Chapter 67: Class 1 Exam

Chapter 67 of 100 chapters

The white-haired elder stood below and listened seriously to Ling Xiao’s arrangements. However, he was obviously unclear with Ling Xiao’s arrangement and asked, “Lordess Ling Xiao, according to the norm, the lower grade students are all put in reserve. Their potential would only be determined in the second year, according to their first year’s performance. Why would you pay so much attention to a first-year student?”

The white-haired elder was the Redbud Advanced Spirit Qi Academy’s dean. The Redbud Intermediate Spirit Qi Academy was considered Redbud Advanced Spirit Qi Academy’s sub-academy.

Therefore, the elder had already vetted the name list before handing it over to Ling Xiao. The elder would provide ranking information every month.

The names on the ranking would constantly be changing, and they would be evaluated with their growth for each month.

Redbud City was a large-scale city in the Radiance Federation, and it was filled with resources. However, their nurturing toward the young generation wasn’t as outstanding as Redbud City’s economy. Redbud City was ranked top five among the 32 large-scale cities within the Radiance Federation in terms of economy.

Presently, Redbud City only had three members within the Radiance Hundred. One of them had even dropped out of the Radiance Hundred Sequence two years ago due to some reason. This was why Ling Xiao paid extra attention to the younger generation’s nurturing and development.

Ling Xiao had given to the white-haired elder the heavy responsibility of collecting the information on every potential youth within Redbud City. Afterward, Ling Xiao would act as the filter to select 20 seeded participants for the Redbud Hundred. The remaining 80 members wouldn’t be selected by Ling Xiao and would be decided through competition.

The white-haired elder didn’t understand her reasoning because this first-year student had just participated in live combat class and could only determine the student’s innate talent. It was impossible to see the potential, but Lordess Ling Xiao picked the student, nonetheless.

One’s innate talent was natural, and it was indeed very important. However, the elder felt that the potential for hard work and diligence was also very important.

“Just do it according to my words.” After speaking, Ling Xiao stopped talking and lowered her head. She was carefully looking at the name list in her hand and using a pen to write down the sequence for the students with question marks.

The white-haired elder asked to be dismissed. When he left, he couldn’t help but lament. Lordess Ling Xiao’s personality was really getting increasingly overbearing, but since it was a task appointed by her, the elder would naturally do his best to complete it.

The grand hall was in silence. Ling Xiao’s alizarin, crimson clothes felt as though they dyed the grand hall with layers of bright colors.

After a long time, Ling Xiao stood up and used her hand to stroke the spiritual ingredient ornament.

“This year, the Redbud Hundred should have a higher chance of making it into the Radiance Hundred. The exclusive skill, Sacrifice, actually appeared again. However, all these things are considered trivial as compared to the event tomorrow. The young man who broke the record of getting full marks for the three knowledge spirit qi occupations, will he be able to pass and become a Class 2 Creation Master?

“The Moon Empress actually said to report to her if the young man is able to pass the Class 2 Creation Master exam on the first try. Even if that young man, Lin Yuan, is a heavenly prodigy, if he isn’t able to make it directly to become a Class 2 Creation Master, he won’t stand a chance.

“Had it not been for Redbud City’s previous calamity, things wouldn’t be so difficult like now.

“Everything will be up to tomorrow.”


Lin Yuan woke up early the next day. He noticed that Genius was still sleeping soundly within his embrace. Lin Yuan then used his hand to gently stroke Genius’ snow-white fur. It was soft to the touch, and he was reluctant to let go.

Genius used its small head to rub against Lin Yuan’s hand and gave off a lazy feeling.

Lin Yuan smiled and scratched Genius’ chin, which made Genius so comfortable that it started purring.

While looking at Genius, Lin Yuan involuntarily recalled Chimey and wondered what it had been doing in the small store for the past day or so.

Genius then let out a meow.

Lin Yuan was worried about Chimey, but Genius wasn’t. It didn’t even know what time Chimey had slept yesterday night. Well, it might have constantly been streaming on the Star Web.

When the sun was up in the sky, scattering warmth, the streets started to become busy.

Lin Yuan immediately headed toward the Creation Master Association. When he arrived at the Creation Master Association, he could see Elder Ning standing at the entrance from afar.

After taking a deep breath of the morning air, Elder Ning waved to Lin Yuan and said, “Come on then. Follow me to the Class 1 exam. This old man will personally preside over your Class 1 Creation Master exam.”

Lin Yuan quickly bowed in response. “I shall trouble Elder Ning.”

Elder Ning then patted on Lin Yuan’s shoulder and said, “Let’s go. I have prepared a solitary breeding room for you today. You will conduct the exam in the breeding room.”

When a Creation Master was nurturing a fey, an extremely serene environment was required. Nurturing feys with the use of spiritual ingredients, was a very delicate job, and there must be no disturbance.

Lin Yuan followed behind Elder Ning.

The Class 1 Creation Master exam is very simple for me, but I have to carefully consider how to perform during the exam.

How exactly should I perform?

If I am able to complete the Class 1 Creation Master exam easily, will it really be beneficial to me?

The wind would definitely destroy an outstanding tree in the forest. This was a problem that Lin Yuan would always have to face.

In this world, Lin Yuan had to rely on himself for everything as he didn’t have any foundation. Each of the steps he took would require careful consideration. If he took a wrong step, he wouldn’t just be harming himself, but he would also implicate Chu Ci.

Just as Lin Yuan was contemplating, Elder Ning turned around and spoke after seeing Lin Yuan’s expression. “There is no need to be nervous. Didn’t you say that all questions are difficult if you don’t know them, but once you know them, they aren’t difficult? If you are really able to make it to Class 2 like what you said yesterday, even this old man will be envious of you.”

After hearing Elder Ning’s words, Lin Yuan ground his teeth. I will go all out!

Since I have already gotten full marks for the three knowledge spirit qi occupations’ exams and broken the records, I shall also put in all my effort in the Creation Master exam and take this step forward. If Elder Ning is speaking like this, he surely wouldn’t mean harm to me. I just don’t know if it is worth it for Elder Ning to be envious of me.

“Why does Elder Ning say so?”

Elder Ning laughed heartily. “Kid, you are rather ambitious. If you wish to know of the benefit, you will need to ask after passing the Class 2 Creation Master exam.”

Lin Yuan could see that Elder Ning was looking at him with eyes that were filled with expectations. Lin Yuan naturally wouldn’t let Elder Ning down.

It seemed like passing the Class 2 Creation Master exam directly would really have a great benefit.

The Creation Master Association’s reformation was naturally for a reason, and there was probably a very deep consideration for it.

Lin Yuan wasn’t able to guess the details of the consideration, but he could guess that this reformation was to pick new Creation Masters that had potential.

After walking into the breeding room, Lin Yuan saw an Elite fey that was locked up on the table. It was an Elite IX/Flawless fey.

Lin Yuan then saw the exam topic on the table—he had to evolve this Elite IX/Flawless Ironhead Stoat to bronze-grade.

The Creation Master exam had a time restriction. If the participant couldn’t evolve the Elite Ironhead Stoat to a Bronze one within eight hours, it would be considered a failure.