Chapter 61: Guidance

Chapter 61 of 100 chapters

As Lin Yuan was answering the questions, he didn’t feel the flow of time. He successively answered from the first question to the last question, without any pause in between.

In fact, when answering the questions, Lin Yuan was wearing the glasses that Genius had transformed into. At that moment, he was learning and sorting through the information.

The knowledge learned by Genius still belonged to Genius, and if Genius didn’t use Tool Transformation and transformed into a pair of glasses, Lin Yuan’s mind wouldn’t have the knowledge that Genius possessed.

Lin Yuan knew that learning was an unending path. Lin Yuan was currently using some tricks to pass the exams on the lifestyle-class knowledge occupations. Naturally, this kind of knowledge was something that Lin Yuan had to learn slowly.

Take the exam questions on this paper, for example. During the process of answering, Lin Yuan would be able to have a rough memory, and the transferred knowledge would subtly turn into his own knowledge after he wrote what he learned once.

This was a gain. There were plenty of gains that were insignificant, but when all the small gains were accumulated, they would achieve a transformation.

Elder Ning had been watching as Lin Yuan answered the questions, and he hadn’t realized how much time had passed either.

When he saw Lin Yuan standing up to hand over the exam papers, Elder Ning looked at the time and was shocked and couldn’t understand what happened.

Elder Ning had been watching Lin Yuan answering the questions and could see that Lin Yuan had answered them calmly. However, the time taken to answer all those questions was just too fast! Back when he had drafted up the questions, he had put in plenty of time and effort in order to make the questions tricky.

Elder Ning couldn’t believe that Lin Yuan had answered them so quickly, but he could also see that Lin Yuan’s calm manner when answering the questions wasn’t a pretense too.

Elder Ning simply took over Lin Yuan’s exam papers and read them. Lin Yuan stood in place as his mind was blank when he was in a deep state of learning. He enjoyed the feeling when he was in control of knowledge.

Elder Ning read the papers, which had Lin Yuan’s neat and pleasant handwriting. A good handwriting wasn’t considered a big deal after the Spirit Qi Awakening, but it was able to give a good impression.

The more Elder Ning read, the more surprised he was. These questions were all answered with a standard answer.

First page, second page, third page...

From start to finish, Elder Ning couldn’t find a single mistake. As such, Elder Ning started from the beginning and checked through again with detail and very seriously.

However, after checking again, the result was still the same—there wasn’t a single mistake. In other words, full marks for all three lifestyle-class spirit qi occupations’ primary exams. It was an unbelievable fact, but there was no way to dispute it.

Had it not been for the fact that Elder Ning had set the questions himself and was certain that they hadn’t been leaked out, he would think that Lin Yuan was holding onto the answer sheet to answer the questions.

After staying silent for a long time, Elder Ning lifted his head and looked at Lin Yuan with grave eyes and admiration. His eyes were grave because this was simply too unbelievable. The admiration was because of Lin Yuan’s results on the exams, and also how Lin Yuan had answered them with a calm attitude. It was also because of the level of detail in Lin Yuan’s study that didn’t allow Elder Ning to pick out any mistakes.

Lin Yuan looked at Elder Ning and asked, “Elder Ning, can I participate in the Creation Master exam now?”

Elder Ning shook his hand and said, “Great kid, heroes are truly born from the youth. You are truly capable. But you will not be able to take the Creation Master exam today. Leave your information here and just come over to participate in the Creation Master exam tomorrow.”

Lin Yuan was rather confused. I have already finished the exams for the knowledge spirit qi occupations. Why can’t I participate in the Creation Master exam immediately? If I participate in the exam tomorrow, and if I wish to rush straight to become a Class 2 Creation Master, I might miss out on the appointment time with Big Sister Xin. I will not be able to pick up on any hidden wares.

“Elder Ning, can’t I take the exam today? I wish to try and see if I can complete the Class 1 Creation Master exam within two hours.”

