’t need too many, I can send them to you as a gift.”

Zhou Jiaxin was rather surprised and didn’t know why Lin Yuan wanted to purchase alien insect carcasses. Although the alien insect carcasses’ prices weren’t considered low, Zhou Jiaxin was willing to gift them because she wanted to build a better relationship with Lin Yuan.

This was also considered a method to enhance the relationship with customers.

Another factor was the recent dimensional rifts opening in various places; the alien insect carcasses’ prices had plummeted.

Since the alien insect carcasses’ prices had declined, Zhou Jiaxin didn’t mind giving away three or four of them.

Deep Mountain Elder Lin: “Big Sister Xin, there is no need for the gift. I will need a huge quantity of alien insect carcasses in the future. This time, I will need 100. I will also need another 10,000 catties of inferior energy ores, half a catty of Butterfly Shells, 40 Normal Spirit-Siphon Goldfish, and five Elite X/Flawless Web-Spraying Spiders.”

Lin Yuan decided to just purchase everything from Zhou Jiaxin’s store. After purchasing so many spiritual ingredients and feys from Zhou Jiaxin’s store, he didn’t have to worry about the quality.

Zhou Jiaxin didn’t expect Lin Yuan to purchase so many goods in one go. She found the constant increase of Lin Yuan’s purchasing power truly delightful. At the same time, she already treated Lin Yuan as her VIP customer and would open up all spiritual ingredients and resources from the store to Lin Yuan.

As a Class 3 store owner, Zhou Jiaxin had plenty of collections. Those precious spiritual ingredients and feys were all resources to build ties with customers. As such, Zhou Jiaxin had been cautiously using them.

However, Zhou Jiaxin was going to be extremely generous in offering her resources to Lin Yuan in the future. Of course, the precondition was that Lin Yuan could afford them.

After logging out of the Star Web, Lin Yuan quickly received Zhou Jiaxin’s goods. The 100 alien insect carcasses were stored in Ostrich Logistics spirit storage boxes, so there wasn’t a need to worry they might rot.

Lin Yuan tossed the alien insect carcasses to Red Thorn.

Red Thorn probed and sensed the alien insect carcasses’ taste before the two red flowers opened up and formed a red basin mouth that could fit a basketball. It then gobbled up two of the alien insect carcasses.

Red Thorn’s digestion speed of the alien insect carcasses was surprisingly fast, and it took just five to six minutes to disintegrate them.

Lin Yuan continued to feed Red Thorn until the 80th carcass. When Red Thorn finished digesting the 80th alien insect carcass, it stopped eating.

Its body started to shiver violently as it evolved and produced other body structures.

At that moment, Lin Yuan checked on Red Thorn’s normal-grade ability, and his irises shrunk as it was the Mouth of Relinquish!