Chapter 59: A Problem

Chapter 59 of 100 chapters

Ning Xuejun still had an uncertain expression as she asked, “You are really not joking?”

Lin Yuan nodded seriously.

How can I be joking right now? Even if I wish to make a joke, I will also need the correct occasion, right?

After hearing Lin Yuan’s confirmation again, Ning Xuejun looked at him with a rather complicated expression.

Ning Xuejun really wanted to ask if Lin Yuan was playing the fool.

The Creation Master Association’s exams would normally have lenient entry requirements but difficult passing requirements. People who came for the exam didn’t need a high standard, however, it was extremely difficult to pass the exam.

This was also how the Radiance Federation gave more attention to the occupation of Creation Master and didn’t wish to lose out on any talented but unknown individuals.

In Ning Xuejun’s opinion now, Lin Yuan was a troublemaker.

Normally, Ning Xuejun should be going through the protocol and bring Lin Yuan to go through the exams for the primary rank Scholar, Spiritual Ingredient Analyst, and Fey Observer occupations.

However, Ning Xuejun didn’t follow the normal protocol. If she were to follow the protocol and conduct all three knowledge occupation exams alone, it would definitely attract the upper echelons’ attention.

It was fine if Lin Yuan could pass all the exams, but if he couldn’t, he would probably be considered as a troublemaker at the Creation Master Association. It was a small matter to create trouble at the Creation Master Association. It was highly possible that it might be recorded into Lin Yuan’s resume as a Radiance Federation’s citizen.

Therefore, Ning Xuejun tried to persuade again, “Looking at the information you filled in, your name is Lin Yuan, right? Lin Yuan, the questions that are given for these three lifestyle-class occupations are different when you attempt them at the respective associations than when attempted at the Creation Master Association. Since these three occupation exams are given to the Creation Master Association, the Creation Master Association would be in charge of the questions. Questions given by the Creation Master Association will be craftier and more difficult than other associations. So I advise that—”

Before Ning Xuejun could finish speaking, an aged voice echoed. “Lass, what is the reasoning for us to push participants to other associations when they are here at our Creation Master Association to attempt the knowledge occupation exam? And who said that the questions here are craftier? This old one has never tested anything outside of the exam’s topics. All these questions are within the testable topics, and if the participant understands all the contents, they will naturally be able to answer them.”

The old man sounded very calm and was rather benevolent.

But when Ning Xuejun heard the old man’s voice, she immediately turned around and said, “Vice President, aren’t you nurturing Platinum Spiral-Toothed Sharks? Just let me handle these small matters.”

The old man’s face turned stern after hearing Ning Xuejun’s words. “Just call me grandfather. There is nothing to hide in the association, I will not give you special attention either! This old one is tired, can’t I come out to have a breather? Little Xuejun doesn’t care about grandfather at all.”

The old man might not have mentioned Lin Yuan in his reply, but his eyes were carefully sizing up Lin Yuan.

Ning Xuejun gestured with her hand and gave Lin Yuan an eye signal for him to leave quickly.

Her grandfather might look benevolent, but his face-changing speed wasn’t inferior to those face-changing opera artists.

He had an eccentric temperament. If he encountered someone that he liked, he would do anything to protect that person. However, if he encountered someone he disliked, he wouldn’t even think they were worth a single cent.

Her grandfather might have an eccentric temperament, but Ning Xuejun knew that he hated people who weren’t serious toward knowledge.

Lin Yuan saw the eye signal from Ning Xuejun and responded with a smile of a passionate young man.

At that moment, the old man said to Lin Yuan, “Little kid, you are rather confident, huh? You didn’t do any preparations in advance before participating in the Creation Master exam. The three knowledge occupation exam questions set by the Creation Master Association aren’t as easy to answer.”

While speaking, the old man’s expression was rather calm, and it felt he was just nonchalantly having a casual chat.

Lin Yuan heard the old man’s words and replied indifferently, “What the Vice President said is true. However, aren’t all questions difficult if you don’t know them, but once you know them, they aren’t difficult?”

Lin Yuan’s answer made the old man take another glance at Lin Yuan. “Aren’t all questions difficult if you don’t know them, but once you know them, they aren’t difficult, huh? What a great way to say it. If you are truly capable, you will be considered a young elite. But if you aren’t truly capable and are using these words to muddle this old one, I will be furious.”

Upon hearing her grandfather’s words, Ning Xuejun knew that he was being serious toward Lin Yuan. She looked at Lin Yuan with sympathy.

Ning Xuejun was truly helpless when it came to her grandfather’s temper and eccentric temperament.

Lin Yuan was naturally filled with respect toward the Creation Master Association’s Vice President. These people were the pioneers for the path of Creation Masters. Each evolution they contributed had produced plenty of high-ranked spirit qi professionals. The Radiance Federation’s present great situation was definitely related to these pioneers.

“This junior naturally is speaking the truth and doesn’t dare to be sloppy.”

Lin Yuan’s words were very ordinary, but now that he wanted to attempt all three knowledge occupation exams, it felt rather arrogant and conceited.

The old man didn’t give any reaction but suddenly changed the topic.

“Since you are so confident, it must mean that you are rather well-learned. During the planet’s prehistoric time, there were two lifeforms, the Megalodon and the Livyatan. These two species are considered the ocean’s true dictator during the Tertiary period in history. They have been contesting each other for tens of millions of years and still couldn’t settle an outcome of who was stronger. In your opinion, do you feel the Megalodon is stronger, or the Livyatan is stronger?”

The old man’s indifferent question made Ning Xuejun’s expression change as she felt that it wasn’t good.

This question had been a constant debate even in the academic world, and there wasn’t a definite answer. Both the species were top-class predators and dictated the ocean during the Tertiary period. They were ruler-class lifeforms and commanded the resources in the ocean during their time.

In terms of attack power, the two lifeforms were almost on par, so the stronger one would be dependent on the individual combat strength, ability to grasp opportunities, and combat experience.

It was a question that wouldn’t be considered wrong no matter how Lin Yuan answered, however, Ning Xuejun’s grandfather was a strong supporter of the Megalodon party. He was determined that the Megalodon was the ruler of the ocean during the Tertiary period.

It was fine if Lin Yuan said it was the Megalodon, but if he said it was the Livyatan, her grandfather might just flip out and turn hostile here.

As such, Ning Xuejun quickly said, “Grandfather, you have been debating on this topic with Grandfather Zheng. What else is there to ask? You feel that the Megalodon is the ruler, right?”

Ning Xuejun’s statement was very subtle and ingenious as she was sending information to Lin Yuan. In Ning Xuejun’s opinion, if Lin Yuan was smart enough, he would know how to answer this question.

The old man had also heard the intention within Ning Xuejun’s words and felt that his question was no longer interesting.

Lin Yuan was proficient in ways of the world and naturally understood Ning Xuejun’s intention. However, after showing respect to the old man and summarizing the knowledge in his mind, Lin Yuan considered for a moment and replied, “I feel that the answer for this question has already been decided long ago.”