Chapter 5: Clear Pond Carp

Chapter 5 of 100 chapters

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Morbius fell back into a deep slumber after transferring its spiritual energy.

Lin Yuan carefully observed the spatial zone he was in.

This spatial zone should be meant for nurturing feys, as mentioned from the exclusive skill, Spirit Lock.

Before Lin Yuan could conduct more detailed observations, he could vaguely hear something. A familiar voice was calling him, and it sounded rather anxious.

“Why isn’t Little Yuan waking up? Doctor, didn’t you say that his spirit merely received stimulation and is in a fatigued state? Why doesn’t he look any better after half a day?”

The voice belonged to Auntie Zhang, and due to anxiety, she was constantly asking questions.

“Yuan, Yuan, meow, meow.”

It was the Hundred Questions Beast’s voice. Genius could communicate in human language, but it would unconsciously emit bestial sounds when it was anxious.

“Chirp, chirp, chirp! Chirp, chirp, chirp!” The Sound Bird, Chimey, was also anxiously chirping.

When Lin Yuan had suddenly fainted, Auntie Zhang, Genius, and Chimey had all been shocked.

At that moment, Lin Yuan’s consciousness finally returned to his body. When he opened his eyes, he immediately saw Chimey standing on his nose and looking at him nervously.

He then saw Auntie Zhang constantly questioning the doctor, which made the doctor’s forehead sweat profusely.

Lin Yuan suddenly opened his eyes and unwittingly frightened Chimey, causing it to jump up and chirp twice. It then immediately reacted joyfully and hopped on Lin Yuan’s nose while chirping cheerfully.

Genius also scuttled along Lin Yuan’s neck area and carefully rubbed its body against his neck. Perhaps it was frightened witless earlier, as Genius was actually trembling a little.

Auntie Zhang heard Chimey and Genius’ responses, and when she turned around, she happened to see Lin Yuan opening his eyes. She couldn’t be bothered with questioning the doctor anymore.

When she saw that Lin Yuan wanted to get up, she immediately said, “Little Yuan, lie back down. I will get the doctor to check on you again. You have been unconscious for close to ten hours. It is already evening now. If you have an illness, you have to treat it as soon as possible. Otherwise, a common illness might also lead to severe illness.”

Auntie Zhang’s concern warmed Lin Yuan’s heart. He had received plenty of care from Auntie Zhang for the past few years. However, Lin Yuan knew that his body didn’t have any problem. He had fainted because of Morbius’ awakening and because he had formed a contract with Morbius.

Auntie Zhang was still not at ease, and just as she was about to say something, the doctor walked over and said, “Kid, you truly frightened your aunt with your illness. I will use the Clear Pond Carp to heal you.”

The doctor immediately summoned his contracted fey, which was a half-foot-long greenish-black carp.

The carp had massive scales on the side of its body, and when the doctor activated the ability, one of the sparkling scales fell off. It floated in front of Lin Yuan while he felt a warm spiritual world that was extremely comfortable.

At that moment, Lin Yuan secretly activated Morbius’ ability, True Data, to check on the Clear Pond Carp’s attribute.

[Fey Name]: Clear Pond Carp

[Fey Species]: Carp subspecies/Carp species

[Fey Grade]: Elite (4/10)

[Fey Type]: Water

[Fey Quality]: Elite


[Tail Lash]: Jumps up and uses the fish’s tail to execute a lash attack.

[Clear Scales]: Gradually recover spiritual trauma. It is able to alleviate abnormal spiritual conditions.

Upon seeing the Clear Pond Carp’s species, Lin Yuan felt that its attribute was Normal, but to his surprise, it was an Elite fey.

After reading through the Clear Pond Carp’s information, Lin Yuan felt that this doctor was very fortunate.

Clear Pond Carps were very ordinary water-type feys, and when they were at normal-grade, their initial abilities would be physical ones, such as Tail Lash or Fin Flap.

