Chapter 71: Rare Lifeform Pavilion’s Commotion

Chapter 71 of 100 chapters

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If there was a difference before and after becoming a Class 2 Creation Master, Lin Yuan felt that it was the peace of mind.

Lin Yuan had already made plenty of plans for himself, but he would need to obtain the qualifications of a Class 2 Creation Master first for these plans to work. He had already achieved the first step.

Having the confidence to obtain it was just an unrealistic rosy view before actually obtaining it.

Once the unrealistic goal turned into a reality that was pinned on his chest, it had indeed given Lin Yuan much more confidence. Being a Class 2 Creation Master was already enough for him to guarantee a safe life in this world. As for the benefit that Elder Ning and the City Lordess Ling Xiao mentioned, Lin Yuan didn’t really put too much thought into it.

Presently, Lin Yuan had to go to the Rare Lifeform Pavilion’s first floor and conduct the trade with the masked man he had encountered yesterday.

Lin Yuan might be a Class 2 Creation Master now, but if he lost the Blue Flash Butterfly trade, it would probably be impossible to find another one.

Beautiful and rare feys might not be used for forming contracts. Some of these beautiful feys were kept as pets and as decorations. Their unique beauty had given these feys a value that couldn’t be measured with money.

No matter which world humans were in, and no matter how many billions of years they had been evolving, their desire for beautiful things had never changed.

Lin Yuan needed this Blue Flash Butterfly, not for its beauty, but for its basic ability. It was for him to increase his strength, and it had great compatibility with Morbius’ Spirit Lock. Therefore, Lin Yuan had to obtain it.

While having such thoughts, Lin Yuan arrived at the Rare Lifeform Pavilion. As soon as Lin Yuan swiped his Star Web Card, an attendant immediately rushed to welcome him with a bow.

“Esteemed Class 2 Creation Master, welcome to the Rare Lifeform Pavilion. I wonder which floor are you going to visit? If you need any specific fey, you can go to the third floor’s tea room to have a cup of spirit tea. Allow me to help you find the fey that you are interested in.”

The appearance of the Rare Lifeform Pavilion staff member startled Lin Yuan. He was now a Class 2 Creation Master, and he wasn’t just limited to the first floor of the Rare Lifeform Pavilion. He was able to roam throughout all four floors of the Rare Lifeform Pavilion without any obstruction.

“Thank you, but I don’t need any help. I will just shop around casually on the first floor. Please continue with your own work.” After replying, Lin Yuan smiled and nodded before heading into the Rare Lifeform Pavilion.

The attendant had been working for two years in the Rare Lifeform Pavilion, yet she was standing still with a stunned expression. Her young lady face was dyed with a rosy tint.

She didn’t expect this handsome young man to be a Class 2 Creation Master, as well as so friendly when treating others. A person’s status didn’t matter. If they had the upbringing of being polite, it would always give others a good impression.

Once Lin Yuan entered the first floor of the Rare Lifeform Pavilion, he noticed that there were one or a few ‘eyes of a hurricane’. The customers of the Rare Lifeform Pavilion were all subtly attracted toward a direction. It was either the appearance of some great fey or a commotion.

Lin Yuan wasn’t really interested, but as he walked toward the direction of the masked man’s counter, he noticed that the ‘eye of the hurricane’ was in the direction of that masked man’s counter too.

Lin Yuan walked a little closer and noticed it was really as he expected. There were plenty of people gathered in front of the masked man’s counter, more than yesterday night.

The masked man was standing there and had placed his hands on the counter without saying anything. At that moment, Lin Yuan heard a rather arrogant voice. “You said you are able to prove that you caught these four butterfly cocoons in the wild. Thus, I am willing to buy two to try my luck. Now that I am able to pay the price you offered, why do you still want to wait for the customer you met yesterday? Did you sign an agreement, or did you receive a deposit?”

The voice originated from a middle-aged man, who had black hair that was mixed with white strands. But it wasn’t really accurate to judge that he was middle-aged just because of his hair color. One could maintain their hair color with good care treatments to slow down the white hair growth. The skin could also maintain its young luster through care treatments. However, the wrinkles and those age spots showed that this man was considered an old man who maintained his youth rather well.

The masked man looked at the time on his mobile phone and said, “It is 19:00 now. I have arranged the time to meet him at 20:00. If he doesn’t arrive by 21:00, I will choose to sell these cocoons.”

Before the arrogant middle-aged man spoke, a young man beside him spoke with dissatisfaction. “How can my lord wait two hours for you? You are selling goods, but you aren’t accepting the deal when we are willing to pay. Aren’t you looking down on my lord?!”

While speaking, the young man puffed up his chest and patted on the crest on his right chest.

Lin Yuan looked over and saw one star and a shield on the crest. It was the crest of a Class 1 Creation Master’s retainer.

Class 1 Creation Masters could also have a retainer. Evidently, this young man was the middle-aged man’s knight retainer, while that middle-aged man was a Class 1 Creation Master.

The young man was now rather anxious. His master was a gambler, and whenever his master saw a wild butterfly cocoon, he would have the urge to buy one. If his master was rejected, it would cause his master to be unhappy, and the young man would be the one to receive the blame.

Although a Creation Master’s retainer might be able to receive help from the Creation Master, and the retainer crest allowed them to act with higher authority, the retainers were still vassals. Due to his master’s status, there were things that his master couldn’t say, so he had to stand at the front as a retainer.

The young man took a silent glance and received an eye signal from his master. The young man immediately stood up with a ramrod-straight back.

The surrounding people had placed their thoughts on this commotion and didn’t observe carefully. As such, they didn’t expect to see an esteemed Creation Master on the first floor.

Most of the people on the first floor of the Rare Lifeform Pavilion were ordinary people, and it was naturally very hard for them to make any contact with low-ranked spirit qi professionals, let alone Creation Masters.

Currently, most of the onlookers’ eyes were filled with curiosity and reverence. However, they were plenty of people whose eyes contained dissatisfaction.

It was due to the retainer’s words that were obviously trying to use his status to put on pressure. One might not be able to feel anything if such things didn’t happen to them, but those with righteousness found it hard to enjoy.

The masked man walked to the corner and sat on the ground without saying anything else.

When the retainer saw that the masked man was unwilling to comply, he was about to reprimand him, but an indifferent voice echoed from behind. “Those who are out to make trades can choose to sell, but they can naturally choose not to sell too. Selling feys isn’t like a regular trade of merchandise. There is a need to suit the intentions of both parties. Don’t you understand such a simple reasoning?”

Lin Yuan saw that the retainer was going to continue making things difficult for the masked man, so he quickly commented.