Chapter 52: Victory

Chapter 52 of 100 chapters

Lin Yuan looked at his opponent and gasped a mouthful of cold air.

While looking at the opponent’s information, Lin Yuan realized he was facing a 27-year-old power offense-type spirit qi professional. His name was Huang Chenglin.

His information card stated he had three Bronze feys—Poison Fire Python, River Water Python, and Acid Mist Python. They weren’t concealed at all.

Although his honesty left Lin Yuan rather surprised, he didn’t appreciate it. In a duel, not letting the opponent know of one’s contracted feys was a trump card by itself.

To expose one’s own feys without any concealment... Instead of saying that he was particularly confident, it was better to say that he was simple-minded.

Naturally, all feys had a bane that would counter them. When fighting against a fey that was your fey’s weakness, it was rarely possible to turn the tables.

However, Huang Chenglin was on the 22nd floor and was already considered an expert. As such, he had the capital to throw in a little advantage for the opponent.

Huang Chenglin’s highest floor record was 37th floor, which meant that Huang Chenglin had probably been unlucky and dropped to the 22nd floor. Even if he were to expose all of his feys’ information and lost the advantage, it wasn’t possible for him to drop to the 22nd floor.

While Lin Yuan was reading Huang Chenglin’s information, the same was happening on the other side.

Before Lin Yuan could speak, the opponent spoke first.

“Hey! Looking at your duel record, you are still a newcomer. But why did you only climb the Star Tower when your feys are at bronze-grade? You wouldn’t be somebody that is unlicensed, right?! Hiding all of your information like this. Since you are a healing-type professional, I will let you prepare first before receiving your death.”

Huang Chenglin shrugged his shoulders in an extremely relaxed manner.

A contractor’s mental state would affect the fey’s mental state. Huang Chenglin was totally relaxed and nonchalant, so the three Bronze python-species feys didn’t adopt an offensive posture like before. Instead, they revolved around Huang Chenglin and waited for his command.

Lin Yuan didn’t respond. Among Huang Chenglin’s three Bronze feys, Lin Yuan only knew a little about the Poison Fire Python. He didn’t know anything about the River Water Python and the Acid Mist Python.

As such, Lin Yuan commanded Genius to execute Tool Transformation. Genius turned into a pair of glasses, and when Lin Yuan wore them on his nose bridge, he took another glance at the Poison Fire Python, Acid Mist Python, and the River Water Python. All of a sudden, he had a comprehensive understanding of three pythons.

It was different from how he understood knowledge that was provided by Morbius’ True Data.

True Data provided knowledge on the fey’s grade, quality, abilities, and exclusive skill. The knowledge provided by Genius allowed Lin Yuan to understand the movement and attack behavior of this species. Such knowledge required accumulation of experience.

At that moment, Lin Yuan suddenly realized that after he wore the glasses, it seemed like he could see the opponent feys’ weak spots in their defenses.

These weak spots were blind spots that could be deduced by observing the opponent’s movement. If Lin Yuan were to attack those spots, the opponent wouldn’t be able to put up an effective defense.

It was the same as a person extending their hands to push forward and being unable to defend the attacks on their ribs.

This discovery made Lin Yuan rather excited.

When Huang Chenglin noticed that Lin Yuan had yet to reply to him and didn’t move either, he said with a dissatisfied tone, “Hey! Unlicensed person! Stop with your pretense. Your cat that seemed to be the only one with attack power has actually turned into a pair of glasses with Tool Transformation. What use does your little bird have? Since you are a healing-type professional, your little bird wouldn’t start producing bird’s nests for others to eat and heal, right?”

Chimey might not be able to speak after evolving to bronze-grade, but it could still understand Huang Chenglin’s words. It was so angry that it started to hop around Lin Yuan’s shoulder. It was chirping loudly as though it was quarreling with Huang Chenglin.

Lin Yuan finally spoke. “I am ready, you may begin.”

As soon as Lin Yuan spoke, he commanded Chimey to charge at the Poison Fire Python.

When the Poison Fire Python saw Chimey charging over, it immediately responded by spraying a lump of poisonous flames.

Lin Yuan immediately used Jasmine Lily’s ability, Heal, and targeted it at Chimey.

Using the air current, Chimey dashed into the flames. The powerful flow of air helped Chimey to effectively resist the poison fire attack.

Before the flames could burn Chimey, it responded to Lin Yuan’s command and released Turbulence.

Turbulence would first be formed around Chimey’s body, and because Chimey was in the middle of the poison flames, it scattered the Poison Fire Python’s flames toward all directions when it executed the Turbulence ability.

At that moment, the Acid Mist Python sprayed acid mist toward Chimey.

When the acid mist contacted the poison fire blown away by Turbulence, they immediately exploded.

The Poison Fire Python’s poison fire wasn’t considered powerful, but it was more than twice as powerful when blown by Turbulence. When the poison fire contacted the acid mist and exploded, the explosion extended and followed the acid mist.

The blazing poison fire immediately surged into the mouth of the Acid Mist Python. It caused the Acid Mist Python to convulse on the ground immediately, rendering it unable to continue fighting.

