Chapter 49: Thousand Questions Beast

Chapter 49 of 100 chapters

Red Thorn’s body was shivering with increased intensity. As it shivered, thorns started to grow out of Red Thorn’s body. There were around ten thorns, around one and a half meters, with sharp spikes covering them.

The spikes weren’t ordinary spikes as they curved in a reverse direction. If this thorn pierced into the flesh, a slight pull of the vine would rip off the flesh.

While looking at Red Thorn’s normal-grade state, Lin Yuan couldn’t help but get amazed by Red Thorn’s offensive capability.

Red Thorn’s evolution felt as though it was meant for combat, but the evolution had yet to complete.

At the center of Red Thorn, there was a fruit-shaped part that suddenly grew out. It was light red in color and around half a meter in height. As compared to the two digestive organs by the side, the fruit-shaped part was taller and much more robust.

The two digestive organs that Red Thorn produced previously were gradually integrating with the fruit-shaped part. Red Thorn’s evolution stopped here.

Lin Yuan checked on Red Thorn’s True Data.

[Fey Name]: Red Thorn (Predator Plant)

[Fey Species]: Rafflesia genus/Vine subspecies

[Fey Grade]: Normal

[Fey Type]: Source

[Fey Quality]: Elite


[Mouth of Relinquish]: Secrete vigorous digestive fluids with powerful corrosive properties, allowing a faster speed to absorb the energy in the food.

Red Thorn looked rather sinister and fearsome right now, however, Lin Yuan paid more attention to the newly grown fruit-shaped part as it was a new organ.

This new organ was precisely due to the Red Thorn’s normal-grade ability, Mouth of Relinquish.

Red Thorn’s digestive organs could only be described as complete before, but they were considered perfect right now.

A single command from Lin Yuan had allowed Red Thorn to evolve into a nearly perfect route at the normal-grade. The newly grown organ was a digestive smelter. It allowed the digestive organs to dissolve the alien insect carcasses with extreme speed and also secrete large amounts of plant corrosive fluid.

The corrosive plant fluid wasn’t just able to help with the digestion of food, but the two multiflora flowers could also spat it out as an attack.

Lin Yuan followed up quickly and continued to feed the alien insect carcasses. He noticed the Mouth of Relinquish had opened up multiple crevices that were filled with sharp teeth.

Lin Yuan tossed ten insect carcasses into the Mouth of Relinquish, and it merely wriggled a few times before crushing all the insect carcasses.

Due to the digestive fluids that were even more powerful than acid, it took just a few minutes to digest everything.

Lin Yuan was shocked by Red Thorn’s digestion speed.

However, he wasn’t hesitant and immediately ordered another 3,000 alien insect carcasses from Zhou Jiaxin’s Star Web store. Lin Yuan was planning to constantly feed Red Thorn and for it to digest the alien insect carcasses to quickly reach elite-grade.

Apart from listing up the new goods on the Star Web, Lin Yuan would be purchasing resources during this period. At the same time, he helped Stream in the Cloud to finish the custom orders.

For the rest of the time, Lin Yuan had constantly been enhancing the Jasmine Lily, Spirit-Siphon Goldfish, Genius, and Chimey.

It had to be known that regarding the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish, Lin Yuan truly had a love-hate relationship with it.

But as his spirit-locked fey, Lin Yuan didn’t have any choice and had to be patient as he increased the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish’s grade and quality. As for the other Spirit-Siphon Goldfish, Lin Yuan didn’t have the time to bother with them.

However, due to the Spirit Lock spatial zone’s ample spirit qi, the Normal Spirit-Siphon Goldfish in the spirit pool were all evolving rather quickly.

Naturally, evolving the Normal Spirit-Siphon Goldfish to elite-grade brought the main bulk of revenue for Lin Yuan.

Days passed by, and Lin Yuan continued to operate Purchase With No Loss Fey Store. The small financial snowball had been constantly pushed by Lin Yuan and started to accumulate more snow, producing great rewards.

At that moment, Chimey and Genius were cuddling with Lin Yuan. Under Lin Yuan’s nourishment and channeled spirit qi, they were already Elite X/Epic feys.

When Lin Yuan circulated the spirit qi to break through the limits in Genius and Chimey’s bodies, the two of them simultaneously evolved to bronze-grade.

Genius’ body emitted the sound of intense bone formations, and it was meowing and purring as though it was experiencing extreme pain.

The evolution to bronze-grade was considered a metamorphosis for any fey, and naturally, Genius was no exception. However, as a Hundred Questions Beast, Genius’ foundation was much weaker than regular feys. Therefore, the evolution to bronze-grade was even more intense for Genius.

In a few short minutes, Genius’ fur had been withering and falling off layer by layer and growing new fur layer by layer. When Genius had reached elite-grade, it had already been the size of an adult domestic cat. Now that it evolved to bronze-grade, Genius actually shrunk by more than two times. Genius now had the size that was the same as the time before any evolution.

Genius’ fur had constantly been transforming, and after a period of time, it finally stopped. Genius’ fur was completely white right now. But it wasn’t white like the snow, but more like white nephrite that was sparkling and moist looking.

Genius opened its eyes, and Lin Yuan noticed that its eyes were like amber and felt they were absurdly quick-witted.

After waking up, Genius looked at its transformation and licked its little paws happily. All of a sudden, Genius looked at its tail and let out an alarmed meow.

Lin Yuan looked over and noticed that Genius’ tail had transformed from one into three. When Lin Yuan used True Data to check on Genius’ attributes, he noticed that Genius’ name had changed from a Hundred Questions Beast to a Thousand Questions Beast.

Genius was still panicking because of its three tails. It used its little paw to grasp the tails and shook them back and forth. It made Genius’ quick-witted eyes lit up.

Since Genius evolved to bronze-grade with Epic quality, three exclusive skills appeared, and Lin Yuan had to make a choice.

Lin Yuan carried Genius and discovered that its fur was ridiculously silky and soft. When Genius sensed that it had shrunk in size, it scuttled onto Lin Yuan’s shoulder and sat on its favorite spot.

Lin Yuan read Genius’ three exclusive skills and started to ponder.

[Dust Avoidance]: All dust will be repelled, and the environment will be free of dust.

[Tool Transformation]: Capable of transforming into a tool for the contractor to use.

[Deepened Pain]: After attacking the target, it will cause the target to feel pain. Make use of the spiritual energy to decide and increase the pain.

The three exclusive skills made Lin Yuan frown.

Dust Avoidance was an exclusive skill that was like a smart vacuum cleaner and was very fitting for a housekeeping beast. If the Dust Avoidance skill was used in appropriate situations, it could be used to deal with and counter feys with Sandy Soil abilities.

However, Genius wasn’t an offense-type fey, so the effects in battle would be very limited.