Chapter 53: Spirit-Gather Goldfish

Chapter 53 of 100 chapters

The three drops of gold-grade dragon blood in Lin Yuan’s hand felt as though they were flowing mercury. They didn’t just have great density, but they also exuded a special luster that normal blood didn’t possess.

Normal blood would stain the enclosed bottles’ walls, but the gold-grade dragon blood didn’t stain the walls at all.

When Lin Yuan was pouring them out, he could feel the dragon blood emitting pressure.

The Spirit-Siphon Goldfish was already at the evolution threshold, and when Lin Yuan used the spirit qi to assist in breaking through that barrier, the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish’s body transformed drastically.

When the three drops of gold-grade dragon blood entered the water, they didn’t fuse with the water immediately. Instead, they were absorbed by the evolving Telescope Spirit-Siphon Goldfish’s traces of dragon beast bloodline.

While the Telescope Spirit-Siphon Goldfish’s body was constantly transforming, the three drops of dragon blood entered its body. The moment the dragon blood entered, the Telescope Spirit-Siphon Goldfish reacted even more drastically.

All of a sudden, the Telescope Spirit-Siphon Goldfish looked as though it went berserk and started to smash against the water jar’s walls. With each smash, there would be plenty of fresh blood seeping out of its scales and fusing into the water.

Lin Yuan watched the Telescope Spirit-Siphon Goldfish’s berserk behavior and could sense the agonizing pain it was suffering right now.

After each smash, there would be some scales that would fall off of its body.

Lin Yuan might be concerned for the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish, but he knew that it was in the process of awakening the dragon-species bloodline in its body. It was absolutely necessary.

The most precious part of a dragon-species fey was its blood. The concentration of the dragon-species blood would also determine the fey’s value.

At that moment, the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish was activating the traces of dragon bloodline in its body with the three drops of gold-grade dragon blood. It was going through a process to change its entire body’s blood.

The Telescope Spirit-Siphon Goldfish struggled in the water jar for three hours, and Lin Yuan watched intently for three hours too.

The Telescope Spirit-Siphon Goldfish’s fish scales were already like dilapidated decorations that hung on the body. They were in such bad condition that it had no defensive capabilities at all.

The blood that flowed out of the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish didn’t fuse with the water anymore and was creating a thin layer of protection on the wounds of the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish instead. Lin Yuan knew that the traces of dragon beast bloodline in the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish had been completely activated, and it had completed the blood-changing process.

The dragon-species bloodline in the Telescope Spirit-Siphon Goldfish might be very thin, but it was still a dragon-species fey now.

Lin Yuan circulated the spiritual power in his body to gather the spirit qi in the air and channeled it into the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish, which had awakened its bloodline.

The Spirit-Siphon Goldfish’s evolution speed was much faster than before, and its body was gradually growing with a layer of black scale armor. It was completely different from its previous fish scales.

The ink-black scale armor had a very pearl-like luster. Each piece of scale armor was covering a faint dark gold substance. The damaged fishtail had instantly grown longer, and it only stopped after it was as long as the body.

The massive black tail was just like a layered skirt.

The Telescope eyes that the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish had previously had almost withdrawn completely after this evolution. However, the upper eye areas had bumps that weren’t as obvious.

Lin Yuan took a deep breath. This Telescope Spirit-Siphon Goldfish has finally been evolved into a Bronze dragon-species fey. Now that it evolved into a dragon-species fey, it means that the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish’s evolution path will reach a higher level. The higher level brings about endless possibilities.

When checking through True Data, the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish didn’t have the same name. It was now called the Spirit-Gather Goldfish.

Siphoning spirit qi was just a minor advantage, and gathering spirit qi was considered a good fortune.

Lin Yuan could feel that the Spirit-Gather Goldfish was emitting concentrated spirit qi. After some calculations, the Bronze Spirit-Gather Goldfish would release spirit qi that was equivalent to the spirit qi contained in 1,000 catties of inferior energy ores.

Of course, the Spirit-Gather Goldfish was able to release so much spirit qi mainly because it had awakened the dragon-species bloodline’s traces in its body. Otherwise, even if it evolved to bronze-grade, it wouldn’t be able to emit so much spirit qi.

Since the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish reached bronze-grade with Epic quality, Lin Yuan could now pick its exclusive skill.

[Spirit Qi Flare]: Increase the release of spirit qi with extreme speed.

[Spirit Qi Absorption]: Increase the absorption speed of spirit qi and also have an increased speed when making progress in grade and quality.

[Spirit Qi Imprint]: The spirit qi that is constantly released to the environment will be stored within the Spirit Qi Imprint instead. It will be branded on the contractor’s body, and the contractor can release the spirit qi contained within the Spirit Qi Imprint.

These three exclusive skills were all exceptional for the Spirit-Gather Goldfish.

Spirit Qi Flare would allow the Spirit-Gather Goldfish to have an additional motive force and become a spirit qi fountain.

Spirit Qi Absorption would allow the Spirit-Gather Goldfish to increase its evolution speed. It could actually negate the Spirit-Gather Goldfish’s flaw—evolution difficulty.

If this Spirit-Gather Goldfish was in the outside world and had the Spirit Qi Absorption choice among the exclusive skills, eight out of ten individuals would probably pick Spirit Qi Absorption without hesitation.

However, this was for the others who had extreme difficulty in evolving the Spirit-Gather Goldfish. It wasn’t much of a problem for Lin Yuan apart from spending more time and energy.

As such, Lin Yuan immediately chose the third exclusive skill, Spirit Qi Imprint. It was an exceptional exclusive skill, but for Lin Yuan, the biggest advantage was that it would be enhanced along with the Spirit-Gather Goldfish’s grade.

The Spirit-Gather Goldfish’s exclusive skill, Spirit Qi Imprint, and the Jasmine Lily’s exclusive skill, Recovery Imprint, were both similar in tune. The Jasmine Lily’s Recovery Imprint accumulated healing energy, while the Spirit-Gather Goldfish’s Spirit Qi Imprint accumulated the spirit qi that would be released by the Spirit-Gather Goldfish.

If the Spirit Qi Imprint was used appropriately, it meant that Lin Yuan wouldn’t need to worry about the volume of his spirit qi for a certain period of time and would be able to release the fey’s abilities freely.

In Lin Yuan’s opinion, it could actually be treated as a method to save his life.

Since the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish evolved to bronze-grade, Morbius also successfully evolved to bronze-grade.

When evolving to bronze-grade, Morbius had also awakened from its slumber. Morbius’ bronze-grade exclusive skill, Pure Land of Bliss, also appeared.

[Pure Land of Bliss]: The Spirit Lock spatial zone will produce soil that is great for recovering near-death fey’s injuries. The fey’s recovery time will be determined by the grade of Morbius and the dying fey.

A clear and calm voice echoed in Lin Yuan’s ears.