When feys reached bronze-grade, apart from their strength, strategy was also required.

Huang Chenglin didn’t expect to make such a huge mistake and actually allow his own fey to injure his own fey due to the chaotic battle.

Seeing the convulsing Acid Mist Python on the ground, Huang Chenglin yelled at the Poison Fire Python with a tinge of blame, “Poison Fire Python! Shot another Poison Fire at that silly bird!”

However, when Huang Chenglin gave the command, Chimey had already let out a loud chirp. Just as the Poison Fire Python opened its mouth to shoot Poison Fire, three invisible and formless Sound Thrusts pierced into the Poison Fire Python’s mouth.

A single Sound Thrust might not be able to strip off the Poison Fire Python’s combat capability and might only severely injure its mouth. However, when three consecutive Sound Thrust pierced into its mouth, they immediately penetrated the weak oral cavity and opened up a hole in the head.

An injury of this degree immediately sent the Poison Fire Python out of commission.

Chimey had already used up half of its spirit qi.

Lin Yuan quickly used the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish’s ability, Spirit Injection, on Chimey and helped it to recover a portion of the lost spirit qi. It was completed within the spark of flints.

Huang Chenglin suddenly noticed that among the three of his python species feys, only the River Water Python could continue fighting.

Originally, he thought that winning this duel was within his grasp, but he had immediately lost 2/3 of his major combat strength due to his incompetent commands.

Huang Chenglin ground his teeth and yelled at Lin Yuan, “If you are capable, fight me with power! Winning with schemes is the behavior of a coward!”

Lin Yuan looked at Huang Chenglin with a shocked expression and said, “Do you actually want a healing-type professional like me to compare attack power with a power offense-type professional like you? A duel is settled with victories and defeats. This isn’t playing house and seeing who has greater strength.”

When listening to Lin Yuan, Huang Chenglin suddenly let out a sly peal of laughter. “You have been duped!”

A water pillar suddenly burst out of the ground, targeting Chimey with rapid speed.

When Huang Chenglin was speaking earlier, he had already arranged for the River Water Python to launch a sneak attack on Chimey. Seeing that his sneak attack was a success, he yelled at Lin Yuan, “Of course this isn’t playing house! You should understand that a duelist should not detest trickery—”

Before Huang Chenglin could finish his statement, Lin Yuan shouted, “Clear Sky!”

Chimey received Lin Yuan’s command, and the cloud patterns on its azure blue feathers suddenly lit up. They emitted a gentle light. The radiance was very gentle, but it became scorching hot when making contact with the water pillar.

Clear Sky instantly evaporated the massive water pillar!

Instead of saying that that massive water pillar had evaporated, Lin Yuan felt that it instantly vanished into the air when the water pillar contacted the radiance.

Huang Chenglin was originally absorbed in frenzied laughter, but the sudden change caused his mouth to expand widely.

It felt as though he couldn’t understand what had happened.

Just as Huang Chenglin was dazzled, Chimey released Turbulence to control the River Water Python. After another loud chirp, Sound Thrust pierced into the eyes of the River Water Python mercilessly.

As a result, Lin Yuan successfully secured this duel’s victory.

Although Chimey was able to win, it was not because of its strength. The major factor that contributed to this duel was Lin Yuan using the glass-transformed Genius to help Chimey point out the three pythons’ weak spots.

This duel allowed Lin Yuan to receive plenty of rewards. This was also the first time Lin Yuan had participated in a disadvantageous duel.

Lin Yuan ignored the defeated Huang Chenglin and logged out of the Star Web after rising up to the 23rd floor.

Lin Yuan noticed he was lacking in this duel, especially when it came to attacking methods.

If Lin Yuan was to encounter another opponent like Huang Chenglin and had no intel on the opponent’s feys in advance, it would be hard for him to arrange a suitable strategy to win with Chimey alone.

After all, not every opponent would be as arrogant as Huang Chenglin and display all of their feys.

If Lin Yuan wanted to increase his attack methods, he would need to do his best to nurture Red Thorn.

It seems like it isn’t enough to just feed Red Thorn with low-grade alien insect carcasses. I have to think of methods to find high-grade flesh to help Red Thorn evolve quickly.

For the next few days, Lin Yuan had spent 240 Radiance dollars in advance to purchase three drops of gold-grade dragon blood from Zhou Jiaxin. He was preparing to evolve his spirit-locked Elite Spirit-Siphon Goldfish to bronze-grade.

This way, Morbius’ grade would also advance to bronze-grade, and it would obtain a new exclusive skill.

Lin Yuan entered the Spirit Lock spatial zone and looked at the Telescope Spirit-Siphon Goldfish in the spirit pool. It was growing bigger and more incredible-looking.

He then took out a small jar, scooped up half a jar of water from the spirit pool, and placed the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish inside the jar.

After enhancing the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish to Elite X/Epic, just as it was about to reach the juncture of reaching bronze-grade, Lin Yuan immediately put in all three drops of dragon blood into the jar.