Chapter 68: Ling Xiao

Chapter 68 of 100 chapters

If Lin Yuan wished to evolve this Ironhead Stoat, he would only require one hour to evolve it from the Elite IX/Flawless to bronze-grade. Even if he wanted to increase the quality to Epic before evolving to bronze-grade, he would only require around two hours.

Lin Yuan looked at the spiritual ingredients on the table. Among them, there was the Sharp Pine Needle and the Heavy Iron Ore. Both spiritual ingredients were rather expensive.

If these spiritual ingredients on the table were sold outside, they would at least be able to fetch 2 Radiance dollars.

This was just a Class 1 Creation Master exam, and it was already enough to see the resources and cost required for higher class Creation Master exams. This was also enough to see that the Radiance Federation was putting in plenty of effort and resources to nurture Creation Masters.

Once these resources were used up, they wouldn’t be compensated. It was no wonder the Creation Master exams would only be conducted once a year.

Lin Yuan picked up the spiritual ingredients on the table. Unlike other Creation Masters, he didn’t use his own method to make a concoction with the spiritual ingredients. Instead, Lin Yuan fed the spiritual ingredients to the Elite Ironhead Stoat directly and started to transfer spirit qi into its body.

Although feeding the spiritual ingredients to the Ironhead Stoat wouldn’t cause it to evolve directly, it could help Lin Yuan to speed up the evolution process. It originally required one hour, but it was now shortened to 40 minutes.

The Ironhead Stoat started to evolve with an intense reaction. After the evolution, the Ironhead Stoat was now a Bronze fey.

As such, Lin Yuan had completed the Class 1 Creation Master exam and simply walked out of the breeding room. Since he had decided to showcase himself, he wasn’t going to hold back. Only by exposing his talents would he be able to receive more attention.

After exiting the breeding room, Lin Yuan noticed that there was another lady in an alizarin, crimson dress by the entrance along with Elder Ning. This lady looked to be no more than 28 years old, however, her aura showcased that she was someone important. A regular 28-year-old lady wouldn’t possess such an aura. She was probably a powerful person.

Elder Ning walked over and asked Lin Yuan with a frown, “Did the concoction of spiritual ingredients fail? Why did you exit the breeding room so quickly?”

Even if Lin Yuan had failed, Elder Ning wouldn’t blame Lin Yuan. On the contrary, he would still admire Lin Yuan for his knowledge exams’ results.

But now, Lin Yuan had already walked out of the breeding room after only 40 minutes, and in Elder Ning’s opinion, Lin Yuan must have given up halfway through. Even if the spiritual ingredients’ concoction had really failed, Lin Yuan should still have tried to see if the rest of the spiritual ingredients could produce an effect to help the fey complete its evolution.

This was a kind of attitude.

Ling Xiao looked at Lin Yuan and didn’t say anything.

When Lin Yuan exited, he wanted to tell Elder Ning that he had already completed the exam, but he didn’t expect Elder Ning to feel that he had already failed.

“Elder Ning, I have already succeeded. The concoction of the spiritual ingredients didn’t fail. I have completed the exam.”

Lin Yuan’s words stunned Elder Ning. The latter immediately walked into the breeding room to check on Lin Yuan’s result.

At that moment, Lin Yuan noticed the silent lady walk over, and she said, “Your participation in the three knowledge spirit qi occupations’ exams yesterday was very exciting. Now it seems like your Creation Master’s talent is also very promising.”

The lady’s method of speaking made Lin Yuan at a loss of how to reply for a moment. When this lady was speaking to him, Lin Yuan felt that she wasn’t praising him, but she was standing from a certain angle to state the facts. The flow of conversation made Lin Yuan feel very strange. Her tone was filled with admiration but also felt very distant.

At that moment, Elder Ning walked out of the breeding room, and when he saw the lady conversing with Lin Yuan, he introduced them. “Lin Yuan, this is our Redbud City Lordess. Lordess Ling Xiao.”

After introducing Ling Xiao, Elder Ning looked at Lin Yuan with a face that was overflowing with pleasant surprise and admiration.

“Kid Yuan, well done! You have completed the Class 1 Creation Master exam within 40 minutes.”

Ling Xiao didn’t reply to Elder Ning’s words immediately and bowed to Ling Xiao solemnly. “Greetings to the City Lordess.”

Lin Yuan finally understood why he would feel so strange when this lady was speaking to him. Redbud City was scorching and rainy, and it was always covered in dark clouds.

City Lordess Ling Xiao was famous for her Fantasy Breed fey, the High Firmament Flower. Every time a hurricane that could create a flood would arrive, the High Firmament Flower would smash the rain clouds.

It was also why Redbud City might be stuffy and humid, and there would be rain every few days, but there had never been a flood.

It wasn’t only the case. A very long time ago, a super-scaled dimensional rift had appeared within Redbud City’s region, and in order to protect Redbud City, City Lordess Ling Xiao had been severely injured.

She might have been healed in the end, but it affected her emotions, causing her to be in this state.

Lin Yuan lived in Redbud City and was protected by Ling Xiao, so Lin Yuan felt respect for Ling Xiao from the bottom of his heart. Had she not tried to protect Redbud City, a king-class expert like Ling Xiao wouldn’t have been severely injured.

Ling Xiao shook her hand and patted on Lin Yuan’s shoulder. She might not have any emotions when speaking, nor did she have any change in expressions, but Lin Yuan felt as though he could feel that sudden joy.

“Are you going to participate in the Class 2 Creation Master exam immediately?”

Lin Yuan nodded and heard Ling Xiao speaking again. “Why don’t you go through the Class 2 Creation Master exam tomorrow? You have just completed the Class 1 Creation Master exam today and should rest for a day. You will then be able to participate in the Class 2 Creation Master exam tomorrow at your best state and produce a more stable performance.”

Ling Xiao didn’t know why, but he could feel that Ling Xiao viewed his Class 2 Creation Master exam with great importance. It was the same for Elder Ning too.

Lin Yuan replied, “It is fine for me to participate in the Class 2 Creation Master exam now. I didn’t really use up much energy during the Class 1 Creation Master exam.”

Ling Xiao looked toward Elder Ning and saw the latter nodding. Ling Xiao didn’t say anything else.

“Great, kid. You can just go into the same breeding room and conduct the Class 2 Creation Master exam. The Class 2 Creation Master exam isn’t as simple as the Class 1 Creation Master exam. You don’t just have to upgrade an Elite/Normal fey to the Epic quality. You still have to heal a Bronze fey with damaged roots,” Elder Ning said to Lin Yuan.

Elder Ning was obviously more worried about Lin Yuan’s Class 2 Creation Master exam. Class 1 Creation Masters would normally need years of experience before they were qualified to participate in the Class 2 Creation Master exam. In addition, the passing rate was pitifully low.

The Class 1 Creation Master exam was just to evolve a fey to the next grade, but the Class 2 Creation Master exam involved the fey’s quality and roots.

When one became a Class 2 Creation Master, they would be considered to have stepped into the true world of the Creation Masters.

Each Class 2 Creation Master was the Radiance Federation’s important capital.

As for the current Lin Yuan, even if Elder Ning had great expectations, he still couldn’t relax.

In fact, when the Moon Empress proposed for the reformation, Elder Ning felt that the Moon Empress’ standard for accepting a disciple was too harsh.

Lin Yuan had already entered the breeding room and was preparing to go through the challenge for the Class 2 Creation Master exam.