Unexpectedly, when this Clear Pond Carp had reached elite-grade, it had awakened the rare ability, Clear Scales. It allowed the Clear Pond Carp to transform into a dragon1 and obtain an uncommon spirit-healing ability.

Soon, more perspiration appeared on the doctor’s forehead. When the Clear Pond Carp’s scale lost its luster, the doctor stopped the ability, and the fallen scale turned into ashes.

“There is nothing major. You will recover very quickly if you have more rest and consume more nutritional food.” While speaking, the doctor was about to use his sleeve to wipe off his sweat, but Auntie Zhang handed over a tissue.

“Doctor, it has been hard on you. Please, clean your sweat with this.”

The doctor received the tissue from Auntie Zhang and said, “I am done with the healing, so I shall leave first. It is rather late. My wife is still waiting for me to have a meal.”

The doctor packed up his things and walked out of the store. When he left, his forehead might still be covered in sweat, but his eyes betrayed his delight. He might be a small-time doctor, but the joy of healing and saving others was a rather satisfying reward.

After the doctor left, Auntie Zhang looked at Lin Yuan with concern and said, “Little Yuan, if you aren’t feeling well, don’t force yourself. Your body is your capital. If you fall sick, what will Little Ci do?”

Auntie Zhang was afraid that Lin Yuan would neglect his body, so she intentionally mentioned his young sister, who was studying far away.

“Auntie Zhang, don’t worry, I will bring you the doctor’s fees tomorrow. I am really sorry for troubling you for the entire day.”

Lin Yuan had a sincere expression as he spoke. Then, he stood up and saw the Usneas growing with vines that were almost three meters in length. He couldn’t help but sigh at the sight.

He then poured a cup of water for Auntie Zhang with gratitude.

“Little Yuan, don’t be so courteous with me. Your Uncle Li and I have watched you growing up after all.”

Auntie Zhang received the cup of water, downed it in one mouthful, and burped. She had been so anxious to the point she had forgotten about drinking water all day.

After drinking the water, Auntie Zhang noticed that Lin Yuan was insisting on being courteous, so she didn’t say anything else, aware that this youth had his own resolutions.

Upon seeing Auntie Zhang’s empty cup, Lin Yuan was about to pour more water, but she shook her hand. “Little Yuan, give me one pot of Jasmine Lily. I will put it at your Uncle Li’s bedside later.”

At the same time, Auntie Zhang took out 500 Federation dollars and placed them in Lin Yuan’s hands.

Lin Yuan looked at the money and said helplessly, “Auntie Zhang, you have been buying a pot of Jasmine Lily every month. Sometimes, you even buy one pot within the same month. You really don’t need to—”

Before Lin Yuan could finish his sentence, Auntie Zhang interrupted him. “Can’t your Auntie Zhang put more pots in her house?”

Lin Yuan didn’t have a choice but to bring a pot of Jasmine Lily to Auntie Zhang. He picked the one that was in the best condition, but Auntie Zhang had already carried the pot that had softened leaves and would only last for a few days.

“I shall take this as it looks rather fated with me,” she said.

The scene of Auntie Zhang carrying that Jasmine Lily caused Lin Yuan’s heart to surge with warmth. It was always like this—she would use the same tone and attitude and would carry the same kind of Jasmine Lily.

Suddenly, little “thud, thud, thud” sounds echoed. They came from a rabbit, which was like a middle-sized dog. Its fur was a mix of red and black, its palm-leaf-like ears were massive, almost its body height, and it also looked like a mouse.

When Genius and Chimey heard its signature sounds, they quickly rushed to the entrance. Genius lay on the large rabbit’s body, while Chimey landed on the large rabbit’s head.

This large rabbit was none other than Auntie Zhang’s contracted fey. It was also Genius’ and Chimey’s only spirit beast friend for the past few years.

The large rabbit ran toward Auntie Zhang; one of its ears was carrying a package that was wrapped in blue cloth.

Lin Yuan had always been under the impression that it was a Terror Rabbit. However, when he activated True Data to check the rabbit that he was very familiar with, Lin Yuan realized that it wasn’t the case!