Chapter 55: Five Fortune Ranchu

Chapter 55 of 100 chapters

After exiting the Spirit Lock spatial zone, Morbius started hibernating and recovering its injured source.

At this moment, Morbius’ attributes were displayed to Lin Yuan with True Data.

[Fey Name]: Morbius

[Fey Species]: ???

[Fey Grade]: Bronze (1/10)

[Fey Type]: Spatial/Mystery

[Fey Quality]: Normal


[True Data]: All complicated information that is invisible to the eye is turned into data. Information that is turned into data might contain truth that cannot be distinguished on the surface.

[Calm Mind]: Passive ability. Effects of Calm Mind can be improved according to the fey’s grade. Calm Mind can stabilize the mind and has a certain probability of resisting negative conditions.

Exclusive Skill:

[Spirit Lock]: Morbius’ spatial zone can be used to nurture feys. The initial grade of the fey that Morbius’ spatial zone can nurture must not be higher than Morbius’ grade. Morbius isn’t able to increase its grade by itself, so its grade will be increased along with the fey’s grade that it nurtures. At the same time, Morbius can obtain the initial ability of the fey that it nurtures. However, Morbius will not obtain abilities when its grade increases. Whenever Morbius increases a grade, it will be able to nurture one more fey. Morbius’ method of growth will remain unchanged.

[Pure Land of Bliss]: The Spirit Lock spatial zone will produce soil that is great for recovering the injuries of near-death fey. The fey’s recovery time will be determined by the grade of Morbius and the dying fey.

[Normal Spirit Lock]:

Jasmine Lily: Bronze (1/10), Normal

Ability – [Heal]: Rapidly recovers external injuries and gradually recovers vitality.

Exclusive Skill – [Recovery Imprint]: Accumulate the healing energy that is released by the Jasmine Lily during normal times. The contractor can activate the imprint to release the accumulated healing energy.

[Elite Spirit Lock]:

Spirit-Gather Goldfish: Bronze (1/10), Normal

Ability: [Spirit Injection]: Restore a certain amount of spiritual power at once and gradually restore the lost spiritual power.

Exclusive Skill – [Spirit Qi Imprint]: The spirit qi that is constantly released to the environment will be stored within the Spirit Qi Imprint instead. It will be branded on the contractor’s body, and the contractor can release spirit qi contained within the Spirit Qi Imprint.

While looking at Morbius’ attributes, Lin Yuan scratched his head. If I wish to evolve Morbius to silver-grade, I will need to spirit-lock a third fey.

After selling another batch of Spirit-Siphon Goldfish, Lin Yuan realized that Red Thorn had already progressed to Normal IX/Flawless as it had constantly been digesting alien insect carcasses.

The alien insect carcasses cost more than 100 Radiance dollars, but Red Thorn had yet to break through to elite-grade.

At that moment, Lin Yuan noticed that if he couldn’t channel spirit qi to the fey, it would actually be that difficult to evolve them.

Red Thorn’s evolution was Lin Yuan’s number one priority now. The Source Seed would evolve according to Lin Yuan’s will, and the evolution method he had chosen for Red Thorn was food consumption. Therefore, in order to receive any enhancement during evolution, it would need to come from the source of food.

The flesh of a high-grade fey or a high-grade dimensional lifeform would be especially beneficial for Red Thorn’s evolution. However, be it high-grade fey or dimensional lifeform flesh, most of them were considered precious spiritual or food ingredients.

Lin Yuan’s wish to purchase large quantities of high-grade fey flesh wasn’t practical. But since it was the crucial juncture for Red Thorn’s evolution, Lin Yuan couldn’t afford to be stingy.

He logged into the Star Web and immediately contacted Zhou Jiaxin.

Deep Mountain Elder Lin: “Big Sister Xin, I wish to order another batch of Normal Spirit-Siphon Goldfish. This time, I want ten Telescope Spirit-Siphon Goldfish.”

Lin Yuan was planning to nurture the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish and reserve ten of them. These ten would be seeded candidates that would be nurtured to bronze-grade before being sold.

Bronze Spirit-Siphon Goldfish would be able to enter the doors of the Rare Lifeform Pavilion. If Lin Yuan wished to purchase the Mahogany Tree Cores, he would need to rely on the Bronze Spirit-Siphon Goldfish.

Of course, Lin Yuan wouldn’t exchange such precious feys like Bronze Spirit-Siphon Goldfish for Radiance dollars. He would put them up in the Rare Lifeform Pavilion and trade them for Mahogany Tree Cores.

Trading for items might be primitive, but it was the most effective method to obtain spiritual ingredients and feys.

Zhou Jiaxin: “Alright, I will pick the best Normal Spirit-Siphon Goldfish for you. That’s right, I have a female Elite Spirit-Siphon Goldfish that is already pregnant. I wonder if you are interested?”

Female Spirit-Siphon Goldfish weren’t that rare, but it was extremely difficult for Spirit-Siphon Goldfish to get pregnant. The higher the rarity of a fey, the harder it was for it to reproduce.

It was a lock that was put down by nature, and humans couldn’t unlock it.

When Lin Yuan read that Zhou Jiaxin had a pregnant Spirit-Siphon Goldfish, his eyes lit up. A female Spirit-Siphon Goldfish could give birth to around 1,000 Spirit-Siphon Goldfish each time.

A Spirit-Siphon Goldfish’s eggs had a hard time surviving, and it was mainly because there wasn’t enough spirit qi for the eggs to absorb. However, it would no longer be a problem in the Spirit Lock spatial zone’s spirit pool.

The spirit pool might only be able to contain 100 Elite Spirit-Siphon Goldfish at once, but the eggs would need to be nurtured, and Lin Yuan could split them up into different tanks for breeding.

This way, he would be able to save a huge portion of money and would no longer need to purchase Normal Spirit-Siphon Goldfish.

Deep Mountain Elder Lin: “Big Sister Xin, I want the female Spirit-Siphon Goldfish! I wonder what is the price?”

Zhou Jiaxin: “The female Spirit-Siphon Goldfish might be a little expensive. It costs 80 Radiance dollars.”

Lin Yuan frowned at the reply.

If this was the price, Lin Yuan would rather purchase Normal Spirit-Siphon Goldfish each time and nurture them.

A single Elite Spirit-Siphon Goldfish would only be 8 Radiance dollars, and it was due to the good species. An ordinary species would only be worth 5 Radiance dollars.

The Elite Spirit-Siphon Goldfish was pregnant and could be sold for 80 Radiance dollars. The price was truly a little high.

Lin Yuan felt that 15 Radiance dollars should be the limit.

Zhou Jiaxin: “That’s right, I forgot to mention that the pregnant female Spirit-Siphon Goldfish is a Five Fortune Ranchu. That’s why it is expensive. The prices Big Sister Xin offers will never make you suffer losses.”

Five Fortune Ranchu!? No wonder it’s so expensive!

Even a century after the Spirit Qi Awakening, humans still had the instinctive preference for auspicious things. The Five Fortune Ranchu was a rare and auspicious species among the Spirit-Siphon Goldfish.

Its round body had five colors, which signified five fortunes. It might have the same function as a regular Spirit-Siphon Goldfish, but it cost ten times more than a regular one.

Elite Five Fortune Ranchus were basically not available in the market. One could only purchase one from Creation Masters that had nurtured it personally.

Lin Yuan had been purchasing spiritual ingredients from Zhou Jiaxin mainly because she was honest when doing business. Lin Yuan realized that he had underestimated Zhou Jiaxin’s connections.