Chapter 57: Lord Ranger

Chapter 57 of 100 chapters

Lin Yuan had already decided to purchase the flesh of high-grade dimensional lifeforms.

“Big Brother Feng, then I shall get some high-grade dimensional lifeform flesh. I wonder how much are you selling the dimensional lifeform flesh for?”

“To be honest with you, the high-grade dimensional lifeform flesh that I received isn’t edible like the high-grade spirit beast flesh. I am unable to receive any edible high-grade dimensional lifeform flesh, either. Most of the dimensional lifeform flesh I received are from the Abyss Dimensional Rift and Insect World Dimensional Rift.”

When Big Brother Feng explained, Lin Yuan could obviously feel the helplessness in the other party’s eyes. Apparently, the sale of such dimensional lifeform flesh that caused harm to the human body wasn’t doing well.

However, there wasn’t a need to consider such things for Red Thorn. In fact, the kind of dimensional lifeform flesh other feys couldn’t consume might actually be beneficial for Red Thorn’s evolution.

“I wonder what is the price for the dimensional lifeform flesh?”

Big Brother Feng didn’t think that Lin Yuan would express an intention to purchase and wash rather delighted.

“Class 1 dimensional lifeforms are equivalent to Bronze feys and cost 500 Federation dollars for each catty. Class 2 dimensional lifeforms are equivalent with Silver feys and cost 8,000 Federation dollars for each catty. Class 3 dimensional lifeforms are equivalent to Gold feys and cost 100,000 Federation dollars for each catty.”

Lin Yuan was rather surprised and didn’t think that dimensional lifeform flesh was actually so cheap. It was several times cheaper than fey flesh.

Gold dimensional lifeform flesh only cost 100,000 Federation dollars for each catty. It also meant that 100 Radiance dollars could purchase 1,000 catties.

Of course, Red Thorn was only at normal-grade now, and even if it could digest dimensional lifeform flesh, it would also need a gradual adaptation.

Previously, Lin Yuan had been feeding it with gradeless alien insect carcasses. The amount of energy contained within those carcasses might be comparable with Normal feys.

Therefore, Lin Yuan was planning to start feeding Red Thorn with bronze-grade fey flesh.

“Big Brother Feng, I will order 3,000 catties of Class 1 dimensional lifeform flesh this time. Let’s provide our contact details. In the future, if I require more dimensional lifeform flesh, I will order directly from you.”

Big Brother Feng immediately smiled when he heard that Lin Yuan was going to purchase dimensional lifeform flesh. He said, “Okay! I will give you a little more this time. A Class 1 alien insect is around 60 catties. I will give you 55 alien insects, and the surplus will be considered a gift.”

Lin Yuan originally felt that high-grade dimensional lifeform flesh was cheap, but after using 1.5 Radiance dollars to purchase 3,000 catties only to receive 55 corpses, he felt that it wasn’t that many.

He had already fed Red Thorn 1,000 alien insects. Of course, the energy from 1,000 gradeless alien insects might only be equivalent to three of these Class 1 alien insects.

After making the purchase, Lin Yuan was planning to enter seclusion.

Apart from some duels in the Star Tower or evolving the Bronze Usneas, the rest of the time would be spent on watching Red Thorn’s evolution.

Once Red Thorn evolved to elite-grade, Lin Yuan could attempt to mix the fleshes of Class 1 and Class 2 dimensional lifeforms. He believed that Red Thorn would evolve to bronze-grade soon enough.


When Lin Yuan was feeding Red Thorn, he could feel that Red Thorn was in a pleasant mood.

As Red Thorn was rapidly consuming the Class 1 dimensional lifeform flesh, a problem occurred. A Class 1 alien insect’s blood had a corrosiveness that could instantly turn a piece of wooden block into black charcoal.

The corrosiveness had a certain impact on the Normal Red Thorn at first. Even the Red Thorn’s Mouth of Relinquish had withered and turned dark because of the Class 1 alien insect’s blood.

Lin Yuan silently thought, Not good, it seems like I am too anxious.

Just as he was preparing to ask Red Thorn to spit out the Class 1 alien insect’s flesh, Red Thorn’s Mouth of Relinquish was already gradually recovering as it had absorbed the energy from its flesh.

During the process of recovery, the Mouth of Relinquish would be corroded again. It would still wither and turn dark, but it wouldn’t be as severe as before.

Looking at the situation, Lin Yuan gave up on his plan to change Red Thorn’s evolution through food consumption. After all, Red Thorn was obviously adapting to the Class 1 alien insect’s corrosiveness and simultaneously was increasing its resistance toward corrosive blood.

This was the evolution direction that the Class 1 alien insect had directly influenced. It was an evolutionary trait that was introduced afterward. Even if the Red Thorn was a Source Seed, there were some characteristics that couldn’t be produced just because the contractor wanted it.

Red Thorn had a harder time fully digesting the Class 1 alien insect. However, Lin Yuan could obviously feel that Red Thorn had a better resistance against the Class 1 alien insect’s corrosive blood.

At that moment, Lin Yuan suddenly felt that Red Thorn was asking for Lin Yuan’s intention.

Lin Yuan immediately said, “Enhance your attack power. Enhance the vines that grew out previously!”

Lin Yuan was most expectant of Red Thorn’s attack power.

When Red Thorn evolved to normal-grade, it had already grown out some vines that were two meters in length, and there were over a dozen of them.

These vines allowed Red Thorn to have a certain level of combat capability. But in Lin Yuan’s opinion, the vines were still rather weak.

The vines might have extremely sharp reversed spikes, but it was still very hard to defeat and kill defense-type feys with these reversed spikes.

After receiving Lin Yuan’s command, Red Thorn fell into hibernation. Hibernation was an evolutionary process that was required for Red Thorn.

The other feys would evolve according to their genus and would have a specific direction of evolution. Even though exclusive skills would increase the variation of the fey, there was still a rough model.

Red Thorn didn’t have such a model in its evolution, so it required instructions from Lin Yuan to grow, and the process required a long period of time.

After one day, Lin Yuan realized that Red Thorn was still not moving. However, he could feel Red Thorn’s current state due to the contract, and it was in a great condition.

Genius jumped onto Lin Yuan’s shoulder and said, “Yuan, I have already memorized everything in the books. I guarantee that I memorized all the details!”

After speaking, Genius used its little head to rub on Lin Yuan’s cheek and enjoyed the intimate time with Lin Yuan.

During these two days, Chimey had been obsessed with live streaming and didn’t really pester Lin Yuan. Whenever Chimey met something it couldn’t resolve, it would call for Genius. Genius was just like Chimey’s super room manager and would make sure everything was in order.

Chimey was only fooling around because it enjoyed singing and had started a live stream accidentally.

However, the name of Sparrow Voice Loli Goddess was abnormally prominent. Its reputation was already able to crush all the other singing hosts.

Of course, there was another reason why Sparrow Voice Loli Goddess was famous. It was due to the Radiance Hundred’s Sequence #81, Lord Ranger.

Lord Ranger had made huge donations during Sparrow Voice Loli Goddess’ live stream and immediately became a top contributing fan.

Each sequence member’s words and actions in the Radiance Hundred would be closely followed by everyone else. The news that Lord Ranger had donated to Sparrow Voice Loli Goddess had immediately turned into the most hyped-up piece of news in the Star Web.