Chapter 54: Pure Land of Bliss

Chapter 54 of 100 chapters

“Yuan, after this evolution, I will hibernate for a period of time to completely recover from the damage inflicted on my spiritual energy during the contract’s formation.”

Their spiritual energy would decide the number of contracted feys that a spirit qi professional could have. Each additional contracted fey would be the same as splitting out another portion of spiritual energy.

This was also why everyone had different numbers of contracted feys.

Lin Yuan had contracted Morbius at the age of eight when his spiritual energy was frail. In order to protect Lin Yuan, Morbius had forcefully suppressed its spiritual energy, causing damage to Morbius’ source.

“How long would you need to recover? Do you need me to purchase some spiritual ingredients for recovery?” Lin Yuan asked in a calm and concerned tone. It felt as though they were old friends that knew each other for a long time, or like a partner or family.

“There isn’t a need for spiritual ingredients. I don’t know how long I will be hibernating for this time. Yuan, I didn’t think that you would be able to evolve me to bronze-grade within such a short period. Come, before I hibernate. Let me bring you to see the transformations to the Spirit Lock spatial zone and also to explain about the Pure Land of Bliss.”

When Lin Yuan entered the Spirit Lock spatial zone, he realized that it was twice as big as before. This spatial zone was about the size of his small store in the Star Web now.

The spirit pool size didn’t just become twice as big, and even the concentration of spirit qi in the spatial zone also significantly increased—from five times to eight times.

However, all the inferior energy ores that were placed at the bottom of the Spirit Pool had all disintegrated. It seemed like eight times the spirit qi concentration wasn’t the upper limit of this bronze-grade Spirit Lock spatial zone.

A clear voice echoed. “The spirit qi concentration’s upper limit is ten times as much as the outside world.”

Before this, Lin Yuan would need to figure out everything about the Spirit Lock spatial zone by himself. Now that Morbius’ consciousness was sober, Lin Yuan simply needed to think, and Morbius would resolve his doubts.

The spirit qi concentration had increased from five times to ten times. It was the same as shortening the time by half when evolving Normal Spirit-Siphon Goldfish to elite-grade. The increase in the size of the spirit pool would also allow more Spirit-Siphon Goldfish to be nurtured.

This would, in turn, allow Lin Yuan to earn Radiance dollars with increased speed. He would be able to produce one batch within three days.

Given the spirit pool’s size, he would be able to nurture about 100 Spirit-Siphon Goldfish each time. He would at least be able to earn 800 Radiance dollars within three days after selling all the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish. Lin Yuan had yet to include the money he could earn for selling Bronze Usneas.

Presently, earning Radiance dollars was already effortless for Lin Yuan. In fact, Lin Yuan didn’t have to accept any more custom-ordered Elite feys after completing the transaction with Stream in the Cloud.

If the amount of time required to prepare custom Elite feys was used to produce Bronze Usneas, he would be able to earn much more Radiance dollars.

Lin Yuan might be earning more money now, but he was also spending much more. The more money he earned, the more he felt that he wasn’t earning enough.

The evolution of feys was like a boat sailing against the flow of water and would need to overcome plenty of waves.

A single rare spiritual ingredient would already cost an unknown amount of money. Therefore, it was impossible to have enough Radiance dollars that would be enough for his expenditure.

In order to enhance the Jasmine Lily’s quality to Legend at bronze-grade, two Mahogany Tree Cores were required, and they already caused Lin Yuan big headaches.

Lin Yuan had arranged a simple setup in the Spirit Lock spatial zone as he put in some simple furniture, like a massive workbench and a chair.

At that moment, the Bronze Jasmine Lily was placed on the workbench. After evolving to bronze-grade, the Jasmine Lily was significantly different in appearance. But as compared to the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish, which had undergone a complete metamorphosis, it wasn’t much.

The Bronze Jasmine Lily had turned from stalks into bunches. The half woody stems had also vanished. Layers and stacks of Jasmine Lily flowers were all gathered, and it looked just like jadeite. Just by looking at it, one would feel as though they were being healed.

“Yuan, look over there. That is the exclusive skill, Pure Land of Bliss.”

Lin Yuan looked over and saw a new piece of land in the Spirit Lock spatial zone that was around 20 square meters.

Scarlet red fences encircled the space, and inside was sparkling jade-white soil.

Lin Yuan walked over and grabbed the soil. He couldn’t feel any rough or craggy texture from the soil as it was extremely soft.

“The Pure Land of Bliss can heal Bronze feys rapidly and can gradually heal Silver feys. As for Gold feys that are in a dying state, placing them in the Pure Land of Bliss can maintain their dying state. As long as nutrients are constantly provided, they won’t die.”

Morbius introduced the ability of the exclusive skill, Pure Land of Bliss, to Lin Yuan. He didn’t expect Morbius’ exclusive skill to actually be so incredible.

Only Class 3 Creation Masters would have the confidence to make an attempt to save Gold feys in dying states.

In fact, it was possible that Class 3 Creation Masters wouldn’t be able to save a dying Gold fey. There wasn’t a need to talk about severely injured Gold feys, but dying and severely injured were two different things.

A dying fey would have already exhausted its source and vitality. They could only remain standing because of their powerful gold-grade physique. Such a kind of dying fey would be sold as fresh spiritual ingredients.

Before obtaining the Pure Land of Bliss, Lin Yuan only dared and hoped to pick up left out Silver feys. Now, with the Pure Land of Bliss, he could guarantee that the dying Gold fey wouldn’t die.

Given the Spirit Lock spatial zone’s spirit qi concentration, which was ten times more than the outside world, Lin Yuan could use his ability to gradually recover the dying Gold fey’s injuries.

Every time a Gold fey appeared, it would be put up for auction in the Star Web’s Rare Lifeform Pavilion. There weren’t any stores in the Star Web that would directly sell Gold feys.

Lin Yuan had the capability to be involved with Gold feys right now.

“Morbius, this Pure Land of Bliss is truly practical.”

After hearing Lin Yuan’s amazed tone, Morbius chuckled and said, “It isn’t the only function. You can use the spiritual power in your body to summon a piece of Pure Land of Bliss in the outside world and use it to heal feys that suffered damage to the source. The range of the Pure Land of Bliss will be directly related to the amount of spiritual power you use.”

Lin Yuan’s eyes widened after hearing the explanation. This Pure Land of Bliss can actually be used in the outside world as an ability?! This means that I won’t need to expose my spirit-qi-channeling ability! I can just use the Pure Land of Bliss to heal the feys’ damaged source.

Lin Yuan had the talent of a healing-type spirit qi professional, and he always had the objective of becoming one too.

Therefore, when nurturing the Jasmine Lily, Lin Yuan had never been complacent. In fact, he had also chosen the Jasmine Lily to be the first fey to be enhanced into a Fantasy Breed.

Lin Yuan suddenly felt that the Recovery Imprint, Spirit Qi Imprint, and the Pure Land of Bliss were forming a perfect combination.

After days and months of spirit qi accumulation in the Spirit Qi Imprint, will I be able to see a Pure Land of Bliss that reaches the horizon when I open up the Spirit Qi Imprint? After opening up the Recovery Imprint, will I be able to heal the entire battlefield during a dimensional rift invasion?

Of course, Lin Yuan knew that he was still very weak. If he wanted to become stronger, he would need to take one step and continue pressing forward.