Chapter 69: A Fey’s Gratitude

Chapter 69 of 100 chapters

The Class 1 Creation Master exam was just a doorstep. It was a filter to see if one had the qualifications to become a Creation Master, and it was considered the easiest exam. However, it was an exam that blocked out countless people.

The Class 2 exam was much harder because becoming a Class 2 Creation Master would mean that one was an all-round Creation Master.

It wasn’t just to increase the fey’s grade, but it was also to upgrade the quality of the fey and heal a severely injured fey’s roots.

Therefore, this obstacle wouldn’t be so easy for a regular Class 1 Creation Master to surpass. Moreover, Lin Yuan was still so young.

Ling Xiao still had that indifferent expression, but her hands were tightly clenched together.

Lin Yuan entered the breeding room and picked up the exam topic. It stated that Lin Yuan had to evolve a fey, and it was an Elite/Flawless Jasmine Lily.

Lin Yuan couldn’t help but lament his fate with Jasmine Lilies. The other fey made Lin Yuan’s brows knit together, as it was actually a cyan crab that was the size of a small round table.

The massive crab was lying there with its dying breath, and it felt as though it was experiencing extreme suffering. It was a Shear Pincers Crab.

It was a Bronze fey that could fight in water, and its massive pincers could produce a burst of strength that could snap steel reinforced bars.

Lin Yuan couldn’t see the injuries just from the appearance of the Shear Pincers Crab, however, it was supposed to be a very lively fey. It was currently lying there at its dying breath, and its mouth was bubbling with foam every now and then.

Lin Yuan immediately understood that the Shear Pincers Crab’s injuries were extremely severe. As soon as Lin Yuan touched the Shear Pincers Crab’s shell, he knew what was wrong with it.

When Lin Yuan touched the Shear Pincers Crab’s hard shell, it actually sank in a little when it was supposed to be hard like an armor. As soon as Lin Yuan pressed down, the Shear Pincers Crab would shiver with pain. Lin Yuan didn’t dare to use any more strength as it was obvious that the Shear Pincers Crab’s shell was completely shattered. But due to the membrane on the back, the shattered shells were still connected.

If the membrane wasn’t around, the Shear Pincers Crab’s shell would have already broken into pieces. If the outside shell was already in such a state, it was obvious that the Shear Pincers Crab’s innards had suffered from the impact too.

If such injuries persisted, in just a short moment, the Shear Pincers Crab would perish.

Looking at the pained Shear Pincers Crab, Lin Yuan immediately reached out and touched the Shear Pincers Crab’s body. This time, he didn’t immediately channel spirit qi to help recover the Shear Pincers Crab’s injuries. Instead, he used Morbius’ exclusive skill, Pure Land of Bliss.

In an instant, a sandy shore appeared under the Shear Pincers Crab, and it was just enough to accommodate the Shear Pincers Crab. The lustrous and jade-like sand emitted energy to heal the Shear Pincers Crab’s roots, allowing the Shear Pincers Crab’s injuries to heal in a short moment.

The Shear Pincers Crab was trying to move its pincers with difficulty as though it was feeling its body recovering.

When Lin Yuan activated the Pure Land of Bliss, he had also reached out to press on the Shear Pincers Crab’s body to channel spirit qi to heal its roots.

In around two hours, Lin Yuan gradually healed the Shear Pincers Crab with Pure Land of Bliss’ activation. He didn’t enter the Spirit Lock spatial zone to heal the Shear Pincers Crab. The Spirit Lock spatial zone was Lin Yuan’s trump card, and he would never expose it.

This was Lin Yuan’s first time using the Pure Land of Bliss. Previously, when Lin Yuan had healed a Bronze fey’s roots, it had taken him four hours. With the help of Pure Land of Bliss, half the time was cut down.

This meant that the Pure Land of Bliss’ healing power was similar to his channeling of spirit qi to heal the fey’s roots.

Lin Yuan involuntarily lamented at the power of Pure Land of Bliss. The effects of Pure Land of Bliss was actually related to the spirit qi density in the surroundings. It also meant that if the fey was placed within the Spirit Lock spatial zone, the recovery time could be further shortened.

Once Lin Yuan finished healing the Bronze Shear Pincers Crab, he prepared to upgrade the Jasmine Lily’s quality. He suddenly noticed the Shear Pincers Crab snipping on the protruding part above its shell.

It snipped off a huge protruding piece and handed it to Lin Yuan before blowing bubbles in a silly manner.

Lin Yuan had obtained a Creation Master’s capability for some time now, but this scene still gave him a shock that he had never experienced before.

All living things had intelligence and knew how to be grateful.

According to the knowledge that Lin Yuan had learned from Genius, Shear Pincers Crabs cherished their Crab Stone on the top of their shell almost obsessively.

The Crab Stone was a kind of spiritual ingredient. It might not be expensive, but it was the most important possession to a fey like the Shear Pincers Crab. When harvesting the Crab Stone from the Shear Pincers Crab’s shell, it would risk its life to protect it.

The Shear Pincers Crab knew that Lin Yuan had rescued it and had personally removed the Crab Stone as a gift for Lin Yuan. This was a form of gratitude that transcended species, and it gave Lin Yuan an indescribable feeling. It was a throbbing sensation.

The throbbing sensation contained an instinctive understanding toward all living things. Feys were just like humans and possessed feelings.

After Lin Yuan received the Crab Stone from the Shear Pincers Crab, the latter then started to roam around the breeding room in a silly manner. It had now restored its originally lively personality.

Lin Yuan stored the Crab Stone within the Spirit Lock spatial zone in a serious manner. He would keep this Crab Stone as a token of encouragement and responsibility as a Creation Master.

Lin Yuan was already proficient in upgrading an Elite fey’s quality to Epic. Thus, Lin Yuan completed the Jasmine Lily’s upgrade without any problems.

Now that Lin Yuan had already completed the Class 2 Creation Master exam, he looked at the spiritual ingredients that he had yet to use. He then took out a portion of the spiritual ingredients that he should use and stored them in the Spirit-Lock spatial zone.

After bidding goodbye to the Shear Pincers Crab, Lin Yuan exited the breeding room again.

Before Elder Ning could even ask, Ling Xiao asked as soon as she saw Lin Yuan exiting the room, “How is it?”

Lin Yuan revealed a sunshine boy’s unique smile and said, “The Shear Pincers Crab is healed, and the Jasmine Lily’s quality has become Epic.”

After hearing Lin Yuan’s response, Ling Xiao’s clenched fists were finally relaxed before she said three consecutive ‘great’ while looking at Lin Yuan with admiration.

Elder Ning quickly entered the breeding room to check. After verifying that Lin Yuan had completed the exam, he laughed heartily and walked out.

“Heroes are really born from the young generations. You took just three and a half hours to complete the Class 2 Creation Master exam and even completed it with such outstanding results. You are the most talented Creation Master this old man has seen in so many years. Later on, this old man will personally register your proof as a Class 2 Creation Master and issue you with the crest of a Class 2 Creation Master, and also the special privileges that Creation Masters can enjoy.”