Chapter 72: A Near-Death Source-Type Lifeform

Chapter 72 of 100 chapters

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Lin Yuan wasn’t really helping the masked man out of a difficult situation. The masked man was in this situation mainly because of their verbal appointment yesterday night.

When a gentleman gave his words, he must keep to it.

Lin Yuan didn’t expect the masked man to keep to the deal after yesterday night’s verbal appointment and rushed departure. It would be false if Lin Yuan said he wasn’t moved. If this masked man didn’t keep to his words and keep to his promise, Lin Yuan’s Blue Flash Butterfly would have flown away.

The retainer could only speak in a harsh tone, as the Rare Lifeform Pavilion wasn’t like the outside. The retainer understood that this place wasn’t his master’s store where his words held authority. Even when a C-rank spirit qi professional visited, they would need to be polite to him. If a B-rank spirit qi professional sought help from his master, they would also need to treat him with respect.

The Rare Lifeform Pavilion was a place where his words weren’t useful at all. In fact, if he caused trouble in the Rare Lifeform Pavilion, he would need to bear responsibility for any losses. If the Rare Lifeform Pavilion came after him, even his master wouldn’t bother about him. Even if his master wanted to help, what could his master do? It might not be useful.

The Rare Lifeform Pavilion wasn’t backed by some private organization—the Radiance Federation supported it.

When the retainer heard that someone was trying to meddle in his business, his pent up anger finally found an exit. “What Tom, Dick, or Harry are you to meddle in my business—”

While speaking, the young retainer turned around, but before he could finish, his words were all stuffed back into his mouth.

As a person who was extremely mindful of his status as a Class 1 Creation Master’s retainer, he always hoped that others could see the crest on his right chest. Therefore, he would also subconsciously notice others’ right chest too.

If he didn’t look, it wouldn’t matter, but he got a shock once he saw it.

This 17- or 18-year-old youth actually wore a crest that was almost similar to his master’s crest, but it didn’t have one star. It had two stars.

He is actually a Class 2 Creation Master!

In the young retainer’s memory, when he was following his master, he was fortunate enough to see a few Class 2 Creation Masters, but they were all old men. A young Creation Master like Lin Yuan, a Class 2 one at that, had immediately broken the young retainer’s knowledge.

Upon recalling his master’s respectful behavior toward those Class 2 Creation Masters and recalling how he said Lin Yuan was a Tom, Dick, or Harry, the young retainer was petrified. He felt his tongue turning numb, and he couldn’t even utter half a word.

The young retainer’s reaction was too dramatic. Previously, he had been behaving all high and mighty, but he suddenly turned timid and cowardly. This transformation immediately made everyone’s attention shift to Lin Yuan.

Right now, Lin Yuan had turned into the eye of the hurricane for the first floor of the Rare Lifeform Pavilion.

When everyone focused their attention, they quickly noticed that Lin Yuan was wearing a Class 2 Creation Master’s crest on his chest. They couldn’t help but exclaim, “He is actually a Class 2 Creation Master!”

“This is my first time seeing a Class 2 Creation Master!”

“How can a Class 2 Creation Master be so young?!”

Most of the people here were ordinary people. They might know that Creation Masters had noble status, but a Creation Master’s life was still too remote for them.

Therefore, Class 2 Creation Masters would only be a term of respect for ordinary people. But to a Class 1 Creation Master, they viewed Class 2 Creation Master with a different outlook.

Becoming a Class 2 Creation Master was what they aimed for, and it was also a huge mountain pressing down from above. When the middle-aged man saw that Lin Yuan was such a young Class 2 Creation Master, his previously prideful attitude had been withdrawn. His overbearing attitude was now cautious and humble.

He immediately smiled and said, “I didn’t think I would be able to see the esteemed sir here! It is truly an honor!”

The Class 1 Creation Master didn’t know Lin Yuan at all, but seeing how young Lin Yuan was, the middle-aged man looked at Lin Yuan with an additional layer of reverence.

Creation Masters could receive an inheritance, and a mentored Creation Master would advance at a much faster speed. At the same time, the Creation Master occupation was one that used up an extreme amount of resources. Each advancement would require a massive accumulation of spiritual ingredients.

Creation Masters relied on senses, and there was also a need to increase the technique. The price for Creation Masters to evolve a fey was so high because of the massive amount of resources required by the Creation Masters.

This was also why poor families couldn’t produce nobles.

In the Class 1 Creation Master’s opinion, Lin Yuan was a person with authority and wealth. His age and achievement stated everything. However, the Class 1 Creation Master didn’t know that Lin Yuan was actually an anomaly. His Creation Master standard was entirely achieved by himself.

Lin Yuan wasn’t interested in the Class 1 Creation Master’s greetings at all. Therefore, he ignored the middle-aged man and walked straight for the masked man. “I am here to trade, and I thank you for keeping your promise.”

The Class 1 Creation Master didn’t mind Lin Yuan’s indifference at all. Instead, he let out a relieved smile because Lin Yuan’s indifference meant that Lin Yuan wouldn’t pursue the matter.

He didn’t expect that this masked man’s promise was made with a Class 2 Creation Master. The Class 1 Creation Master looked at the masked man and felt his teeth getting achy.

Couldn’t you just tell me that you made a promise with a Class 2 Creation Master!? The way you stayed silent and not saying anything is the same as you trying to frame me!

However, the Class 1 Creation Master didn’t know that the masked man was looking at Lin Yuan’s in a clueless manner, as the masked man didn’t know that his promise was made toward a Class 2 Creation Master.

The masked man stood up and said, “I will provide you the proof that these four butterfly cocoons were found in the Endless Forest, and you will pay in full.” The masked man’s words didn’t sound like a question and were more like a statement.

Lin Yuan nodded and said, “Okay!”

Lin Yuan was able to use his ability, True Data, to check on the butterfly-species fey inside the cocoon, so he didn’t need proof from the masked man. However, he didn’t stop the masked man.

The masked man had been treated as a swindler yesterday, and some people were specially here to watch the show. As such, when this masked man showed the proof, it would also prove to everyone else. The masked man activated his spiritual energy, but he took a very long time until his body was shivering, only to summon a purple insect cocoon.

The insect cocoon was huge, and it wasn’t the same as the butterfly cocoons. It had a flesh-like cocoon wall and looked rather tough. It was just like a small heart that was breeding a life within.

At that moment, Lin Yuan used True Data to check on the insect cocoon. When he read the information of the insect cocoon, his pupils contracted. This insect cocoon wasn’t a normal fey but actually a source-type lifeform. However, this source-type lifeform was in a near-death state!