Chapter 63: As an Elder Brother

Chapter 63 of 100 chapters

There were countless species of defense-type feys. If someone did a serious study, they would find at least one million species of defense-type feys. But when each species of fey evolved, it might learn similar abilities, or it might be completely different.

It was even rarer for exclusive skills to be the same, so one must be very cautious when choosing a fey. After all, the combination between feys was a spirit qi professional’s true trump card and power.

While thinking like this, Lin Yuan had a headache. He felt that feys that were suitable for Chu Ci were all rare, and they required some direction nurturing.

Since Lin Yuan had a method to expedite the evolution of feys, he preferred to pick a Normal fey for Chu Ci. Feys that were nurtured from a young age and constantly evolved would have certain aspects that were stronger than same grade feys when at higher grades. It would also have a better mutual understanding with the spirit qi professional.

As such, there wasn’t a reason why Lin Yuan shouldn’t pick a low-grade fey and nurture it for Chu Ci.

Just as Lin Yuan was pondering, he suddenly felt a pat on his arm, followed by a pleasant voice. “Lin Yuan, why are you here to visit me?”

Since the previous time Chu Ci had parted with Lin Yuan, she had been under the impression that she would only be able to see Lin Yuan during the holidays. She didn’t expect Lin Yuan to visit her again so soon.

Lin Yuan took a closer look at Chu Ci first and moved her arms around. When he realized that she was indeed fully healed, he relaxed and said, “I am here to participate in the Creation Master exam. It is also convenient for me to bring you out for a meal. Let’s go. Didn’t you say you wanted to eat barbequed meat the previous time? Let’s find a barbeque shop.”

After speaking, Lin Yuan pulled Chu Ci toward the streets and away from the Redbud Intermediate Spirit Qi Academy.

From time to time, female students would come over to flirt with Lin Yuan, making him rather exhausted after dealing with them.

Chu Ci let out a sweet smile and asked, “Then, can I order one plate of mutton?”

Lin Yuan used his hand to gently pat on Chu Ci’s head and said, “Isn’t fish your favorite? Why do you still want to eat mutton? Later, I will grill fish for you at the barbeque shop.”

Chu Ci stuck out her tongue. She might know that her family was rather wealthy now, but she still wasn’t used to it yet. After all their young years’ suffering and hard times, the habits were already engraved in their bones.

Of course, it didn’t mean that Chu Ci gave money huge importance. On the contrary, she hadn’t held back on the spending of the 10,000 Federation dollars that Lin Yuan had transferred to her.

The metallic food that she fed to the Sharp Iron Horn Bull was superior among the food meant for a Bronze Sharp Iron Horn Bull.

Presently, nothing much was left from the 10,000 Federation dollars.

There was an old saying, “Children from poor families would be responsible household heads much earlier.”

Chu Ci wasn’t a household head, but she understood how the world worked. When looking up from the bottom, the eyes would be filled with reality’s harshness. While living in this harsh reality, Chu Ci understood who she was going to rely on in this world. She, too, understood what she had to do in order to survive better in this world and make Lin Yuan happy.

It was to study well and increase her strength. If she could become a formidable individual, she would be able to help Lin Yuan, her elder brother.

Therefore, after parting with Lin Yuan previously, Chu Ci hadn’t taken any side jobs to earn money. She had devoted all her efforts to her academics.

At that moment, Chu Ci had this indescribable ease and joy when she was looking at Lin Yuan. Chu Ci’s ease didn’t come from the change into a wealthier lifestyle—it was due to Lin Yuan’s recovered body. Her joy came from the fact that she and Lin Yuan had persisted until now and never separated even in this harsh world.

Lin Yuan called for a car and asked after boarding the car, “Chu Ci, how do you feel when you are using the Sharp Iron Horn Bull? What direction do you wish to develop in regards to your next fey selection?”

Lin Yuan could just pick Chu Ci’s second fey for her, but he still wanted to respect Chu Ci’s opinion for the general direction.

After being asked by Lin Yuan, Chu Ci’s face suddenly changed, and she waved her fist with a little anger. “The Sharp Iron Horn Bull is especially good, and I like it a lot. But a few of my classmates gave me a nickname... Great Iron Bull! They are really too much!”

Lin Yuan involuntarily slapped his forehead after hearing Chu Ci’s response. When I was picking the fey previously, I only cared about the fey’s strength and didn’t consider the appearance.

Firstly, the conditions back were restricted. Secondly, the Sharp Iron Horn Bull’s exclusive skill, Sacrifice, was truly a divine skill in Lin Yuan’s opinion.

The Sacrifice skill was something that could be used by the fey from start to end. As the fey got stronger, the Sacrifice skill would only become better. If Lin Yuan hadn’t picked the Sharp Iron Horn Bull back then, it would truly have been a waste.

In addition, after the Spirit Qi Awakening, strength was a person’s roots. Everything else was just a useless display of beauty and couldn’t even be considered help in time of need.

Given his previous life’s memories, Lin Yuan’s mental state was no longer like a hot-blooded youth’s. As an elder brother, he should bring his younger sister along and take revenge by teaching a lesson to those people who had given her that nickname. However, Lin Yuan wouldn’t do so.

Chu Ci was now an independent person, and in order to mix in into the society, everything that happened was something that she had to experience herself—only with experience would one grow.

Unless Chu Ci was in a true crisis, Lin Yuan would disregard everything and step in.

After Chu Ci finished her statement, she immediately followed up. “The Sharp Iron Horn Bull is incredible. Presently, even the seniors might not be able to defeat me.”

When speaking of her own results, Chu Ci was delighted. She was a very humble and reserved person, but she was now speaking of her results in hopes of sharing the joy with Lin Yuan.

Seeing Chu Ci’s confidence and how pleased she was to talk about her live combat lesson’s experience, Lin Yuan could only feel contentment and happiness in his heart.

The truth had proven that his insistence on sending Chu Ci to the academy no matter the suffering was the right choice.

After the conversation, Lin Yuan and Chu Ci decided on the next defense-type fey that Chu Ci was going to form a contract with.

This time, Lin Yuan and Chu Ci’s ideologies were rather matching. It was for Chu Ci to form a contract with a traditional and pure defense-type fey.

Furthermore, it wouldn’t be like the Sharp Iron Horn Bull, an offense-type fey that was wearing a layer of defense-type skin and tricking others.

During this meal, Lin Yuan and Chu Ci had eaten three grilled fish.

After the Spirit Qi Awakening, the ocean was now even wider and deeper, making the level of danger immeasurable.

Although the Xia Region was beside a port, even with such a great location, fish prices were still astronomical compared to meat.

In the past, even when celebrating the new year, Lin Yuan would only go to the market to buy a normal-grade fish’s head for Chu Ci and then make fish head stew. If they really wanted fish’s flesh, Lin Yuan would probably have to starve and tighten his belt for one month after the new year celebration.