Chapter 65: Butterfly Cocoons

Chapter 65 of 100 chapters

The Rare Lifeform Pavilion’s first floor was as lively as the temple fair that Lin Yuan would visit in his previous life. Most of the people walking around had happy faces.

As a matter of fact, most of the people shopping around the first floor were those that couldn’t harness spirit qi. The spirit qi professionals were the minority here.

The Rare Lifeform Pavilions’ first floors in the Radiance Federation’s main cities would always be the place where ordinary people could get closest to spirit qi professionals.

Every display store would have a fey seller by the side.

The Two-Tailed Snow Ferret’s seller was currently introducing the fey to a young loli and her mother.

One could see that the young loli was genuinely fond of this cute Two-Tailed Snow Ferret. However, it was evidently not suitable to be contracted as a first fey.

The spirit qi professionals’ spiritual energy would constantly become stronger. Nonetheless, due to the first fey contract’s limits, it could only be a Bronze fey.

If they wished to go further and contract a Silver fey, the contractor might not be able to take it and would receive a backlash from the fey.

Within the Radiance Federation, there were cases of high-grade feys being recklessly contracted, resulting in a backlash. It caused the spirit qi professionals’ spiritual energy to collapse.

Once the spiritual energy collapsed, the person would become a vegetable. Even if one could find a high-ranked spirit qi professional to awaken those in a vegetative state, their spiritual spatial zone’s damage could never be repaired.

It would cause a spirit qi professional to become an ordinary person who could only feel spirit qi but couldn’t form a contract with a fey.

The masked man sitting on the ground gave Lin Yuan a feeling that he didn’t really fit into the surrounding environment.

The surrounding environment was very relaxed and carefree. However, the masked man was sitting cross-legged. It might be hard to see his face clearly, but he was emitting a particularly gloomy aura.

The gloomy aura had a trace of emptiness and numbness.

This was a feeling that Lin Yuan was rather familiar with. It was the same when Lin Yuan had realized that he couldn’t sense spirit qi. At the same time, his mental strength had been so weak to the point he was in despair.

However, their family had undergone a major change, and he had to bring Chu Ci around to seek survival. There wasn’t a chance for Lin Yuan to immerse himself in his own world. As such, he had suppressed his despair into the bottom of his heart. That despair had finally been resolved only until recently when his body recovered.

Of course, Lin Yuan would look at the masked man directly due to the display shelf beside him. There were four cocoons wrapped in layers of silk.

Three of the four cocoons were about the size of a red date, while the other cocoon was around the size of half a fist. The white silk was weaved together neatly and with a certain pattern. The red-date-sized cocoons’ silk was in different shades of white, while the fist-sized cocoon had a light green color.

These cocoons had caught Lin Yuan’s attention because he had activated the True Data ability.

These four cocoons were all precious.

One of the red-date-sized white cocoons might look very ordinary, but according to True Data’s information, it was nurturing a Blue Flash Butterfly.

It had to be known that the Blue Flash Butterfly wasn’t well-known among the Radiance Federation citizens. It was a Normal fey, had a bright blue color, and its wings would flash with light when it flew. It was due to the blue scale powder on their wings. Therefore, instead of saying they were flying, it would be better to say they were flashing.

The Blue Flash Butterfly may not be commonly known, but its evolved form, the Blue Light Goddess Butterfly, was crowned as the sixth most beautiful fey among the top ten.

It was also the only insect-type fey among the top ten most beautiful feys.

In fact, there was always a dispute about the rank of the Blue Light Goddess Butterfly. During the rankings, the popularity of the Blue Light Goddess Butterfly had been among the top three.

However, the Blue Light Goddess Butterfly only possessed a basic ability that was strong, while its high-grade abilities were all rather useless. As such, it could only rank No.6 even though its popularity was among the top three.

This incident still created a lot of dissatisfaction among the voters.

Lin Yuan just so happened that he wanted the Blue Flash Butterfly’s basic ability, Silence Scale Powder. When the Blue Flash Butterfly’s scale powder was released, it had the Silence effect.

Silence was a very powerful control-type ability.

When feys evolved, there were only two different directions. One was toward the ancestry line, while the other was toward spiritual mutation.

Spiritual mutation feys were all treading on the path of magic attacks. Silence Scale Powder was a counter for spiritual mutation feys.

When enveloped by the Silence Scale Powder, feys wouldn’t be able to release their abilities. However, the Silence Scale Powder was not invincible, as it couldn’t counter exclusive skills.

In fact, if the opposing fey was able to disperse the Blue Flash Butterfly’s Silence Scale Powder, the affected fey would be able to restore its abilities immediately.

Despite the case, the Silence Scale Powder was still among the strongest control abilities.

Lin Yuan had been deliberating over the next fey for Morbius to use its Spirit Lock. He had thought of many options, but he had never considered the Blue Flash Butterfly.

The reason was simple and straightforward—Lin Yuan didn’t have the capability to obtain a Blue Flash Butterfly.

But now, the cocoons in the masked man’s display shelf had given Lin Yuan the thought.

Butterfly-species feys were part of the Order Lepidoptera, which was one of the four major orders among the insect species. They were considered the true royalty among the insect-type feys.

After the Spirit Qi Awakening, the butterfly-species feys had evolved under the influence of spirit qi, allowing them to become bigger and more beautiful.

It also allowed the butterflies’ natural enemies to capture them easily. Thus, 90% of the Order Lepidoptera feys had gone extinct during the Spirit Qi Awakening. The remaining 10% had also been gradually eliminated due to various reasons. It was also why butterfly-species feys rarely appeared and were very hard to find.

The beauty and rarity of the butterfly-species feys made their price high for a hollow reason.

Had it not been for only a few rare butterfly-species feys that were dominant and that most of them weren’t adept in combat, the butterfly-species feys’ prices would not have been this high.

As such, Lin Yuan hadn’t dared to even consider the Blue Flash Butterfly’s basic ability as a choice before this.

The butterfly-species feys had a special trait—it was impossible to determine the butterfly species when they were still in their cocoons. If some other method was used to check the butterfly species, it might just cause development problems to the butterfly-species fey.

This was also the reason why no butterfly-species feys still in their cocoons appeared in the market.

Coincidentally, among the four cocoons was an Earth Powder Butterfly, which was extremely suitable for Chu Ci.

The Earth Powder Butterfly wasn’t rare, but it had an extreme variation during its evolution path. Hence, when the Earth Powder Butterfly evolved, its evolution direction was truly varied.

One of the evolution directions was the one Lin Yuan planned for Chu Ci.

When the Earth Powder Butterfly evolved with pure spirit qi until bronze-grade, it would evolve into the Vajra Butterfly. Once it became a Vajra Butterfly and fed with special gemstones and spirit qi, it would evolve into the Jadeite Butterfly.

If the Jadeite Butterfly had the chance to reach the Fantasy Breed realm, it could even evolve into the legendary Tourmaline Emperor Butterfly.