Elder Ning’s mouth twitched as he looked at Lin Yuan with solemn eyes, and he nearly poured out praises from his mouth.

“Kid, you are rather ambitious to complete the Class 1 Creation Master exam within two hours. Could it be that you wish to rush straight for Class 2 Creation Master?”

Elder Ning might be speaking like this, but Lin Yuan’s exam results made Elder Ning believe Lin Yuan a little. His intuition told him that Lin Yuan was really able to complete the Class 1 Creation Master exam within two hours.

“Even if that is the case, you still have to come again tomorrow. Who asked you to obtain such high marks in the exams and break the records for the Creation Master Association’s knowledge spirit qi occupations’ primary exams? Therefore, I need to report your results for the three exams to the lifestyle-class spirit qi occupations’ associations. I have to go through the necessary process.”

Lin Yuan nodded after hearing Elder Ning’s reply.

Just as he was about to leave, Elder Ning called out to him. “Don’t be in a hurry to leave. Follow me to the breeding room to see the Spiral-Toothed Sharks that I have nurtured. Take a look at this old man’s research.”

Lin Yuan had yet to pass the Creation Master exam, but it was obvious that Elder Ning had already treated Lin Yuan as a junior with great potential. Even his words had the implied meaning to offer guidance.

In fact, it was due to Elder Ning’s admiration for Lin Yuan. Otherwise, even if Lin Yuan was a Class 3 Creation Master, Elder Ning couldn’t be bothered either.

To become a Vice President in a city’s Creation Master Association, one must definitely be a Class 4 Creation Master.

There was a tradition in the Creation Master Association. There were no presidents in all cities’ Creation Master Associations, even in the Radiance Federation’s royal capital’s Creation Master Association. The person with the highest level of authority would be the Vice President.

Among the Creation Masters, there were three absolute experts, and they were the Class 5 Creation Masters at the pinnacle—Bamboo Monarch, Chef Supreme, and Moon Empress.

Bamboo Monarch and Chef Supreme were veteran Class 5 Creation Masters. They had been the earliest batch of Creation Masters since the Spirit Qi Awakening and stood at the peak of the Creation Masters.

The Moon Empress rose up afterward and used her talents to become a Class 5 Creation Master. She had then concealed herself, and no one else knew about her progress.

During the recent decade, the Moon Empress had been laying low. But since she had been given the title of empress, no one else had dared to proclaim themselves as empress.

The Bamboo Monarch, Chef Supreme, and Moon Empress didn’t wish to take on the role of a President in the Creation Master Association, so they were given the title of Honorary Elders.

As such, to show respect to the Bamboo Monarch, Chef Supreme, and Moon Empress, the Creation Master Association didn’t appoint any Presidents and only appointed Vice Presidents.

For Lin Yuan to be admired and acknowledged by Elder Ning, it would definitely cause countless Creation Masters to be envious if it was made known.

When an elder offered an invitation, Lin Yuan naturally didn’t dare to refuse. In addition, he was very interested in Platinum feys. To be invited by Elder Ning to his breeding room to observe was truly a pleasant surprise for Lin Yuan.

The Creation Master’s breeding room was considered a private territory, and it was rare for outsiders to be invited inside, especially to observe a Platinum fey that was being nurtured.

Lin Yuan followed Elder Ning into the latter’s breeding room. As soon as Lin Yuan entered the room, he could smell a unique smell that could only be found from seawater. There was also a violent pressure that enveloped the room.

The scenery in the breeding room was truly a surprise for Lin Yuan. It was massive, and when Lin Yuan took a glance, he could see a huge pool that had a width of close to 1,000 meters. It was just like a small-scaled artificial sea.

The intimidating pressure from the sea felt as though it had mighty attack power.

At that moment, Lin Yuan felt Elder Ning circulating the spirit qi. Three Willpower Runes were emitted from the body and released powerful spiritual power waves.

The spiritual power had an aura that allowed Lin Yuan to know that Elder Ning was a Class 4 Creation Master and also a king-class expert.