Chapter 70: Class 2 Creation Master

Chapter 70 of 100 chapters

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Lin Yuan’s heart was finally at ease after he finished the Class 2 Creation Master exam. This was a plan that Lin Yuan had decided early on, and now that he had accomplished it, he was able to relax.

“After passing the Creation Master exam in Redbud City, the Creation Masters will obtain a merchant store. Later on, I will ask someone to send the merchant store’s information to your Star Web account. It will be easier for you to make a choice on the Star Web store.”

Ling Xiao left the Creation Master Association after informing Lin Yuan. Ling Xiao’s footsteps were very light as she walked, and it was easy to see that she was delighted.

Previously, if Ling Xiao encountered a Class 2 Creation Master who had just completed the exam, she would definitely try to recruit and make the Class 2 Creation Master stay within Redbud City. A Class 2 Creation Master could greatly develop no matter which major city they chose. They could even have a good store in the royal capital.

All the major cities were also competing, be it the qualifications for the Radiance Hundred or the resources for the Creation Masters. These were all crucial factors to compete over.

As for Ling Xiao, she would definitely prepare a good store. However, Ling Xiao didn’t feel the need to recruit Lin Yuan. After all, Lin Yuan had already fulfilled the Moon Empress’ criterion, and she would report Lin Yuan’s information to the Moon Empress.

The Moon Empress will make her arrangements and will also take care of Redbud City’s matters. This will be enough.

Lin Yuan scratched his head. He already knew that the Creation Masters had great benefits, but he didn’t think that the Redbud City would actually reward Class 2 Creation Masters with a store. The Redbud City was a major city in the Radiance Federation, and it wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that every inch of land was considered gold.

Possessing a store in Redbud City was something that Lin Yuan would never dare to think about in the past. But now, even if Lin Yuan obtained a store in Redbud City, he wasn’t going to leave the Xia Region. After all, establishing a store in Redbud City wasn’t within Lin Yuan’s current plan.

Lin Yuan’s current plan was still to snowball and accumulate resources, as well as increase the grade of his feys and his spirit qi occupation rank. He wanted to reach the top 100 floors of the Star Tower and progress to the Celestial Stairway.

After Lin Yuan completed the registration with Elder Ning and obtained the Creation Master Association’s authentication, he was now approved as a Class 2 Creation Master. In addition, it was bound to his Star Web account.

From now on, Lin Yuan would be an approved Class 2 Creation Master.

A pair of aged hands held onto a crest that was decorated with life symbols and two stars. The hands then solemnly pinned the crest on Lin Yuan’s chest.

“Lin Yuan, from now on, you are a Class 2 Creation Master that is officially recognized by the Radiance Federation’s Creation Master Association. Do your best on the path of a Creation Master.”

Elder Ning’s ‘do your best’ made a huge impact, and it felt as though they had a magical power that struck Lin Yuan’s heart after passing through his ears. It felt like a kind of inheritance. It was a recognition and encouragement from a senior to a junior.

Lin Yuan nodded in a serious manner. “Elder Ning, I will continue to work hard and will not be complacent at all times.”

In the beginning, becoming a Creation Master was Lin Yuan’s method to continue surviving. However, the Creation Master occupation was now something that Lin Yuan enjoyed. Be it the ability to feel the transformation of life or the process of saving a life, they were all things that Lin Yuan felt proud of.

Elder Ning laughed heartily while his eyes were filled with benevolence. “You have also done something good today.”

Lin Yuan couldn’t really understand what Elder Ning meant. “What good?”

“Naturally, something good! This Bronze Shear Pincers Crab is a contracted fey with an owner. Since you healed this Shear Pincers Crab, you have also rescued the life of a spirit qi professional. Is this not considered a good thing?”

Lin Yuan didn’t expect that the injured Shear Pincers Crab was actually a contracted fey with an owner.

Elder Ning explained, “When spirit qi professionals are training in the outside world if they encounter sudden danger, the fey might suffer injuries to their roots. Most of these spirit qi professionals don’t have the capability to heal their feys’ injured roots. During the Creation Master Association’s Creation Master exams, these people are given a chance. If the Creation Master passes the exam, they will naturally save a person. If they don’t pass, it will be a risk that the spirit qi professionals have to bear.

“This is a proposal that was agreed upon by the three top masters. After the three top masters made the exam topic, the Creation Master Association would spend huge resources every year to conduct the exam. However, this old man thinks that it is very worth it.”

After listening to Elder Ning’s explanation, Lin Yuan understood what was going on when Elder Ning said he had done something good. Today, he had passed the exam and also rescued a stranger, giving it twice the meaning.

The Creation Master Association’s actions showed a warm side of this world. This warmth came from the Radiance Federation, and it was the place where Lin Yuan lived. The warmth was constantly strengthening Lin Yuan’s sense of belonging.

Elder Ning helped Lin Yuan to carefully wear his Class 2 Creation Master crest and said, “You can just wear this Class 2 Creation Master crest during normal times. It can also be used as a decoration when entering the Star Web. Wearing this crest will bring you plenty of conveniences. Also, this is another Star Web Card. Take it.”

This particular Star Web Card was something that Lin Yuan always wanted. When one’s status reached a certain level in the Radiance Federation, they would be able to obtain a second Star Web Card.

The Radiance Federation approved this Star Web Card, and it was the same as giving a person two identities in the Star Web. Creation Masters could use this Star Web Card as their second identity, providing them a kind of protection.

Lin Yuan planned to split his identity as a Creation Master and his identity in the Star Tower. He was going to use his identity as a Creation Master to build the Star Web store, while his other identity would challenge the Star Tower.

Lin Yuan received the Star Web Card from Elder Ning, stored it, and was just about to bid farewell. However, Elder Ning stopped him.

“Why are you in such a hurry? Take this as well.”

Elder Ning handed him a small box. When he opened the box, two crests that were engraved with two stars and a shield appeared.

“These are retainer crests for Class 2 Creation Masters. Class 2 Creation Masters are able to accept two spirit qi professionals as their retainers, and they serve as vassals. However, the Creation Master needs to help nurture the retainers’ feys. These two crests represent that the Radiance Federation can recognize that you have two retainers. For retainers that violate the retainer responsibilities, you can propose for arbitration to the Radiance Federation. But when choosing a retainer, you must carefully inspect their character.”

Elder Ning gestured upon seeing Lin Yuan store the box. “Kid, you can go now. When you are free, come over to Redbud City to visit this old man. If there is anything else, Ling Xiao and I will contact you.”

When Lin Yuan stepped out of the Creation Master Association’s entrance, it was already dark. Different from when he arrived, he was now a genuine Class 2 Creation Master!